Slot Game Developers Tournaments that you should play

October 13, 2020

We, humans, love to compete against each other, if we did not do you really think things like the Olympics, World Cup, or The Ashes would be anywhere near as popular? There is just something in our very nature that makes us want to compete against each other, however in the world of slot gambling things like tournaments aren’t actually all that common, and many people wouldn’t even know that they exist.

Slot game developer tournaments do certainly exist, however, they just aren’t particularly well known, probably because reel spinning is something that most people think of as being an individual activity. Renowned companies such as NetEnt and Microgaming do offer their own tournaments from their best slot games, and the prizes can actually be pretty big too. Read on for a lowdown on some slot game developer tournaments that you should play.

What is a slot game tournament?

First things first, there are bound to be many people who cannot even really imagine what a slot game tournament would look like, especially seeing as slot games are almost always played by individuals on their own. For this reason, a slot game tournament is never really framed as a direct knock-out competition in the same way that a poker tournament might be, with it taking a league-based format instead.

Essentially each player in a slot game tournament is still playing on their own to an extent, however, instead of these gamblers simply chasing the largest prizes possible, they are also trying to increase their standing in an overall leader board. For this reason, things can be a lot more exciting, as in most cases all the gamblers who started the online slot tournament will still be in contention by the end.

How does a slot game tournament work?

That is the basics of slot game tournaments out of the way, but we are sure that will still be people wondering how exactly a slot game tournament would actually work. Usually, the leader board will relate directly to how much money gamblers have managed to win off of a predetermined stake and within a predetermined time limit, however, this isn’t always the case.

Here are 3 of the most common slot game tournament varieties:

· Freeroll Tournaments: Not too many gamblers enjoy playing Freeroll Tournaments that often, mainly because there is absolutely no money involved, with prizes restricted to free spins or games.

· Buy-In Tournaments: Buy-In Tournaments are by far the most popular and common slot game tournaments in the 21st century. They are very simple, you make a buy-in, and then compete with other reel spinners to see who will win the grand jackpot prize.

· VIP Tournaments: As you might expect from the title, VIP Tournaments are designed for only the crème-de-la-crème of the reel spinning world, and as such the prizes can be absolutely enormous.

The best slot game developer tournament around

It should really come as no surprise that the two leaders in providing online slot games for the masses are NetEnt and Microgaming.

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