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February 27, 2020

In this review, we will take you through the step by step process for participating in www.telljoann.com and winning the rewards. Ensure you have a recent receipt from your purchases. More so, keep at your fingertips the experiences you had during your recent visit.


Name: Joann

Description: Joann is one of the top retailers specializing in the best fabrics homewares and craft supplies. The company depends on your feedback to improve the products and services you receive when shopping at one of the outlets. This company, therefore, has a satisfaction survey that takes a few minutes to complete. The questions are simple and hence attractive.

www.telljoann.com Summary

Just like other surveys, Joann intends to receive feedback from you to guide in the process of decision making. The company deals with fabric and homeware, and since this is what we often buy, then we have what to say about the experiences. The survey was created by the company so that you could get the opportunity to share your feedback after your shopping at any outlet.

www.telljoann.com questions, therefore, centered on the operations in the store. They are done online and have the simplest structure to keep you engaged and excited to handle them. Moreover, the process is pressure-free.

Why participate in www.telljoann.com?

There are many reasons for you to participate in www.telljoann.com. It’s your right to speak out if you feel things aren’t going as you expected. This survey gives you the platform to help them grow by sharing your experiences during your previous visit. Whether positive or negative, the experiences you share will still improve service delivery at the stores. Therefore, you must be genuine with your responses to make the entire process authentic.

You take part in www.telljoann.com to help the company attract new customers and also keep the loyal ones. This leads to expansion. If you take miles to locate a site, then your feedback can easily promote expansion by attracting new customers who will require additional stores.

At the end of the survey on www.telljoann.com, you can win gifts and coupons for your shopping. This is amazing since they reduce the expenditure you have on the products you buy. Moreover, you get better discounts on the products.

Lastly, participating in this survey is fun since the questions target your experiences. Therefore, you won’t strain trying to recall facts. This means that the survey will take very few minutes of your time.

www.telljoann.com Eligibility & Rules

Every survey company comes up with a guide to ensure that the survey follows the correct procedure. The guide also makes it possible for you to trust the whole process as it differentiates from other sites that try to scam you. Therefore, ensure you read and meet the criteria before you participate. This will save you time.

Therefore, Joann has the following for you to abide by and meet the eligibility.

  • You must be a legal resident in the US
  • At least 18 years of age when participating in the survey
  • Have basic English knowledge since its importance in the survey process
  • Have valid purchase receipts with survey details for flawless entry
  • The receipt should not have expired since it will not work
  • Able to recall your previous visits experiences and include them in the survey
  • You need a laptop or smartphone for accessing the survey site
  • You require fast speed internet since it will reduce the time you take participating
  • You must not be an employee, family member, partner or supplier to the company
  • Have at least a few minutes for the survey
  • Be willing to share your contacts for communications purposes


www.telljoann.com Restrictions

  • The state laws do not allow the survey to continue when it’s nullified
  • At no point should you do the survey on behalf of the visitor
  • There is no money gift
  • The gifts aren’t transferable or exchangeable
  • One ticket for one entry
  • Expired receipts will not work
  • As a participant, you aren’t allowed to commit any fraud
  • Violation of any rules above lead to automatic disqualification


www.telljoann.com Questions

Most companies have realized that customers require straight forward questions for quality responses. Therefore, they have tailored questions on experiences that require the customer to recall their recent encounters at the store. Therefore, this company have the following sections covered in the questions

  • Your overall rating for the company services
  • The quality of products you purchased
  • The prices for different products purchased
  • What was the attitude and behavior of the staff towards you
  • Ease of payment for the product
  • How clean and organized was the store
  • How long did your order take to arrive
  • Your feedback and suggestions to the company


How to take the survey on www.telljoann.com and win?

The survey is very simple. Once you have gone through the eligibility criteria and rules, you will know if you meet the requirements. Therefore, have your recent purchase receipt with you for the process. Follow the steps below so that you can win rewards and coupons for your shopping.

Step 1: In your browser search for Joanna Customer Feedback Survey, or click on the link https://survey.medallia.com/?joann-receipt to access the survey site.

Step 2: Once you are on the site, input the special 18 digit code in the space provided and this code is at the middle part of your receipt.

Step 3: Once you have entered the unique code, click next. This takes you straight to the survey questions.

Step 4: This is a point where you need to recall the experiences during your last visit

Step 5: The feedback should be honest to make the outcome reliable.

Step 6: Respond to the questions and also provide your suggestions to the company in the section given.

Step 7: When you have completed the questions, share your contacts for communication. Your phone number, email id, and mailing address will work correctly.

Step 8: Submit and wait for the feedback

www.telljoann.com Rewards 

The management has a way of rewarding you for the effort and time spent while sharing your honest feedback. This is a culture with many serious survey sites. Even though the rewards differ, you will still have something for your effort with Joann’s feedback. There are plenty of rewards in store for you.

  • You win a free coupon to receive amazing discount offers on your purchases. This saves you when buying goods from the store.
  • You will also get a reward of $25 Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Gift Card. This reward always goes to 20 lucky participants every month.
  • You will also have an advantage over the rest of the buyers since the offers and discount notifications will reach you before other buyers. This means that you will avoid the commotion that comes with a rush-hour as you can plan to buy early.
  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • The survey questions are very simple
  • Navigating the survey platform is straightforward
  • You can be a lucky winner of $25 monthly
  • The platform is legit since it has strict criteria
  • The feedback shared is valued and taken as an asset for the company
  • The online survey can be taken from anywhere as long as you have internet
  • Plenty of offers available for you to grab


  • A purchase receipt is critical for the process
  • Only suitable for US citizens
  • The monthly prizes is not a surety for you
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www.telljoann.com Center

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Prize Expiry30 days
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How safe are the contact details shared with www.telljoann.com?

The company is dedicated to keeping a lasting relationship with you. Therefore, the contacts you share on www.telljoann.com remain a private property between you and the company. No third parties get access to the contact. More so, the policy that works for the contact details emphasizes the privacy of your contacts. There are instances where the information you give is sharable with suppliers. This excluded the contact details. Therefore, your contacts are safe with the company and will not work for advertisements.

How important is the feedback shared on www.telljoann.com?

Genuine feedback is an asset to the company. This is because the company intends to listen to your views so that they can improve service and product delivery. Therefore, sharing accurate information is aimed at making significant decisions about the company. Additionally, the feedback leads to better services for you and other buyers who didn't have the opportunity to take the survey.

The feedback you share allows you to win rewards and discount offers from the company. This lowers your buying cost every time you shop with the coupon code or the gift card you received.

Is there an alternative way to twww.telljoann.com?

Well, there is no alternative way for the survey. The company focuses on the online survey since it enables them to get feedback from hundreds of shoppers and hence easy to use the feedback. Moreover, the input obtained can be useful faster than it would have taken when other methods were incorporated.

How can I resolve login issues with www.telljoann.com?

Sometimes login issues trouble most users. Please try resolving the issues from your side before channeling them to the customer care for assistance. Some of the problems could be around poor internet connection limiting access.

This requires you to have stable internet. You might be in a country where the survey isn't supposed to work and hence limitation due to the geographical location. Moreover, check your cookies and type of browser in operation. If these problems are resolved and still finding issues, then connect customer care with the contact information shared below.

What contacts can I use to reach the customer care team?

This company listens to the customers and will want to give you the best. Therefore, the company has various platforms, including email id, mailing address, and even social media platform, so that you can choose the one suitable for your problem and address it immediately.

Find some of the contacts below:

Jo-Ann Stores HQ Address: 5555 Darrow Rd. Hudson, OH44236, United States.
Jo-Ann Stores HQ Phone Number: (330) 656-2600
Jo-Ann Stores HQ Fax Number: (330) 463-6760
Jo-Ann Stores Customer Service Phone Number: (888) 739-4120


If you have assisted the Joann Store recently, then you can have a chance to win prizes for your purchase. The company values customer feedback, and that’s why it rewards you so that you can shop for lowered prices. The survey questions are simple and come from your experiences while shopping. Therefore, keep the receipt and get online to participate in the survey. If you follow the guideline above, you will find it clear-cut to participate and win.

If you have questions about the survey, kindly leave a reply in the comment box below. Alternatively, we have shared contacts above so that you can reach the customer care desk and voice your concerns.

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