Writing – The Inevitable Task 

August 26, 2020

You are a student, and you cannot escape writing. It is wise that students embrace writing as their entire academic journey revolves around writing. You will be required to take notes and even write exams. With this realization, it is only wise to practice writing until you can confidently write any assignment.

Writing skills are essential for students as it forms the core of how you structure sentences when you are given an assignment or project. Teachers advocate for students to learn this invaluable skill from an early age to master the ability later in life.

In high school and college, learners experience several writing assignments where they are expected to write different types of essays. If they have not mastered the skill, reporting, and analyzing research they’ve conducted may be very difficult. The thought to buy assignment may cross their mind when writing is a challenge.

If you want to learn and master the writing skill, below are some tips:

  • Practice until you perfect your writing skills
  • Look for an interesting topic to write about
  • Start with simple and precise sentences.
  • Avoid using jargons
  • Do not spin sentences
  • Read and research how to improve your writing skills
  • Ask your peers to read what you’ve written and given you feedback
  • Join a workshop or writing class
  • Review your work and learn from the mistakes you make
  • Quantity makes up for quality, the more you write, the better you become at it.

Importance of Having Good Writing Skills

Scholarly assignments entail writing, and there’s no escaping from the task. It is thus necessary that students strive to be good writers to have an easy life in school. It is not uncommon for some students to develop negative attitudes towards school and teachers. This is normally the case for students who face extreme trouble with school work.

Having this in mind, one ought to arm themselves with the knowledge to write. Good writing skills have many benefits, as explained below:

  • Good grades

Attaining good grades is possible when you are a good writer. There’s no debate about how important it is to write well as your teacher will read what you have written to grade your work. You must, therefore, write to impress your teacher. Having a concept or an answer to a question is not enough. You must master how to write that answer for it to be graded.

  • Future records

A student must take notes throughout the school term. This aspect is essential, particularly because it enables a learner to use the notes as a reference point when researching or revising for an exam. If you cannot write well, you may be doomed when you need to study something you learned in the past.

  • Self-expression

Good communication skills are articulated through speaking and writing. Hence, becoming a great writer is a great deal when expressing your thoughts on paper. Some students use ambiguous phrases or sentences full of analytical challenges, thereby losing marks, yet they have the right concept.

  • Competitive

A good writer is considered and ranked higher in almost all aspects, be it an internship or leadership opportunities. If you aim to be a good writer, you are assured to be successful in many avenues. Not only are you confident but tenacious. With a good concept in writing, students can research and write just about anything.

  • Creativity and Innovation

Effective writing aids students in becoming creative individuals in society. Innovation will land you a job opportunity. One could even secure an editorial job due to having good writing skills. If you look at trends today, bloggers have taken social media by storm. This can be attributed to good writing skills and mastery of the art.

Now that it’s crystal clear how good writing impacts your life as a student, it is important to accord it the necessary attention as it attributes to your success in school. We have noted that good grades are only possible when students can express their thoughts well on paper. Therefore, if you are not very good at it, it’s about time you change the narrative by practicing to improve your skills.

Writing as a Lifelong Skill

Imagine you are in a boardroom meeting, and you have a PowerPoint presentation projected on the screen. You start your presentation, and your colleagues seem to have lost attention. This could be due to a bad display, and it’s embarrassing to think that your colleagues have devalued your presentation. You can avoid such scenarios by practicing writing from a tender age; you can be assured to avoid such mistakes as an adult.

It is also worthwhile to note that writing goes beyond schoolwork. In the corporate industry, employees are expected to prepare reports weekly, monthly, and annually. If you lack good writing skills, you may be considered ineffective and even get fired for redundancy.

For businesses, marketing is important, and content quality is key. If you print poorly communicated marketing merchandise and brochures, your potential market will form a poor impression of your entire products and services. This may lead to business failure, and businesses strive to employ marketing executives who have excellent writing skills.

There’s no doubt that writing is a lifelong skill that we must all arm ourselves with to remain relevant in the industry. When you consider learning how to write, you could first start reading what is published on google, and you can also watch and listen to videos on YouTube. All these avenues will provide you with valuable insights that could help you learn how to improve your writing ability.

Grammatical errors and improper punctuation can also be improved through learning, and there’s no shame in accepting mistakes and adapting to correct them. A good attitude is vital when you are learning how to become a great author. It is also advisable to seek an opinion from your peers regarding the article you write.

It is worth noting that you may self-proofread your work more than twice and still miss an error that someone else notices first-hand. Hence, always seek reviews from colleagues.


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