December 3, 2019

TalkToHannaford — Official Hannaford® Customer Survey [$500]

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Are you ready to make money with the Hannaford store? Well, the Hannaford store is one kind of grocery store that offers customers a chance to win prizes by shopping. In this review, we will dig deeper into how you can participate in the survey, what to win, legitness of the platform, advantages, and disadvantages. In addition to this, we will help you answer some of the crucial questions for you to understand the store better.


Name: TalkToHannaford

Description: When you become a customer at the Hannaford store, you can participate in the TalkToHannaford survey and win amazing gifts, including the $500 gift card. The survey allows you to participate in questions that try to evaluate the services and goods offered at the store. Your opinion is valued and will be used to make future decisions as far as the store growth is concerned. The more you are honest when taking this survey, the higher the chances of winning the best prize in the sweepstake.



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TalkToHannaford Summary

What is the Hannaford Store?

Industries in retail grocery have gained popularity in the modern world. Due to technology, you can find a variety of stores that offer you the best services ever. Hannaford is a retail grocery store located in Scarborough, Maine.

The store dates back to 1883 in Portland, Maine. It’s therefore old, and that’s why it’s one of the trusted retail stores. Arthur Hannaford is the founding father behind this popular store. Currently, the store has over 180 locations, which makes it easy for you to select the purchasing point that is convenient for you. Michael Vail heads the store as the overall president of the stores.

In these stores, you will be able to get a bakery, dairy, deli, floral, frozen foods, grocery, liquor, meat, pharmacy, produce, seafood, snacks, and sushi. This means that you will have a one-stop-shop for your kitchen needs. This saves time as you have all that you need under one store.

While shopping, the store has provisions for you to participate in the Talk To Hannaford Customer Survey. The survey allows you to give opinions on different products you purchase as well as the overall experience at the store. This allows future improvements by addressing your current needs. Therefore, your opinion is beneficial to you as you will earn rewards that allow you to shop for free in the store. Besides, the company benefits by collecting leading feedback to improve services for you, which makes it a win-win situation.

Is the platform legit or a scam?

This is the first question everybody has before taking part in a survey. Sometimes, we have outlets that promise excellent rewards for customers and in the end, deliver nothing at the end of the promise. These leave customers demotivated and hence, one-time shoppers. When it comes to the Hannaford store, it’s been around since 1883.

You will find the physical locations in over 180 places for you to shop. This is clear proof that the expansion of these stores is a result of excellent customer service and hence, the growth. There is also an opportunity to win $500 for the purchases you make in the store. You will need to participate in the surveys for you to win the 15, $500 Hannaford gift cards.

Above all, Hannaford is one of the leading supermarkets in the United States. You will find it easily as you make purchases. All these prove that the survey offered by the Hannaford store is legit and has a goal to improve services and hence see the store expand even worldwide.


Are you eligible to participate in the Talk To Hannaford Customer Survey? Well, if you are a frequent customer at any of the Hannaford stores, then you should consider participating in the survey. This is because the company yearns for your feedback to improve services and give you a superior shopping experience. Since its among the leading and oldest stores in the United States, your feedback will keep it at the top standards and hence give you the best services. Here are the criteria for you to participate.

  • You must have attained 18 years and above, for you to take part. This will help the company in getting honest feedback from experience.
  • You must be a resident of the USA, UK, or Canada. These are areas where you will find the stores; hence, your opinion will come from real experience with the store.
  • Smart devices and better internet are crucial. Your smartphone, tablet, or PC should be good for you to participate in. The internet needs to be reliable for you to attempt the questions even faster.
  • You need to have the purchase receipt with Hannaford Survey Entry Code
  • You need to use either English or Spanish
  • Representatives and employees are not eligible
  • You must have a good memory that recalls your last shopping experience clearly

How to take the survey

Once you confirm that you are eligible as per the set rules, go ahead and participate. Click Hannaford to access the official site for taking the survey. You will see the section where you need to enter the code for you to proceed with the questions.

You will press next for you to access the questions. At this point, they’ll ask you several questions about your shopping experience the last day you went to the store. The questions range from the quality of the services you get, the availability of the products you want, the cleanliness of the store, the behavior of the working staff, would you recommend your family and friends to visit here? And lastly, would you prefer the store?

The questions are simple and straightforward and require your honest opinion to improve the services in their stores across the United States.

You will also give your contact information once you finish the questions. This allows the company to call you in case you win the rewards.

Finally, you will be entered into the sweepstakes for you to win the reward.

Other than the online mail, you can also enter the survey by mail. This one doesn’t need you to buy anything; instead, use a card and write the feedback. Once you finish, indicate your address and contact information. Send this to Hannaford Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes”, PO. Box 10430, Rochester, New York 14610.

Finally, you have to wait for feedback. Note that if you are lucky and your name is picked, then you will have the $500 gift card as a reward for you to use it at the store.

Why you need to take part in this survey

  • We have many stores around the US, but not all of them allow customers to get rewarded by giving an opinion on their shopping experience. With the Hannaford stores, you will have it easy when you participate.
  • The platform allows you to take part in the sweepstake and earn a reward of $500 card that will be used in the store.
  • The questions are friendly, and straightforward hence allows you to answer them easily.
  • You have equal chances of winning the prize
  • You are contributing to your next better shopping experience
  • You help the store to grow and reach more people

Pros and Cons

With every outlet, we have pros and cons as per the shopper’s experience. Not all customers will have the same experience. We have compiled a few pros and cons to help you participate in the Hannaford Customer Satisfaction Survey.


  • The survey questions are easy and straightforward. You will feel at ease when attempting these questions as they tend to get feedback on your real experiences. You will not have to think critically.
  • The stores are all over the United States and hence allows you to shop and participate in the sweepstake.
  • If you win the reward, you will have a whole $500 gift card for your shopping at a store near you.
  • You can participate in an online survey or mail directly to the main stores. This is fair to include all eligible participants.
  • The platform is legit as it dates back to 1883 and still expanding with additional stores coming up.
  • Customer service is prompt and will see you get responses to your concerns
  • You will get discounts on the products you purchase


  • You have to participate in the survey to win the prizes after the draw, and which is not a guarantee to win.
  • The receipts take only five days to expire which is a short time
  • Children cannot participate
  • It is only ideal for those in the US, UK, and Canada
  • The rewards are not many as in other surveys online
  • If you are an employee or representative of the store, you cannot participate
  • If you have more than 13 entries, then you are not eligible to participate

TalkToHannaford Survey Center

PrizeGift Card
Validation Code5 days
Prize Expiry7 days
Purchase No
EnterOnline, Mail

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How will I know if I am a winner?

Once you finish entering the participating code and answering the questions, you are asked to enter your contact information. This is where you get notified about your winnings.

Do you reward cash?

Cash rewards are not available. Only gift cards are available for you to shop in the various Hannaford stores.

What are the channels for participating?

You can take part in this Hannaford survey through your internet devices such as phones and PSs. Again, you can send via mail with a clear address and your contact details.

How long does the ticket take to expire?

When you make a purchase, you have five days to participate, and after that, the ticket code will expire. The faster you participate, the better.

Is the Hannaford Customer Satisfaction Survey legit?

This is a legit platform since it is run by the Hannaford supermarkets that have over 180 branches all over the US, UK, and Canada.

Can I use the voucher in any shopping grocery?

You can use the gift card at any Hannaford Supermarket.

Can children participate in the surveys?

The surveys are ideal for adults aged 18 and above as the information needed should be critical and ideal to add value to the customer’s experiences.

How is the feedback used?

Once you participate in the survey, your opinions are analyzed and presented to manufacturers and service providers of the products. They consider the feedback to help you have the best experience next time you go for your shopping.


In summary, Hannaford Customer Satisfaction Survey is a survey designed to help the service providers give you the best experience on your upcoming shopping at the Hannaford store. Your honest feedback is what the store requires to keep everything good for you. Note that participating in the survey is free and in the end, you can be lucky to win one of the 12 gift cards worth $500.

The platform is easy to use and will ask you simple questions that depend on your shopping experience. Therefore, you will need to remember most of the details during your shopping day. We hope that you will find this helpful as you plan to shop more and participate in the Hannaford survey for a chance to win the $500. If you have questions about the Hannaford Customer Satisfaction Survey, kindly comment for assistance.

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