October 26, 2021

Water purifiers vs Water filters – Describe the difference

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The use of water purifiers or water filters has increased over the past few years due to the increase in diseases caused by water contamination.

A water filter is a machine that is used to prevent contaminants from mixing with the water. The filter attracts the contaminants and prevents them from mixing with the water. There are different types of filters available.

The first kind is a whole house filter which is a machine that connects to the main water line of the house in order to reduce the contaminants across the house. Many house filters function with the help of starting the sediment pre-filter which is used to catch rust, sediments, and silt. The water then moves to the copper-zinc and mineral stone which is used to filter out the chlorine, water-soluble heavy metals, and bacteria. Then the water moves to your activated carbon filter. The aim of the filter is to reduce the herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals present in the water. Water filtration is based on the sizes of the contaminants and pores of filters that can let the purified water pass through. This involves keeping the water safe and healthy. The filtration can improve the texture of the drinking water.

Water filters can remove the tiniest physical and biological particles. This includes bacteria and microbial cysts. Water filters usually remove more impurities than other systems. These purifiers are not effective against chemical pollutants and contaminants. The chemical pollutants include bacterial toxins and viruses can easily pass. There are a few water filtration systems that can block these impurities.

There are house filters that use the giant, ultra-dense block which is a better filtration technology. The Catalytic and activated carbon are combined in order to perform the ion exchange and the sub-micron filtration. This filter reduces contaminants like lead, cysts, PFOS, chlorine, and chloramines from the water present in the house.

Drinking filters are common types of filters that are known to be present in a house. These filters come in a few varieties and are usually available in countertops and under the sink. These filters use a combination of catalytic carbon along with the ion exchange which is used to capture and prevent the contaminations from entering the water. These filters are used to prevent contamination such as chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, etc.

Water purifiers on the other hand are available in many sizes and shapes. These purifiers not only remove what a filter removes but may also remove all minerals from the water. This is done using two methods. These methods are Reverse Osmosis and Distillation. There are unique features of the whole house water filters and in order to enhance the functionality of the machines which are including add a water softener which is to reduce scale build-up in the pipes which are salt-free, installing a UV filter in order to destroy the bacteria and virus which is lurking in the water. The other way is adding a sub-micron post-filter which is to minimizes any sediments and organic particles in the water.

Reverse Osmosis or RO works like a filter but uses a different technology that is used in the filters. The technology used in the RO forces all the particles in the water to pass through a very small semi-permeable membrane. By this process of force, the semi-permeable membrane screens out all the particles that are too big to follow the water pathway.

Distillation is another method of water purification which is a system of boiling water and capturing the steam produced during the process. This method also loses the minerals present in the water.

There are heavy chances that these purifiers decrease the essential mineral quantity of the water. There are RO systems that come with revitalizing the minerals of the water that has been demineralized.

The water purifier also includes UV treatment, deionization, and other methods. The contaminations are based on sizes, electric charge, and other attributes. The purifiers can remove the impurities in the water and enhance the water texture, taste, and constituency. This makes the water perfectly safe.

As the water filters are said to remove the bacteria from water which makes the water absolutely safe. Drinking water from different water sources may contain chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers and can be destructive to health. The water purification system kills 99% of bacteria and also other contaminants present in the water. The technologies included in the systems can also control the microbiological issues in the water.

Maintaining clean and healthy water is essential as it keeps human life healthy. There are differences between a water purifier and a water filter. It is essential to choose a water filter or a purifier that removes the bacteria and keeps the essential water minerals intake for a healthy lifestyle.

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