The Rise of Online Poker

November 17, 2020

With many services, and especially the field of entertainment taking online platforms by storm in 2020, it would be easy to assume that online poker games have only recently become a trend. That couldn’t be further from the truth, however, as online poker has existed in some form since 1998 and has only gone from strength to strength since then.

It is widely argued that the success of Chris Moneymaker is what first pushed online poker into the spotlight. In 2003, Chris won the Main Event at the World Series of Poker (WSOP), after qualifying for it on an online poker website.

But dreams of stardom are not the only reason more and more people are engaging with and signing up to play poker online. There are a variety of characteristics and advantages the virtual game offers which make it, in some ways, superior to its physical counterpart.


Besides being able to attend games semi-anonymously under a pseudonym or username, online poker also provides the convenience of playing from wherever you are rather than finding a dedicated casino, dressing up, and having to adhere to specific code of conduct rules. Whoever and wherever you are, as long as you have some time to spare, an internet connection, and a basic understanding of rules, you can play online poker. On top of that, in order to draw in a wider number of clients, most online poker providers offer games with bets that start at around $1, meaning you could potentially have the chance to win big regardless of your financial means when you start your first game.


In the same vein as making the game accessible for a variety of players, online poker providers look to make the game attractive to a wide audience. To this end, online poker games offer can offer anything from no sign-up costs to boosts to small bets, to free initial bets, and more. Everything is designed to be as welcoming as possible and can even be exploited for much more impressive wins than those possible in a physical casino.

Win Rates

A potentially very profitable aspect of online poker that physical poker does not allow for is multi-tabling. This refers to playing poker at more than one table within the space of an hour and, if managed correctly, exponentially increasing both your chances of winning and your overall income at the end of the hour. While multi-tabling is a specific skill and must be carefully honed, it does not have an equivalent in physical poker, providing online poker games with a very attractive edge.

Pace and Duration of Games

Online poker games are much faster than physical ones. This is not only because the time spent arranging the table, shuffling and distributing cards, and collecting chips are removed but also because players are likely to be more focused and target-oriented for a variety of reasons. They could be multi-tabling, or they could be getting a quick game in between other commitments. Either way, faster-paced games mean quicker results, making for more exciting games.

Overall, when taking into consideration its attractive qualities, and its urban legend status of turning an ordinary person into a potential superstar, it’s clear that online poker is not only more popular than ever, but absolutely here to stay.

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