What Is Web Development And How To Get The Most Of It?

October 21, 2020

The notion of development is very popular nowadays. However, not so many people know what this term means and how to get the most of it in practice. This post will clarify the peculiarities of development for you.

What is Development

As a general term, development is the process that creates growth, improvement, and any kind of positive change. Unfortunately, the reality of the digital sphere doesn’t always lead to these consequences. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind: the development should always bring your business progress. Always.

What is Software Development

Software development is a broad term that covers all the instructions and algorithms that run on specific hardware, be that a desktop computer or mobile phone. In this sphere, the coding solutions range from instruction to the washing machine to the entire operating system for the computer network .Anything that can relate to software, in short.

What is Custom Software Development

Any development that is the service of creating software under a specific set of requirements is custom. In this case, you won’t get a standardized solution but the know-how that serves the aims of your organization. Many businesses prefer custom software development these days.

What is Web Development

Under the broader software development term, web development typically refers to any server-connected elaborations. In the particular, it involves front-end and back-end coding through various programming languages. Front-end stands for the design (or any other visual appearance) of the website, while the back-end is related to all the elaborations made on the server.

If you need both sides of the process in one person, that’s already full-stack development.

What is Mobile Development

As it’s evident from its title, mobile development creates software that works on a phone. The result of this development type is a mobile application. With the growing popularity of this software type, the ability to meet customer needs becomes crucial. Also, there are some specific platform-related requirements that a developer should know and meet.

The typology of mobile apps includes native apps, PWA, and hybrid apps. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and the development specialist should acknowledge and overcome them.

What is DevOps

DevOps is the composition of software development and IT operations. Precisely, this elaboration assists in overcoming typical development-related problems, like “soft” communication skills and “hard” automatization drawbacks. By applying DevOps, the developer becomes capable of optimizing the coding system, comprehending the project goals, and improving the instructions.

How to Find a Developer who Knows His Job

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