What to Look For When It Comes to Gloves

April 21, 2021

If you are on the lookout for durable gloves in Singapore, you need to establish a few basics first. It all starts with establishing what the gloves will be used for and then inspecting the quality of the materials and practicality.

What do you need the gloves for?

First of all, you need to know exactly what you will use the gloves for. There are different types of gloves in Singapore for different types of activities and sports. For example, a weight lifting pair of gloves is not the same as a pair of golfing gloves. Weight lifting gloves are half-finger and are made for certain materials while golfing gloves are full finger, have some sort of ventilation, and are made from softer, thinner materials.

Why one and not the other?

Weight lifting gloves, driving gloves, golfing gloves, biking gloves, and other types of gloves are all different. Because of what they are used for, there are different requirements. For example, weight lifting gloves need to have a half-finger design. If they were full-finger gloves when you would put pressure onto your palms while lifting it would pull onto the gloves and in turn push onto your fingertips and nails. They may even rip when lighting extremely heavyweights.

At the opposite end, golfing gloves have to be full-finger gloves. When you hold a golfing club and take a swing, it will pull outwards and away from you. It will not cause pressure on your fingers. What can happen if you do not use full-finger gloves, the club can tear your skin if your grip is not tight enough. Golfing gloves protect against such injuries while also providing a bit of precision since they are made from thinner materials and have a gripping inner-pal surface. When looking for durable gloves in Singapore, these aspects need to be taken into account.

Another example is driving gloves. Driving gloves can be both full-finger and half-finger. However, they must not have a gripping surface on the interior of the palm. It needs to allow less friction so that the steering wheel can slide when holding it superficially.


When choosing a pair of gloves for a particular activity, there will be two options to choose from. The first and most popular option is a Velcro enclosure on the wrist that secures the gloves. This is a practical choice as the Velcro does not stretch and ensures a firm fit over the wrist, preventing the gloves from slipping.

The other option is a pair of gloves with an elastic band over the wrist area that allows you to put the gloves on without having to strap them. While it may sound more practical, they do not offer the same secure and firm fit over the wrists. It is possible for the gloves to slip when performing something like lifting weights or swinging a golf club. Both gloves can be practical and they have pros and cons. When looking for durable gloves in Singapore, it is important to factor in this aspect as well.

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