The Most Popular Casual Games Today

Video games have been the entertainment of choice for generations. They evolved from massive cabinets crammed inside ‘arcades’ into pieces of software we download from the internet and play on our pocket-sized supercomputers. Today, more people than ever play video games thanks to the spread of smartphones – and most of them play games that are easy, simple, and addictive. In short, casual games.

Not all these games are created equal, though. There are a few genres that are especially successful, thanks in part to their appeal to an incredibly wide range of individuals, across all age ranges and interests. Here are the ones that are the most popular today.

Puzzle games

Puzzle games have been played on computers since their very beginning. Classic games like Solitaire, Sudoku, Mahjong Solitaire, or Tetris are just as popular today as they were when they first found their way to the screen.

Puzzle games are ageless – they appeal equally to young and old players, they are pretty easy to learn (but often very hard to master) and offer their players hours upon hours of fun.

“Match-3” games

Games relying on matching colorful tiles have been around for ages – SameGame, one of the first successful games of this type, was first released in 1985. They, or better said one of their subgenres relying on matching three tiles (or gems) that disappear received an unexpected boost with the success of Bejeweled, a casual game released by PopCap Games (now part of Electronic Arts) in 2001. It had countless clones – one of them, the infamous Candy Crush Saga, became the most-played game on several platforms at its time.

Casino games

Casinos have served their patrons with high-stakes entertainment for centuries. Their games were more than just means of money-making, though – they are genuinely entertaining. This is why they also emerged as casual games.

Countless players from all over the world head over to the JackpotCity online casino each day to play a few spins on a slot machine or a few hands of blackjack, baccarat, or casino poker. Some of them play the free version of the games, others make a small deposit to their JackpotCity account to feel the thrill of taking the risk.

Casino games are very popular played both socially through apps like Slotomania or MyVegas, or for real at the JackpotCity and similar outlets.

What about “core” games?

“Core” games are games that require skill, practice, and dedication. As opposed to casual games, their learning curve is not steep – some of them are admittedly difficult – but they also offer long-term entertainment to their players.

As you might expect, “core” games are played by large masses of players – but these games rarely amass a player base in the order of millions. Casual games, in turn, often have tens of millions of players.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, for example, has sold 30 million units in its first year, a record for a game of its genre. Candy Crush Saga, in turn, had 272 million monthly active players in 2019, with more than 9 million of them playing around 3 hours a day.