January 13, 2021

Common Horse Betting Mistakes to Avoid

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Horses are extraordinary animals and there is nothing better than the excitement they bring when they are out on the track competing. Many people enjoy horse racing, and over time the sport evolved into being a top choice for many horse fans and people who love betting.

There something with horse betting that is appealing even for people who don’t like gambling. Even though the betting process is simple, it takes a lot of knowledge in order to start a winning streak. In the beginning, most people bet on horses based on their names, but there are many things you can learn like handicap the races and end up making money.

In today’s article, we will focus on some of the horse betting mistakes that people make, and find out a winning strategy if you like to bet on horses.

Ignoring the Starting Position

As a horse race bettor, you’ll quickly understand the importance of the position. However, many people still decide to ignore it when it comes to their betting decision.

Another mistake is that horse bettors take the position into consideration on every occasion. You have to understand that horses perform best from different positions. For example, a slow start from the rail from a good horse can decrease its winning chances.

Ignoring the Jockey

Many horse bettors decide to focus on the horses, which isn’t always a good idea. There is a lot to learn for example how to handicap horses based on their abilities, and understand the importance of jockey during a race.

There are a few things you need to take into consideration before the race, such as:

  • Past results and times of each horse
  • Past result and times of each jockey
  • Past results when the horse and jockey are combined
  • Pedigree of the horse
  • Experience of the jockey

One of the crucial parts of the horse’s performance is the jockey’s previous experience. We have to understand that every jockey was a rookie at one time, but over time he/she might improve his horse riding abilities and perform better.

Seeing Speed as a Top Priority

Even though we are talking about a race, there are many things that go into effectively handicapping a race than just speed results. This means that it doesn’t matter if you find a winning horse, you still need to make money out of your bet.

One of the biggest mistakes is relying on speed, and past speed results too much. Even though it is important to check out who won Kentucky Derby and all other horse results, this shouldn’t lead to your final decision.

They need to be taken into consideration, but that doesn’t mean that you should only bet on horses that had the best previous results.

On the other hand, if you improve your ability to handicapping horses, you can establish a more long-term betting strategy and end up making a profit out of it. Click here to read more about handicapping: https://www.twinspires.com/kentuckyderby/handicapping

Rushing to Place a Bet

If you are a beginner in horse betting, you probably don’t know how the odds work out. First of all, the odds and payouts are solely based on the amount of money placed on each horse. This means that the horse with the best odds doesn’t necessarily mean that is the horse that is going to win.

This is great just because if you have enough knowledge and establish a good analysis process, you could end up winning a lot more money than other people by betting on less favorite horse.

In other words, you don’t need to rush to place your bets since you should check out how the situation is going. This can open up a new winning opportunity to make more profit than expected.

Final Words

Horse betting is really exciting, which is why it is a popular betting option for many players. However, you shouldn’t be fooled by its simplicity, it still requires a lot of statistical analysis and establishing a good handicapping strategy in order to stay on a winning streak.

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