Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey - Welcome

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Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey - Welcome


Description: Dollar General is a very reputed chain of stores which was founded in the USA. The store is serving America as well as other regions from many years. DG (Dollar general) always gives their best to satisfy all the needs of the customer’s, whether it comes to quality or services. To know the customer point of view about the products and services company started an online customer survey website named as “DG Customer First.” As the name depicts, customers always come first for Dollar General.


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With the help of the survey, the company is providing customers with an opportunity to win gift coupons up to $100. You have to follow a few steps to review the product you bought from the store, and you will win some coupons. In the review, DG will ask a few questions from you, and you need to answer then as per your feeling and experience. These reviews will help DG to serve you with better products and services.


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DGCustomerFirst.Com Survey Center

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Basic criteria to participate in the survey

There are some criteria or I can say the details of the survey, you must have the clarity of these details before participating in the survey. These things of details are sort of information that can let people help to know how they can participate in the survey and what are the benefits to them with participating in the survey.

  • The winners will get the coupons with a minimum of $3 and a maximum of $15.
  • The prize for the sweepstake winner is $100.
  • The participant can make one entry at a single period of time and they can maximum four entries on a different period of time.
  • To earn a participation entry you have to register yourself with us by providing respective details like your first and last name, contact number, and email address.

Steps you have to follow to participate in the DGCustomerFirst.Com survey

I stated the steps you have to follow to take part in the survey as below so that you will not face any kind of complication when you visit the website. Just follow the steps and made a chance to win an exciting price by dollar general stores.

  • To review the product you need to buy one and use it to share your experience.
  • On the billing receipt, you will find some details like the Time of purchase, Store number, and Survey code. Remember the survey code is very important to participate in any survey.
  • You have to meet the age criteria to participate in the survey.
  • A Smartphone or a computer system with internet access is the basic need to connect with the website.
  • You must have an email Id registered with the Dollar General so that they can keep you updated about the survey.
  • The winner of the survey is bound to provide the signed Affidavit with the W-9 Tax identification form and also release it in public in between ten days of the announcement of the winner.
  • The taxes imposed on the prize money are the responsibility of the prize winner.

Benefits of participating in the survey

If you will participate in the survey, then you are actually helping the organization and yourself in so many ways. So as the reviews actually work, they are the creators of a brand and also destroyers of the brand. The organization always asks for the reviews to know what our customers feel about the store and how they feel when they visit a Dollar General store. Let’s know how your reviews actually work for an enterprise and for the customers.

  • With the help of your reviews, you are actually making them aware of things a customer likes and things a customer dislikes about their products and services.
  • While writing about the organization insist their customers write a review honestly, because an honest review is the best thing for them to grow more.
  • You are helping them to make their store a better place for your shopping.
  • Dollar General has 14000 stores in the United States which means you can find a Dollar General store almost in every city so that you can collect your reward from any store.
  • By participating in the survey, you may win digital shopping coupons of the Dollar General stores.

Time to clear some Doubts

Today I can say the world is becoming digital and people can check everything over the internet. They can also clear our doubts about the store they are visiting for the purpose of shopping. Everybody knows that we all have to know everything before buying a product or before trusting someplace for shopping because we will go to spend our money there. So Dollar General is always ready to clear doubts of their customers.

  • Most of the people who never visited a dollar general store always wonder that “What kind of the products the store is selling”. So I want to answer their question, Dollar General is a “multi-product store”. This means they sell all kinds of products like home decor, food items, cleaning ranges, beauty products, toys, pet’s accessories, etc. So you will find everything under one roof.
  • When people visit a new city in the US, and they want to visit the Dollar General store. But a few of them don’t know the exact location of the store. For them, the company provides a “store locator” option on their official website. From that, you can find our store easily at your location.
  • The common question arises in the mind of most of the customers is that, “why we prefer Dollar General for shopping?” So Dollar General provides so many amazing and surprising deals on their store products which may be customers can never find on other stores. So I can say that the store is also helping in saving your money all along. And the second reason to choose Dollar General is their services. They always take care of their customers, from getting a basket to collect items to get your shopping items billed. The customers can totally rely on the staff to find and locate the type of product they need.

If you have more doubts about Dollar General Store or the Customer Survey feel free to ask. We are always here t help you out with all about Dollar General.

Deals and offers provided by Dollar General

Dollar General is a store that offers its customers amazing deals which they can’t resist. This is the reason why they are different from other multiproduct stores. Lets us highlight some of their recent offers on their store to make the difference clear and to give you important reasons to love and choose Dollar General.

  • There is an ongoing deal running on the stores of Dollar General under which customers can avails so you may find outstanding deals.
  • Dollar General offers a discount of 10% to the users of their mobile application via play store or iTunes. You can get them by registering for the official mobile application of the Dollar General store.
  • People can avail of so many food items on almost half of the MRP (Market Retail Price), which is actually a good offer.
  • If we talk about non-food items like Mother’s day cards, toys, diapers, etc. then people can grab them with impressive deals and discounts.
  • If we look at other discount policies of the store, then it is very impressive because they provide an extra 11% discount to people who belong to the military and also the families of people who belong to the military. It is believed by the owners that by giving this discount, they are thanking their Army for protecting them all around.
  • Whenever Dollar General’s new store opens in the city where no other store available, they provide people extra discounts and offers to make them happy and let them buy from their stores. I must say this is a very good marketing trick as well. Because once people feel it comfortable to buy from their store, they will definitely prefer them instead of another store. But why not they actually gave good deals to attract people towards them.

So I shared some facts with you this can let you know why you have to choose this store and also what kinds of deals and offers they provide to their customers to save their money and time as well. The store in some places also known as the supermarket which means a market which is big, which has almost all the items in one place and which is super in providing quality products.

How is Dollar General contributing to the nation?

Dollar General made a policy by which they are contributing to the growth of the nation. This is very important for a human being as well. Everyone should try to contribute a part of their earnings to make the country a better place to live. Yes, we know taxes we pay to the government are the source of this contribution but to help needy people all along is another thing all along. Let us know how Dollar General is doing these things:-

  • At the first instinct Dollar, General made the special discount policy for the people who serve the country as Soldiers. The store provides a special discount to the people and the families of the people who serve the country.
  • Dollar General always look for the places where no supermarket available for people due to which they have to face problems like unavailability of products they need, low-quality products, they have to go to multiple shops to get the things they want, they have to pay the MRP price for everything they buy. So, Dollar General opens its stores in these places to let people experience a better shopping life. Walnutport is a major example of this thing. Dollar General is the first company which opens their supermarket there to make the lives of people easy.
  • With the availability of so many stores Dollar General also produces so many job opportunities for people. They prefer to hire people who are actually willing to do the jobs. They never got out of hiring due to their ongoing business. Today if we check the status then you must see Dollar General is the only place where you can find the best staff with full training to serve the customers. Even employees also feel comfortable and happy to work with this reputed organization.
  • The Dollar General is actually giving people a chance to win discount coupons by just participation in their survey. Now if you are thinking that how this comes under this category, then I am sure you will now think about this in my point of view. Few people out there are jobless or earn less for those people this is a good chance to win some vouchers to buy things with more discounts or even for free. This way the company is helping the needy people actually.
  • Dollar General is also donating some amount from their annual profits to so many NGO’s. This is the different way of the organization to help people who actually need it.

So being a shopping place people or organizations are always known to earn well and make money, but Dollar general also made their name in the world of social service. The organization is actually making so many people smile. Although they earn but simultaneously they also think about the nation and people who are protecting them. The company also takes care of the poor or medium earned community because they know each person is contributing to the growth of the nation and as much as the nation will grow as much as the people of the nation will grow. The only conclusion here is you never think that you are wasting your money actually you are circulating your money in the circle of good cause.

Are you happy with the commitments of your store? And if not then why you should try Dollar General for shopping?

Today shopping is considered a stress buster activity in people. But if your shopping experience remains not good then instead of bursting stress, it actually gave you more stress. So you have to understand where and when you have to go shopping. If we talk generally about a store then every customer expects so many things from a store. And these expectations may vary from person to person but few of them are common among all. First of all let’s discuss what these expectations are:-

  • First of all, everyone expects that if they are going shopping multiple things then they find these things at one place and they don’t need to roam all around o the multiple shops to buy these things.
  • If you have a small baby, then people expect that the store is safe enough for their babies. The staff has full access and knowledge to handle kinds as well.
  • Who doesn’t want to buy things with discounts and offers? Expecting for cheap rates is very common things every person looking for especially ladies.
  • If you are old, then you always expect that the staff should be helpful to you so that they can easily get what they want without any problem. Old people need much care than kids, and it is the responsibility of the store to take care of all their customers.
  • The store must be clean and hygienic so that people feel comfortable to visit the store and this also helps to keep things fresh and in good condition always.

Now here the question arises, is your store equips with all these things to provide you comfort? If yes then this is a very good thing, because you are getting your shopping done from a place which is actually satisfying you. And if your answer is no, then I will give you the reason o choose Dollar general you store for shopping.

  • Dollar General is a place where you can easily find all the things at one place from toothbrushes to food. You can get everything you want under one roof. If you want the special item which is not available in the store then you can also make the request for the thing you want and the store will definitely try to get id as soon as possible. This actually doesn’t happen at other stores usually.
  • If someone visits the store with kids, then Dollar General provides them special trolley where kids can sit as well. Dollar General discovers these types of trolleys to let parents shop without caring about the kids roaming there. These trolleys are equipped with special space where a kid can easily sit without any problem under the age of 5 years. And if your kid is equivalent to 5 or more than five then the staff of Dollar General promises to take care of them from any miss happening. So don’t worry about your kids with Dollar General we have all solutions to keep your kids safe.
  • Dollar General is known for their coupons and discounts; the store is always on sale. People love to visit the store because they are selling their products with a great discount and deal offers. You can see the above section to check the examples of various discounts. But the only thing is today’s offer may or may not exist for the next day, so if you like something and you find it on a good deal then do not delay to buy. Buy instantly because you may never know what will happen tomorrow, maybe prices will increase tomorrow.
  • Dollar General respects the age and sentiments of people. They always take care of people who are old in age and finds a problem to get things by roaming the store. So a special staff team is trained by the company to help people who are not able to get things on their own. They help them in all aspects like getting a basket, getting the particular products they want to buy, staff people stand in the billing line for them, after billing transferring the shopping items into the car or another vehicle. So from start to end, Dollar General Store helps people with everything.
  • Dollar General always takes care of the cleanliness of the store. The Dollar General stores are very hygienic so that they can keep everything in fresh condition for their customers especially food items. It is believed that if there are dust particles available around the Food items, then they are at risk of freshness spoil and reach the condition of no use.

I gave you all the reasons to choose Dollar General to fulfill your shopping list, and you can also tell us more reasons if you have but don’t forget to visit Dollar General Store once because that one will definitely convert into every time, due to your shopping experience with Dollar General Store.

How to Contact Dollar General?

If you want any case of information or you want to file a complaint against the store or staff Dollar General provides two different ways to connect them. One is the phone call, and another is the Email.

The phone number to contact Dollar General is 877-463-1553 and the Email id to contact dollar general is

Now it is important to understand that when to use which medium. Because of the choice of medium is totally dependent upon the type of information you want and the type of complaint you want to make.


  • If you want quick or instant information, then you must prefer the calling option. Because in this option you will get the instant response by the customer care support. They will help you out with everything you want.
  • If your complaint is about some product or any staff member of any kind issue which must be taken into consideration by the company, then Email is the best option for you because writing is considered more effective than speaking. By writing you can explain your issue in detail and also with small details.

Choose your way of connecting with the Dollar General wisely because the fulfillment of requirements is all you want, so be attentive and active.

Growth of the Dollar General

Dollar General is considered as one of the oldest Supermarkets in the United States. The first store of the Dollar General was opened on June 1, 1995. And the official owners of the store were James Luther and cal turner; this was the team of the father and son. The father suffered a lot of hard times in America so after year’s son proposed his father to open a store and they initially named the store like Dollar General. Cal was so educated in the field of business, so he paid his full attention to grow the store. With the so many efforts of cal and his father, they made a profit of $2 million within a year from the store founded with an investment of $10,000.

After this big achievement cal decided to open the store chain and grow the business as much as they can to help people of America, they wanted to reach every person in America and make their shopping experiences as better as they can. When the first store of dollar general opened the idea behind that was the store would sell everything at $1.

This is the reason why the store became a sensation and also a context of excitement among people overnight. People came to check if it is true or just a rumor and when they came to the store they go back with huge full bags with the shopping items. This inspires cal and his father a lot.

But after few years the life of James Lither come to an end in 1964, but cal did not give up he kept the business continuity and decided to open more branches to make his father’s name bigger. In 1964 Dollar General Stores ends up with a profit of $40 million. And slowly – slowly with the efforts of cal and his supportive team Dollar general opens 15000 more stores worldwide.

Years passed, and new stores started opening in the world and with that cal was becoming old. In 2002 cal decided to go away from the official work of Dollar General, so he took retirement. But from the heart, he always kept connected with the company because it was his first business organization. But Dollar General Didn’t stop with his retirement. It was the phase when Dollar General converted from a private company to a public company. Now people can own their own Dollar General stores as the franchisees; they can open their customer grievance cells, promotional groups, distribution centers, etc.

This is how the Dollar General group grows from a small idea of a person to get his father out of recession. He just gave up everything for his father, this is the reason why dollar general understands the importance of relationships, and they treat the customers as the family.

Dollar General Feedback

These days people’s experiences are most important to rate a place. So as with Dollar General, we are going to share some facts with you about ht place. Dollar General is considered as the best ever supermarket because they had 95% of happy customers with them. Most of them want to open their own Dollar General store so let’s know what people feel about Dollar General. I here listed some online reviews by people on various websites about Dollar General.

  • A lady from Dade city of Florida gave a recent and amazing review with a five-star rating about Dollar General on a review website. According to her when she entered the store, she felt good and also light because she saw all the items she wants there in one place. She further shared that when she entered the store the one of the staff member greeted her and also offer her their server in case she needs help with anything in the store. When she ends up with shopping and go to the counter to pay, she noticed that she actually had less cash than the total bill, so she decided to avoid some items. But you never know you are at Dollar general, so the staff member greeted her initially showed her some items which were the same as her but with the cheap rate. Due to this, she was able to get all the things in her budget. This makes her so happy and satisfied.
  • According to another customer of Fort Mc Coy, Florida shared his experience at the Dollar General with a star rating of five. He described that he went to the shop in the city and initially found that people out there were working with the superpowers and perfection. According to his staff members of the store know their work, and also they know how to do it perfectly. But after a few minutes of spending in the store, he found that two customers were fighting in the store regarding some products. But the staff members handled the matter very wisely and let them available what they want and turned the environment with positive vibes again.
  • A customer at Swainsboro stated that he was around Dollar General store and feel thirsty, but he was not able to buy water to drink. So he decided to get into the Dollar General store and asked for help from one of the female staff members. She said to him that it is not their policy to give anything for free, but they had some spare water bottles which she can give them for free. The person was very happy to hear this. By this, we get the point that Dollar General always knows how to help people and how to keep society a better place to live. All the staff members of Dollar General are good at their work and know the importance of need.
  • When you have kids with you at a store, you have to take care of them more than to concentrate on shopping. But according to a lady from Chattanooga she enjoyed to shop in Dollar General with her kids. She always found the staff very helpful and also supportive to do both the things with perfection for her. She also praised the hygienic and clean environment of the store. She always found the best things from them for herself and her kids. Her kids enjoy buying toys from the store because the toys are made with good quality products. She further refers that Dollar General store is equipped with all the good stuff they never let the bad stuff enter in their store which is really amazing.
  • A customer at Texas gives four stars to with the review to the store. Let’s discover what is the reason for the one less star. So he described that he visited Dollar General to buy some pain relief patches from the store and he easily found it, but after 3 or 4 months he found that the patches were as same as new. But when he used the patch he figured out that the patches are able to provide him relief from pain just for an hour. So, he goes to the store again with the complaint, but due to the passage of months, the store refuses to exchange them because it is the policy of the store that they will return or exchange a product within a limited period. This is the reason why he found himself not much satisfied. But he was happy with the nature and politeness of the staff as well as with the environment of the store. So, it is always advised to read the rules and regulations of the return policy to avoid any kind of confusion.
  • A customer who visited the store at the Pisgah forest enjoyed his visit a lot. He stated that he was there for holidays in his grandmother’s home. And when he says Dollar General Store where he felt so excited because he could get whatever he want far away from his place as well. So he decided to buy some things from the store. He finds that the staff members of the store were very polite and helpful to people with old age, kids and pregnant ladies. Also they keen to help youngsters as well in finding their items of choice. He was also impressed with the clean and happy environment of the store. He saw staff members helping out people with their issues and also suggests people with cheaper things with the same quality of products they want to buy. This also helps customers to save their money and time.
  • One of the customers visited to buy the dog food, let’s know what his experience at the store was. He described that he visited to buy some food for his dog and he bought so much. Now he was worried about how he will load into the food in the car. Then he asked for help from the staff members, and then a female staff member helped him to load his items in the car. He described himself as an old man and also the female staff very polite and good to him. Then he decided to buy everything from the Dollar General store.
  • A customer at the Marion St. shared his experience about the store cashiers. He shared that when he was going to bill his items at the cashier counter and when he was paying for the items he accidentally dropped $10 in the store. The next day when he visited the store again to buy some stuff, the same cashier was there, and he returned his $10 to him. The customer asked the cashier that how he found that the money belongs to him, then cashier describes that when he found the money, he instantly checked the CCTV cameras and figure out to whom the money belongs to. So next time whenever the person arrives at the store he could return money to its rightful owner. The customer was very much impressed with the honest nature of the staff members of the Dollar General store.


In the end the only thing I want to state that as I researched the various supermarkets in the world, I found Dollar General as one of the best supermarkets. Whether it’s about the quality of the products or the nature and environment of the store dollar general just took my heart. The store owners may be different from one place to another, but their love and affection towards the customers remain the same all the time. A store that grows in the times of recession and now became a good name around all the people is worth trusting. Dollar General also believed that the customers are not customers; they are the family of the Dollar General and it is the duty of the staff member to take care of them. So never think twice to step into the Dollar General store. They also provide amazing deals and gift coupons to people in return for the feedbacks of the customers on their survey portal. By this, their motive is to be aware of the things about the stores which people are not liking so that they can make the stores more professional and improve their services.

If you want to share something about the Dollar General Store to make people more aware, then feel free to share with us in the comment section. We always welcome people to share their experiences with us so that we can provide more clear information to our readers, for more exciting things stay tuned.

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