Your Writing Manual for Writing a College Definition Essay

August 26, 2020

A definition essay is all about defining the specific term(s). Defining a word means interpreting its meaning. It’s the answer to the question, “What is it?” It seems obvious, but many students experience difficulties when working on this assignment for the first time in their lives. They do not understand that a definition essay is not about merely copy-pasting the definition of the term from the dictionary. It requires more effort, and it has to be 100% unique, just like any academic essay.

What This Assignment Covers

A definition essay is a type of academic assignment. It should define the specific term from all possible perspectives. The teachers are interested in all existing definitions as well as the student’s personal understanding of the word. The tutors assign this task to check how well a student can explain the meaning of different words using various sources and examples.

Grab the Attention From the Very Beginning

Research skills, critical thinking, writing skills, knowledge of the subject, and time management are those abilities necessary to accomplish a definition essay. A student should be aware of the basic academic writing standards as well as citation formats to choose the correct one for his or her work. Planning is also important so that you catch up with all critical tasks.

Experts recommend planning as the primary stage. After that, move to study the prompt, grading rubric, and to select the terms to define.

Developing a Goof Definitive Paper From Scratch

Read the instructions attentively. Don’t come up with your best guess or choose another topic unless your teacher does not assign a specific one.

Then, keep in mind that providing a definition is more than copy-pasting the one found in the dictionary. Provide your own understanding of the word based on the existing interpretations.

If a student is allowed to pick the words to define, he or she should select a familiar one. Pick words that influenced your experience and that you understand perfectly. Leave unfamiliar terms to the field experts like professional essay writers.

It’s possible to identify the word by interpreting one of these or all three:

Another witty trick is to define the word by mentioning what it does not mean (explain it using antonyms). Comparing the term with other words may work.

An Example for You to Consider

650 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing - The New York Times

Experts recommend reviewing examples before composing an outline as well as the essay itself. You may use the one recommended below:

  • Introduction

Include an eye-catching hook, brief overview of the word. Think about the central argument (if any).

  • Body paragraph one

The roots and original meaning of the term

  • Body paragraph two

Official definitions from different credible sources

  • Body paragraph three

Interpretation of word based on personal experience (add examples)

  • Conclusion

Combine a summary of the topic sentences with the explanation of the term’s role in your life

The primary stage is to work on the introduction.

Preparing a Catchy Intro for Your Task

After you find the way to start intriguing your audience, move to the thesis statement. Use one of the suggested patterns:

  • Term – Interpretations – Common association
  • Introductory phrase – Word – Category/Class – Meaning

Example: “Let me see if I can provide the original definition of the term “cash” better than Merriam-Webster Dictionary.”

Working on a Body Part

Each body paragraph must begin with the claim or so-called topic sentence that reflects one of the main arguments to support the thesis. This opening sentence should contain a brief overview of the section. A student should come up with one more definition of the selected word, historical development, and personal experience using examples. A writer should offer credible evidence in the shape of facts or in-text citations from the sources you collected during the research stage. While preparing may be a challenge to many students, they might find and hire an essay helper 24/7 to lend you a helping hand. They will help to improve your grades in the short term.

Finishing With an Impressive Verdict

It is the shortest part of your writing. Come up with a few sentences to summarize the text. Paraphrased the thesis as well as the topic sentences. Observe the supporting details from the body. Specify the role of the analyzed word in your life. Think about whether this word is used in everyday life or only in some instances. Share whether it means something special to you. Also, add whether you learned something new about the word during the research. Your final line should create a sense of purpose or appeal to the reader in any other way. You may finish with a rhetorical question, for instance, but do not introduce new information in conclusion. Here are more tricks from professional academic writers:

  • Choose multi-dimensional terms

Your paper should not be too short and distinct, so choosing nouns like “a table” or “a plate” to define makes no sense.

  • Always start with research

Even if you’re sure that you know everything about the term and can describe it in detail, you should still dedicate some time to in-depth research to find new meanings or discover more about the origins.

  • Think about a list of examples

You should provide various episodes from your life to illustrate the term. It’s better to recall personal experience than someone else’s.

  • Proofread and edit the final draft

Never submit your paper without reading it at least twice. Get rid of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Avoid plagiarism by checking the text with anti-plagiarism tools.

  • Format the essay properly

Take care of the required format (MLA, APA, etc.) If you do not know the recommended citation format, ask your teacher or search on the web which one you should use to cite papers for a specific class or school.

  • Get some help from experts

Hire a professional essay writer to provide you with a custom definition essay written from scratch if you have no time or other obstacles prevent you from accomplishing this type of paper.

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