The Most Popular Games In Their Category

March 2, 2022

Games have been played for a huge amount of time. Quite some companies have been created whose sole purpose is to put the best games possible on the table. Games started as something small but can be categorized into several genres nowadays. In this blog, we want to name the most popular game in every category.

Boardgames: Chess

Chess is one of the oldest games existing. This game involves a lot of strategic thinking, which can be very tense. It’s played on a wooden board, existing out of 64 tiles. Team white plays team black: the player who gets checkmate first wins. Chess has always been a really big game but gained steam when Netflix released its very popular series called “The Queens Gambit”: a series based on chess. Nowadays, you can find chess everywhere. Of course, the board variant is still incredibly popular, but there are various websites that offer you a great chess experience as well.

Casino games: Slots

Over the years, casinos have had a huge impact on games. Where for example, chess is a game that involves a lot of thinking and strategy. Slots are the exact opposite. This game is based purely on luck: you take a spin, and if you get lucky, you hit the jackpot. Of course, there’s some strategy to slots, as you have to know when to cash out and when to play on, but that’s about it. This can’t be said for everyone casino game: games like Poker and Baccarat are about luck too, but have a strategic side to them as well.

Video games: Minecraft

When thinking about video games, you might think of games that involve violence or at least a lot of competition. Looking at the most popular video game worldwide, this isn’t exactly true. Minecraft is a videogame where the player is allowed to build whatever they want. To do this, you have to gather the materials needed to build this. Minecraft was released in 2011 and has only managed to grow ever since, having over 238 million copies sold. Minecraft isn’t only popular to be played, but also knows a huge amount of streamers and viewers of these streams.

Sports: Football

Whether sports should be categorized under games might be debatable, but we think sports are games too. The most popular sport worldwide is football. This game was created in England in 1863 and has fully captured the world ever since. The big football matches are often the most-watched television events of the year, as well as there are millions of fans visiting the stadium of their favorite club every week. It’s unlikely that you’ve never heard of the likes of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, even if you don’t follow football closely. The popularity of football shows perfectly on Instagram, where Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed person.

What game do you like?

Is your favorite game on our list, or is it missing? If there’s a game you haven’t tried yet, we recommend giving it a go!

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