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A recent report showed overall supermarket satisfaction across the industry dropped by 1.3%. The United Family grocery supermarket aims to boost its appearance in the eyes of their customers. Have you recently visited the United Family Supermarket for grocery shopping? How was your experience? Customer service has always been a strong point for the company. That is why they have taken a measure to find out from you what your experiences were like using their services.

They will appreciate it if you could share with them everything regarding your shopping experiences. Upon completion of their new survey, you will get enrolled for their sweepstake for a chance to win 1 of 6 $100 gift cards every month! Yes, every month! How cool is that?


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This North American grocery supermarket root stems from way back in 1916. It transformed from a cash store to now the known grocery supermarket. Over this period, it has enjoyed massive growth to include over 94 stores in 30 Texas cities, including New Mexico. During this exponential period, it has employed over 10000 staff.

From its inception, the store has been keen on providing services that meet customer's satisfaction and demands. Currently, they have an online survey that seeks to get feedback on their customers’ experience. The supermarket is keen on rating best in class for check out speed, staff courtesy, and helpfulness—the survey factors in your feelings on their layout and cleanliness, product availability, and the quality.

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Theunitedfamily Summary

Getting such vital information could mean the transformation of services for better customer experience. It could lead to remodeling or launching a new loyalty program. To achieve these United Family Stores pegs their hope on your participation in the survey. As always, they have your back! Your participation in the survey will not go unnoticed. They have a promotion that will allow you to stand a chance of winning. This happens once you complete the survey. They automatically enroll you to a sweepstakes round.

Why do you need to take part in the survey?

If it is not 100% pitch-perfect, it can always be improved, right? How about you become a part of that transformation? The data you provide in the survey can influence such mega changes just to improve the services rendered to you.

You will stand a chance of being one of the lucky winners as you will get enrolled in their sweepstake. By taking part in the online survey, you seamlessly get registered to the sweepstakes round. This could translate to you walking home with 1 of 6 $100 gift cards every single month.

Another reason is you will be in a position to speak on behalf of another loyal customer who might not get the chance to respond to the survey due to restrictions or other factors.

So are you ready to bridge the gap between the services you are getting now and what more or improved service you can acquire later? Well, the opportunity is now, and it’s in taking part in the survey.

Eligibility criteria

The supermarket seeks accurate, informative data from its esteemed customers. Due to this, it became imperative to have specific guidelines to determine those eligible for the survey. You will need to read through these guidelines to ascertain if you are qualified.

You are only eligible for the survey if you meet the following criteria at the time and date of entry:

  • You are 18years and above or age of the majority in your jurisdiction.
  • You need to purchase from the supermarket to obtain an entry code.
  • You should be a legal resident of any of the 30 Texas states from which the grocery store operates, including New Mexico.
  • You should have a steady and reliable internet.
  • You should have a useful device like a laptop, smartphone or a tablet with a secure internet connection.
  • You will need to choose a language between English and Spanish.
  • You will need to share your details like name, email address, physical address, phone number, etc.

Survey Rules

  • You are eligible to one entry per week.
  • The survey allows for one entry per person per email address.
  • Purchasing more items from the store does not influence your chances of winning in any way.
  • Rewards obtained cannot be redeemed for cash prices or transferred to anyone else.
  • Employees of the stores and their family members should not take part in the survey.
  • Any attempt to tamper with the online study in any way results in a lawsuit.
  • Void where prohibited by law.
  • Winners get selected through a random drawing from the eligible respondents.
  • All entries become the sole property of the sponsors.
  • False information leads to immediate termination.
  • By entering the survey, you agree with the official rules. These rules are final and binding in all respect.

Survey restrictions

  • Only a single entry per week per person.
  • Only 18years and above can take part in the survey.
  • Can only be done online.
  • Available to individuals living in the specific jurisdiction.
  • Failure to abide by the guidelines leads to direct elimination.
  • No calls for entry.
  • Entry restriction applies only to those who take part in the survey within the set timeline.

How to take part in the survey

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, and then take these steps to help you breeze through the survey:

Step 1: Make a purchase from the United Family Supermarket.

Step 2: You will get an entry code from your invoice receipt.

Step 3: Ensure that your internet is strong and stable.

Step 4: Ensure your device connected to the internet is secure.

Step 5: Go to the official survey site.

Step 6: Select your preferred language between English and Spanish.

Step 7: Read the information provided on the page.

Step 8: Open the survey page by clicking on the loyal feedback icon.

Step 9: Respond to all survey questions.

Step 10: After that, you will need to enter details and the unique entry code to enter the sweepstakes.

Step 11: Submit an online survey with a loyal feedback submission icon.


Your efforts to participate in the survey will not go for granted. You will have a given chance to enroll in a sweepstake once you complete the survey. This will place you at a suitable space to stand a chance to win one of the six available gift cards worth $100. Just imagine that!


  • The survey questions are easy.
  • There is a chance to win gift cards.
  • The convenience of taking the survey anywhere at your comfort.
  • It takes limited time of yours.
  • The guidelines are fair and practical.
  • Feedback shared translate to better customer service.


  • Restricted to certain regions.
  • Participation in the survey does not guarantee a win.
  • Increased purchase of items does not increase chances of winning.
  • Limited to online users only.

Travel Channel Sweepstakes Center

Prize$100 Gift Card
Validation CodeNA
Prize Expiry10 days
Purchase Yes

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How are the winners chosen?

Winners get randomly selected via an online process. The online process is programmed to isolate eligible participants naturally. These participants are the ones drawn through random selection, and a winner or winners released among them.

What do I do if I win?

If you win, then there are a few steps you will need to follow to receive your gift card. They are as follows.

  • You will receive a notification.
  • Read your win notification carefully.
  • Verify that you have won.
  • Record your sweepstakes prize.
  • Follow up with sponsors.

Are sweepstakes a waste of time?

Entering sweepstakes that offer prizes that you may not want or need will result in a lot of junk around your environment. It may also imply a lot of wasted time on your part. You may have the temptation to sell your rewards. It may be a welcoming idea, but that's an investment of time and effort that you could have spent trying to win prizes you do want.

If I increase my purchase of items from the store, does it increase my chances of winning?

Entry is neither pegged on the number of the purchases nor do the winnings. The company’s set of rules and guidelines are against such a notion. You are encouraged to use the standard eligibility criteria and wait for your luck.

Why do you list surveys, and how can I get a gift card?

When you take part in the survey, you give out your details, which enables your subscription to the sweepstakes. So what is wrong in giving your feedback and getting an opportunity to stand a chance of winning?

Most companies extend their gratitude to their viewers by providing a little reward. The reward compensates for your time and opinion.


The United Family grocery supermarket has been there to serve your grocery needs for several decades now. They have trusted grocery stores that ensure you get nourished in fresh and healthy groceries. They have enjoyed serving with a smile every single day and aims to

For this reason and others, the United Family would wish to engage its customers in the survey. This will allow them to have influential data that may direct positive changes in their customer service delivery. The survey will also allow you to give feedback on their products and services. Plus, we cannot forget that you will have a golden opportunity to stand a chance of winning a gift for an entire month!