Sprouts Survey — Official Sprouts Farmers Market® Survey [$250]

January 23, 2020

If you are a shopper at Sprouts, then you have a chance to improve the services delivered and the quality of the products you receive. This is through the online survey conducted by Sprouts. The survey dubbed as Sprouts Survey is available through the Sprouts Framers Market.

Sprouts is famous for its farm-fresh supplies that supply the required minerals in the body. An ardent shopper at Sprouts understands the quality that comes with everything right from services to the ultimate products. Sprouts Survey is beneficial for both the participant and the company as it helps improve the services at the store. Let’s find out more details about the survey and how you can provide sensible feedback to win.

Sprouts Farmers Market
Sprouts Survey

Name: Sprouts Survey

Description: Sprouts Survey officially launched by Sprouts Farmers Market is for customers to give feedback and suggestions. In return, Sprouts enters customers into a $250 sweepstake for participating in Sprouts Survey.

Sprouts Survey Summary

Perhaps you have had a chance to participate in surveys around the globe. Well, it’s usually a good experience, especially if it comes with a reward. One such survey is Sprouts Survey.

This survey is about your experience and feeling while shopping at one of the Sprouts outlets across the USA. It’s obvious that everybody loves fresh farm products in the market, and it is what Sprouts provide for shoppers. If that’s not enough, Sprouts would still want to improve the experience you have when shopping for your groceries.

The experience should always leave great memories for you. The idea of the Sprouts Survey came up so that the company could utilize your feedback from your shopping experience in improving the services so that you have the best experience every time you shop.

After the survey, you will have an opportunity to win a $250 gift card that you can use when shopping at any of the Sprouts outlets.

During your purchase, you get a receipt. This is your entry into the online survey. Therefore, do not throw it away. To make sure that your receipt is valid, you will need to use it before 7 days elapse as it will have expired already.

Sprouts Survey allows a participant to share their feedback, not more than five times monthly. This makes the entire process authentic as the information can be tallied correctly for better feedback.

Sprouts Survey also comes with rules that we will discuss later. Besides, there is an eligibility criterion so that those who don’t meet the needed criteria are left out.

While undertaking the survey, the outcome depends on your ability to remember the details of your previous visits. That’s why the company has set seven days after purchase as the valid days for the receipt.

What questions will you be responding to in the Sprouts Survey?

Note that the Sprouts Survey is about the products at the Sprouts outlets. These include fresh farm produce. Therefore, all the questions will revolve around the products and the services you got. Here is a list of the questions you will come across

  • Questions about your most recent visit at Sprout
  • Ratings about your satisfaction with choices ranging from satisfied to dissatisfaction
  • Quality of service and the variety of items offered (satisfied to dissatisfied)
  • Cleanliness of Sprout and the entire environment
  • The services by the staff at Sprouts
  • Listing of problems and issues you came across at the store
  • Quality of services provided

From the outline of the questions, you can see they are attractive and straightforward. This means that it is easier to tackle the questions even faster.

Sprouts Survey Eligibility Criteria

Every company has its rules and criteria that you must pass or abide by so that you can participate easily. This enables the company to get the kind of quality responses to boost the company’s reputation and improve the scope of sales. For Sprouts, there is a criterion and general rules you need to abide by so that you can have an easy time taking the survey. The guidelines give you general rules and requirements.

  • You must be a resident in the USA
  • You should be 13 years and above
  • You are willing to spend at least six to ten minutes online
  • You have a gadget like a computer, phones that can access the internet
  • You have stable internet access that will be used on the gadgets
  • Willingness to provide contact details so that you can get notified about the sweepstakes outcomes.
  • You must not be an employee, family member of the employee, stakeholders, and close associates to Sprout.
  • You need a receipt with the correct codes so that you can participate in the survey easily
  • The receipt should not be over seven days old
  • You are not allowed to take the survey on behalf of somebody
  • Once you win the prizes, it can’t be exchanged for other prizes
  • You can’t transfer the reward to another person
  • More purchases do not guarantee you higher chances of winning


How to take the Sprouts Survey & win the sweepstake

Taking the Sprouts Survey requires at least 5-10minutes of your time

You must have read and agreed to the rules and regulations above so that you can participate easily.

Once you are ready with the receipt and the stable internet on your gadgets, you can now start the process through the following simple steps;

Step 1: Use the link to gain access to the Sprouts Survey site. You can still google in your browser “Strout’s Survey” to gain access to the site.

Step 2: You will get a section that requires you to enter your details first. Enter the details and choose your preferred language. The default language is English.

Step 3: Submit the details so that you can have access to the survey questions

Step 4: Once you get to the next page with the questions, take your receipt and fill in the code on the survey receipt. You will fill in the details required before you start responding to the questions.

Step 5: Proceed on to the actual survey questions that will help in revealing the faultiness and greats about the company.

Step 6: Remember as much information as you can concerning your previous visit

Step 7: The survey takes a few minutes and will ask you about the experience at the store. Providing honest feedback is key since it gives the outcomes the required credibility.

Step 8: Once you complete the questions, click submit and wait for your response in the mail. You will get a notification if you are among the winners in four weeks; one day before the sweepstake price is out to the winner.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • The Sprouts Survey site is easy to use
  • The questions are straightforward and about the farm produce and services
  • There are contacts so that you can reach out for help
  • The minimum age for anticipating is excellent for people above 13
  • The sweepstake prize is huge
  • Everybody has an equal chance of winning the final prices


  • The receipt expires after 7 days
  • Only for the US residents
  • Not guaranteed of the win
  • No cash rewards only gift cards
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Sprouts Survey Center

NameSprouts Survey
Validation Code7 days
Prize Expiry3 days
Purchase No

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How many times can I participate in the Sprouts Survey?

You are allowed to participate in not more than five times a month. This is key since the quality of response is excellent and authentic when there is a limited number of times.

How do I know that I have won the reward?

Winning a reward is easy and an equal chance for all the participants. Before you start the Sprouts Survey, there is a section where you input all your contact details. Well, it’s always good to give out the real contact details so that you don’t miss your reward. These are the same details that will be used to reach you when you win the sweepstake reward.

How can I address problems with Sprouts Survey?

Sometimes you may experience problems while logging into the Sprouts Survey site for the survey. Well, this happens due to an unusual browser in place, cookies not accepted, and even poor internet connection. You must ensure that all the three sections are working perfectly so that you don’t miss on the survey questions. If the problem persists, you can still contact the help desk. We have provided below how you can reach the help desk.

What are the various ways I can reach the help desk for my concerns?

Every company has ways in which you can reach the help desk if you wanted to voice your concerns. For Sprouts, several ways will make your communications much easier and faster. You can reach them through;

  • Main Line: 480.814.8016
  • Toll-Free Line: 1.888.5.SPROUT
  • Fax Line: 480.814.8017

Also use this mailing address: Sprouts Farmers Market, 5455 E. High Street, Suite 111, Phoenix, AZ 85054

How is my feedback beneficial on Sprouts Survey?

When you participate in the Sprouts Survey and share your honest feedback, the analysis of your opinions take the company to greater heights. There is always a tremendous improvement in service delivery and amazing products for you. In return, the company rewards your effort and time with a sweepstake reward of $250 gift card once you complete the survey and wait for the draw.

Is there an alternative way of participating in the Sprouts Survey sweepstake?

Well, the company is offering an equal opportunity for the buyer and also those who don’t have the receipt to participate in the sweepstakes program. You will require to mail in with your contact details on your card including, names, street code, home address, and send to the headquarters to review an entry into the sweepstakes.

Are the Sprouts Survey questions difficult?

Well, all the survey questions come from the products and services you get from the store. You will, therefore, get parameters for gauging the services you received as well as the products you got from the store. The questions are simple and straightforward. That’s why it takes around ten minutes to complete the survey and enter the sweepstake draw.


Sprouts is competing among the giants such as Amazon farm-fresh foods and slowly finding its place in the market. By taking part in the Sprouts Survey, you are helping the store to serve you better.

Once you have completed doing your shopping in one of the 300 stores around America, you will be given a receipt. Do not dispose of it, as it’s an entry into the survey and later give you a chance to win a $250 gift card. Just log into Sprouts Survey and follow the participation instructions above. The survey takes less than 10 minutes and revolves around your activities and experiences at your previous store. Try it today and see how your 2020 can be a winning year.

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