Which are the advantages of buying clothes online during the coronavirus pandemic?

October 27, 2020

As stores around the world closed their doors in the middle of coronavirus lockdowns, people turned to online shopping to buy clothes and accessories. And all indicate that this trend will become a way of life for the post-pandemic world.

Over the last years, digital transformation has penetrated in people’s daily life, bringing significant changes to it. In that sense, buying clothes online is an amazing innovation that has become a common practice for millions of people around the world.

Given the restrictions we all have been facing, that dramatic shift from in-person to online shopping is increasing each passing day, and the trend shows that the impressive growth isn’t going anywhere.

It’s not only convenient, it saves time!

One of the most enjoyable benefits of online shopping is convenience. Going from store to store comparing items and prices is a challenging and time-consuming process, especially for people who work long or odd hours and aren’t always able to visit traditional stores during regular business hours.

On the other hand, online stores are open 24/7, which means you can make purchases during your free available time just accessing your computer from the comfort of your home, avoiding spending a whole afternoon in the shopping center.

You also get all the excitement of adding new pieces to your closet without any of the effort of getting to the store and trying things on under the horribly lightning of a dressing room, especially when it comes to underwear: panties and bras plus size can be challenging.

Plus, buying clothes online is a perfect way to save money: you don’t have to pay for transportation to the store, or parking, as many stores offer free shipping. Also, your purchase could even include a coupon code for Shein for your next buy.

It provides you variety

In most cases, online shopping provides a much greater variety of products that a physical store could. You can choose between different products, with a much choice of sizes, colors and brands from various sellers in the same place. Also, the stock is plenty: if one seller runs out of stock, it’s easy to find the item elsewhere.

With online shopping you can compare prices easily, just at the click of the mouse. Additionally, many websites allow customers to write reviews, and they offer a great insight and help you to determine if the product will fit you and if the piece really looks like it does online.

When it comes to buying some specific products, like bras plus size, going to a physical location could be tough for some women. Buying a bra doesn’t feel as fun as other kinds of shopping, and becomes worse the more your body deviates from the industry-defined standard. Many brands only carry their large sizes online and not in-store.

Another great benefit of shopping for clothes online is the opportunity of getting sales and discounts, especially during holidays or special promotion days, like black fridays. And most of the brands offer you free returns, so if the size didn’t fit you, you’ll be able to change it without problems.

Last but not least: It’s safe

The year of 2020 is marked by the coronavirus pandemic. Is no surprise that in the tough circumstances of quarantine and self-isolating, many people’s shopping habits have changed significantly: given that stores are closed, they are perfectly situated to shop online.

In that sense, buying clothes online is making it easier for people to avoid shared surfaces and limit interactions with employees or others at in-stores. 

The surfaces are most likely to have the virus on them since those are touched by many people. In an in-store, doors, basket handles and the credit card machine are likely to have the highest number of virus particles. Additionally, online shopping avoids having to queue close to other customers.

That’s why customers are avoiding going to the stores and relying on online shopping more than ever. In fact, more customers have opted for shopping online with home delivery since physical stores started reopening than when they were still closed, which shows that the online shopping trend is here to stay.

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