What Might You Want to Know About TUSD Interest?

December 15, 2021

Although crypto investments are mainly known for great returns traders hope to see after they sell the digital currencies at higher prices than they bought them, you can also earn great yields by investing in them. For example, if you are holding a cryptocurrency such as True USD (TUSD), you can deposit it with a reputable exchange and earn TUSD interest.

The idea of interest from crypto assets is gaining traction quickly. Many crypto traders and investors are giving it more serious thought because it realizes extra gains without any effort. This way, you can grow your wealth and earn TUSD on your TUSD deposits instead of letting the coins lie idle.

The best thing is that when you compare the TUSD crypto APR to the interest rate on other digital tokens, TUSD APR is impressive. You could reap up to 12% APR and get compound interest on top of that when you deposit your TUSD with one of the best crypto lending platforms such as YouHodler.

What is the True USD?

TUSD is one of many cryptocurrencies and is a stablecoin. This means that its value does not fluctuate as erratically as some coins such as Bitcoin and others whose value is not pegged to tangible assets like gold or USD. The value of TUSD is backed by real US dollar reserves meaning for each TUSD; there is 1 real USD backing it.

Since the inception of the True USD in early 2018, the USDs backing the total digital coin is held in various bank accounts through different trust companies. To ensure the collateral for the TUSD remains intact, all the parties involved have an agreement to disclose information on their collateralized holdings publicly every day and have monthly audits.

Moreover, the coin has several escrow accounts to minimize counterparty risk, and for legal protection and to mitigate theft for those holding the tokens. The best thing about TUSD is that it’s among the safest stablecoins in the market thanks to its transparency, which also makes it so trustworthy.

How do you earn TUSD interest?

If you want to see your crypto holding snowball, you can easily earn TUSD by opening a True USD savings account with the most trusted and reputable platforms like YouHodler. You stand to gain interest on your TUSD deposits just as you would with traditional savings accounts. However, there is one significant difference; unlike banks that offer interest rates that are almost nil, interest-bearing crypto accounts operated by exchanges such as YouHodler offer impressive interest rates— as high as 12% or more.

To start earning TUSD interest, you need to open an account with a leading crypto exchange that offers interest-earning accounts and deposit your TUSD into the account. You can also get a wallet app, for example, the YouHodler wallet app, the only wallet where you can deposit your TUSD, the same way you could deposit into a regular wallet. However, you get interest payouts weekly on your TUSD balance in the wallet. The interest is paid in TUSD, so this way, you get free TUSD which you can convert to other digital coins or cash them.

Why should you earn TUSD interest with YouHodler?

While there are so many platforms where you can earn TUSD interest, in our opinion, it would be best to choose YouHodler as your preferred platform to earn TUSD as interest on your deposits. Below are some of the reasons to select YouHodler:

Top security for your assets

You probably do not want to toil hard to get your assets, and when you want to multiply them through earning TUSD interest, you have them all disappear like vapor in the air. Unfortunately, suppose you use unreliable platforms with inadequate safety measures such as lending out only secured crypto loans and mitigating other risks like hacking. In that case, you could quickly lose your digital currencies to loan defaulters and system hackers.

Luckily, you can have peace of mind when you deposit your TUSD with YouHodler to earn interest because they are well-versed in the best industry practices. One way of offering security is to ensure the tokens are not 100% held in hot wallets. The platform uses a combination of cold and hot wallets to store their depositors’ funds. The platform also offers secured loans and has various measures to lessen losses.

Impressive TUSD crypto APR

The essence of any investment is to earn the best yields possible, and YouHodler knows this very well. You stand to gain a TUSD crypto APR of up to 12% annually when you deposit your funds with YouHodler. The return on your investment is way higher than what you could get from any traditional bank savings account purporting to offer “high-yield” on deposits. Moreover, the platform allows its user’s unlimited flexibility because it makes it possible to deposit and withdraw funds anytime and anywhere.

Weekly TUSD interest payouts without fees

You do not have to wait for long to access your interest payouts when using YouHodler. The TUSD interest that your deposits earn is deposited into your savings account, from where you can choose to withdraw it or keep it there to earn compound interest in the subsequent settlement period.

Compound interest on interest retained

Your TUSD interest is calculated based on an APY, which enables you to earn more TUSD interest because of the compounding effect. Therefore, if you keep your earned interest in your account, you will have even more TUSD at the end of the period.


You should consider exploring crypto interest-earning savings accounts during these challenging economic times we are in. Traditional bank savings accounts pay measly interest on deposits meaning this is a great way to earn free cryptos and supplement your passive income.

You can consider TUSD to be of the most trusted stablecoins and open a savings account with a reputable platform like YouHodler to earn TUSD interest. As you choose a platform, ensure it is secure, has great interest rates, and offers the flexibility of depositing and withdrawing, with minimal charges. Luckily, YouHodler meets all these criteria.

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