Considerations Before Adoption Regarding A Border Collie’s Personality

October 13, 2020

Pet adoption is a process of selecting a breed type that will fit in with your lifestyle but also a dog whose individual personality will complement your own. The “act” of adopting is considered a “good deed,” but you don’t want to make a poor decision that causes you to regret the choice and ultimately makes the dog unhappy.

While growing pains are normal, it can take time and make bonding particularly challenging. For those who are contemplating the idea of bringing home a Border Collie, it’s wise to do some research into the pup’s personality and needs beforehand.

The breed is not the kind of dog for someone who has a bustling career with extensive periods spent away from home each day. A collie will be swift with undesirable behavior, proving that situation will simply not work. This canine requires someone readily available to help him exert endless amounts of energy, perhaps a family with kids; or a single, active person who works from home.

Factors To Consider Relating To A Border Collie’s Personality

A Border Collie is known for its athleticism. The breed boasts as a ball of energy with astounding endurance. The dog would be most happy in a house with a substantial yard where he’s able to run and play at will. A large apartment, though, could work if the animal were regularly exposed to dog parks and daily walk for an adequate amount of physical stimulation to satisfy the canine.

  • Energetic / Athletic: A Border Collie will suit the lifestyle of an individual who is exceptionally active with incredible energy and enjoys athleticism. In this breed, you’ll find the ideal partner to explore new trails because this dog needs an adventure. The canine can’t be kept pent-up for an extended time without developing an “energy overload,” which will come out in destructive ways. Learn if a border collie is right as your first dog here.
  • Intelligent / Clever: The collie is a doge that you want to stimulate physically but keep mentally sharp as well. You’ll find this pup is exceptionally smart, requiring tasks to keep him busy and engaged, for which training sessions are ideal.

The canine is a “working” breed and one that has a strong desire to please their human companions. These traits make training easy and fun.

  • Health-Related Issues: As is the case with humans, dogs are prone to follow genetic patterns with health issues. For the most part, collies typically will enjoy extended, enjoyable lifespans. But some will follow their genetic health line putting them at risk for specific problems. As a pet parent, it’s vital to pay attention to the dog as age progresses.

Signs and symptoms to be aware of include poor vision, loss of hearing, issues with mobility, and potential for seizures. Regular vet exams will be of benefit in catching health problems as they come along.

  • Grooming / Maintenance: Most people who see a Border Collie presume there is a considerable amount of maintenance required with their grooming due to the length of their coat. But claims indicate the process is not genuinely that difficult with baths recommended on a one time per month basis and teeth brushing two times each week. For guidance on the care and maintenance of a collie go to .

These animals are known for minimal shedding. If you brush that luscious fur coat perhaps once each week, you should find a little mess throughout your home.

  • Use Caution With Cats: A collie is a “herding” dog, meaning he might try to “corral” the family cat, which the feline won’t want to be a part of. That’s not saying this is definitely going to happen, depending on the situation. If the pup is young enough when you get him, and the cat is already a pet in the home, she will immediately show her dominance. The dog likely won’t stand a chance.

A border collie will be the perfect dog for someone who wants to get up off the couch and get out. He will motivate, encourage, and break you out of an unhealthy habit. Once you get moving with your puppy, the two of you can bond, and you’ll have an instant friend and partner to engage with for years to come.

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