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March 4, 2020

Every company that deals with customer services know that giving the customers exactly what they want is the only way to stay in business. The only way you get to know what the customers want is by asking them. That is why Wendy’s has come up with a forum where customers give their feedback.

In this article, you will learn on the ongoing “WendysWantsToKnow” customer’s feedback and what you need so that you can give your feedback and what rewards you get after giving the feedback.


Name: WendysWantsToKnow

Description: Have you visited Wendy’s lately? How was your experience there? Was the food good in terms of taste? Was the food warm enough? How was the service there? Were you served on time, or it took forever to get your order? This is what “WendysWantsToKnow” is all about. They want to know your experience in their stores. WendysWantsToKnow is online and can also be done through the mail. You answer a few simple questions on your experience in their store. The survey is simple and only takes a short time to complete.

WendysWantsToKnow Summary

Eligibility Criteria

Just like any other survey, “WendysWantsToKnow” has its requirements. These requirements help to regulate the survey and make sure those who take part in the survey are only past customers at Wendy’s so they can be able to get accurate information.

  • For you to take part in the survey, you need to be 18years and above
  • For you to take part in the survey, you need the receipt that you get after you make a purchase.
  • The receipts are only valid once. Once you enter the code in the receipt, you cannot reuse it.
  • The receipt is valid for seven days after your purchase, after that it expires and cannot be used to enter the survey.
  • The survey is conducted in English, Spanish, or French, for you to take part in the survey, you need to read and understand either of the three languages.
  • The survey is limited in countries where the stores are in. This is because the survey is for customers’ feedback.
  • The survey is online, so you need a gadget that can access the internet. A good network and wifi connection are required for an easy surveying process.
  • A valid email is also required since they will use the email address you provide to send the coupons.


More about WendysWantsToKnow

Once you enter the survey and enter the code on the receipt, make sure you complete the whole process to the end until you get your reward. Once you stop halfway, the code is only valid once, and you may end up not getting your coupon.

Before you take the survey, you can research what type of questions they ask. This way, taking the survey will be faster. They may not repeat the questions directly, but the questions you go through will give you an idea of what to expect. The questions are pretty simple and just need your honest feedback on what you think about Wendy’s and how your last visit was.

In case you have trouble joining the survey, contact customer care, they will guide you through the survey. You can also take part in the survey without having a receipt by sending your opinion through the mail. Every person is eligible for one mail survey.

How to join WendysWantsToKnow

  • The first step to joining the survey is going to “WendysWantsToKnow” website and click on the link survey.
  • Select the language you intend to use
  • Enter the number and the date of your receipt
  • Click on the start button
  • There will be questions which you are required to answer. Examples:
    • Pricing of the food on the restaurant
    • How is the menu?
    • How clean is the place you visited? You may even be asked to rate the cleanliness.
    • How was the food in the restaurant?
    • How were the services of the restaurant you visited?
    • How was the attitude of the people who served you?
    • What would you want to change in the restaurant?
  • After answering the questions go to the next step
  • You will be given the coupon number, make sure you screenshot the code and save it well so you can give it out on your next visit to Wendy’s.
  • To get a cash prize, you will need to enroll with their sweepstake.
  • After enrolling in the sweepstake, you will need to answer more survey questions that you can get a chance to win the cash prize.
  •  A winner gets a notification after 30-60 days after the survey.


WendysWantsToKnow Rewards

To motivate more people to take part in the survey, Wendy’s have come up with coupons that are redeemable in their store. One gets the coupons after you manage to finish the survey to the last bit. Apart from the coupons, you get a chance to get into a sweepstake where you get a chance to win a cash prize. With the coupon, you win free meals in Wendy’s restaurant.

WendysWantsToKnow takes on average five minutes if your network is good and if you are working at high speed. If you are slow and the network is terrible, you can take up to 15 minutes to complete the survey.

On the other hand, Wendy’s gets data from WendysWantsToKnow that helps them improve their stores. This way, they get to know what their customers think of their services and what they can do to improve them. Apart from the data, the survey is also a form of marketing; customers want to be involved in decision making. By engaging them in the survey, the customers feel they are part of the store and would not mind coming back another day.

How to take WendysWantsToKnow offline

In case you are not able to take the survey online for any reason, no need to worry. You can still take part in WendysWantsToKnow:

  • Take a piece of paper and write a detailed review of your visit on Wendy’s
  • Make sure you write in a handwriting everyone can read
  • Include your address and Wendy’s address on the letter
  • Include your email and make sure your email is valid as they send the coupon code there
  • Send the review to Wendy’s
  • Customer Service
  • Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • The survey helps the Wendy management team get important information
  • The survey is quick to take
  • Your feedback is valuable and used to improve the restaurant’s services
  • It doesn’t have many restrictions on who should join


  • Rewards are limited to a sweepstake and coupons
  • There’s a timeframe for participating
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WendysWantsToKnow Center

WinnerEvery Participant
Validation Code14 days
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Espanol, French

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How will I know the real WendysWantsToKnow website since there are scams?

It’s good to make sure you are conducting your survey on the right site to avoid wasting your time or giving your information to unreliable people. Here’s the real survey site to avoid any confusion https://www.wendyswantstoknow.com/.

What will I get from WendysWantsToKnow?

After taking part in WendysWantsToKnow, you get a coupon code that you can redeem and get free food from the stores. Apart from that, you get a chance to enter a sweepstake where you stand to win a cash prize.

What do I need to take part in WendysWantsToKnow?

If you are taking part in WendysWantsToKnow online, you will need a smartphone or a computer, access to the internet, and a receipt that is not more than seven days old. With these, you can take part in the survey. In case you want to take the survey offline, all you need is a piece of paper and an envelope.

How long will I take to finish, & how many times can I take part in WendysWantsToKnow?

The time you take to finish WendysWantsToKnow depends on how fast or how slow you are. Also, the internet connection you are using will determine how fast you finish the survey. On average, with good wifi and good speed, one can take five minutes to complete the survey. The times you can take part in the survey are not defined, but as long as you have the receipt, you are good to go.

What do I do in case I have trouble accessing WendysWantsToKnow?

In case you have issues entering the survey, you can contact Wendy’s on their website and ask them to help you.

If you want to get free food for your honest opinion, then head on to Wendy’s, purchase your favorite food, and participate in the survey. You get to have improved services from them, and you get free coupons. What could be better than that?

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