May 21, 2020

Vaping or Smoking: What’s Cheaper?

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Nowadays, the world is full of opportunities to spend your time and enjoy technological advancements. However, many people are concerned with the financial side of technologies. For sure, the newer the invention is; the more complicated it is; the more sophisticated it is, the more money you need to buy and maintain it.

However, technologies are not always about money. Getting into a technological hobby does not always mean thousands of dollars spent on VR glasses or the newest play station. Smoking with the help of pod vapes from vapingdaily also counts. Unfortunately, many people still struggle with what to choose: a vape pen or a cigarette.

In fact, both activities are extra expenses: if you do not smoke at all, you do not spend at all. However, if you want to find out which action will cost you less, this article is for you.

The Best Pod System: an Expensive Toy or a Reasonable Pleasure?

The average price of a vape pen varies from $30 to $50. For sure, it is possible to find a cheaper or more expensive option depending on the manufacturer, functions, the number of extra detail (e.g., tanks for other substances, mouthpieces, and so on), the country you live in (taxes and shipping costs), and additional price factors.

The average price of one pack of cigarettes is $14. Again, depending on the country, taxes, manufacturer, etc. – the price might vary. For example, in Australia, the average price is $20, while in some Middle European countries, one pack might cost about $3.

If we simply compare 14 and 40, the difference is significant. However, one pack consists of approximately 25 cigarettes. According to the statistics, average daily consumption equals five cigarettes. In this case, a person uses one pack during a working week.

On the other side, some people smoke the whole pack during the day. It depends on personal involvement in the activity. Basically, smoking even one cigarette a day negatively influences your health, which is essential in terms of money as well.

The questions here are:

  • For how long can you use the same vape pen?
  • Is there any expiry date for the device?
  • Aren’t the extra details needed?

The research has shown that one disposable vape pen (with an average price of $4) lasts about 150 one-second puffs, which is a three-day constant use. It means that a disposable e-cig is more expensive than a pack of a cigarette if you smoke about five cigs a day ($14 divide into five days and multiply for three days).

However, when we talk about pod vapes, it works the other way. You can use it for months and years. The device does not need replacement every couple of days, which does not mean that you would never buy new detail. For sure, from time to time a new tank, battery, or atomizer is needed,

The point is that you do not have to buy anything new except for e-liquid to use your best refillable pod vape daily. However, many people still are not sure about the costs spent on e-liquid, electricity, and other resources to be cheaper than the usual cigarettes.

When you decide to buy the best pod system vape, you always have an opportunity to start with a starter kit, the price of which starts at about $50. It includes the device, an e-liquid, and everything else you need. The kit might last up to a year, but the term depends on the frequency of your vaping.

In case you simply buy an e-liquid to fill your vape tank, the ‘one week bottle’ (if you are an obsessive smoker) of an e-liquid of high quality will cost about $12, which is considerably cheaper than buying packs of cigarettes daily. It means that spending a significant sum of money once saves you from ongoing expenses.

The statistical data vary because each person has his or her individual needs. It is difficult to estimate the total smoking and vaping costs for, say a year, for a family. You might get the most definite result if you compare your smoking expenses for the last two months and the possible costs for vaping.

The other idea is that people who use pod vapes spend less money on health care. Firstly, e-cigs were presented as a healthier alternative to smoking, but now people are aware that vaping can be as harmful as smoking is. Before you start vaping, it is better to read about possible health risks.

How Much our Pod Vapes Cost to This World?

Last but never least is the ecological question. Some people get irritated when seeing such topics because the world seems to go nuts about ecology. However, the latest experience shows that the topics are connected.

Firstly, the use of technologies and the change in biodiversity influence people’s health. The example of coronavirus simply confirms this. The organisms living on this planet are morphing into a new form, and we cannot deny that this influences our society.

Secondly, both cigarette and pod vapes’ production can destroy some species. For example, tones of cigarette butts make the atmosphere dirtier and the water more polluted. Fish often die after eating them. Vaping is a new thing on this planet, but most of them consist of plastic, which is, to put it mildly, not the safest material ever. In addition, heavy metals are being produced while evaporating the liquid, making the air less appropriate to inhale.

Does not matter if you smoke, vape, or are not involved in any of the activities; you need to pay for both vaping and smoking when you pay for air conditioning; water, soil, and air purification; and some other activities connected to the bettering of the ecological situation. In case you find these expenses not needed, just think of all the chemicals that get into the air with each puff.

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