January 31, 2020

DonatosCares.com — Official Donatos® Survey [$500]

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If you have recently paid a visit to Donatos and purchased your delicious meal, then your feedback is needed. The company has launched the customer satisfaction survey to find out your concerns and how they can improve so that your next visit will be better.

While sharing your honest feedback, always remember the experiences you had are crucial, and hence the need to recall the details. DonatosCares.com has its benefits, and we will share it in the article. Meanwhile, this is the time for us to help you know how to take this survey on DonatosCares.com and win plenty of rewards.


Name: DonatosCares.com

Description: At DonatosCares.com, Donatos believe that every piece of information is essential to the success of their business. That’s why they are interested in your feedback after visiting one of their outlets in the USA.


  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time

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DonatosCares Summary

Donatoscares allows you to answer a bunch of questions related to your experiences at the store. Remember that these could be positive or negative experiences. The questions you attempt are simplified and take a few minutes for you to complete and win rewards.

With over 150 locations in six states of America, the company aims to expand even more. This family-owned business offers the highest quality pizza menu so that you can pick your taste. Once you make the order, kindly take the receipt with the invitation to the survey. The receipt has a code that will be useful when gaining access to the survey questions.

Why Donatocares.com survey matters?

You might be wondering why the management at Donatocares.com wants your input through the survey. Well, it’s a culture in the most competitive markets. Most industries, especially the food industries, source information from their customers so that they can listen as the customers speak.

As you visit the restaurant, we expect that you will have a smooth shopping experience, or you might face inconsistencies. Some come from the management of the restaurant, while others come from the way you get the services. All these details work perfectly for the company so that they can improve services.

The goal is to provide you with satisfactory services based on your request. This retains you as a loyal customer and, at the same time, helps the company to attract new customers. In the end, the services become better, and the company expands to more locations.

Apart from the company benefiting from your feedback, you get compensation for the time and effort you take in sharing what’s on your mind. The company has monthly sweepstakes of $500 or $25 Gift Cards that you win in minutes through so that you can redeem at the restaurant.

If that’s not enough, you can still win a free pizza from their menu. This is why you need to share the feedback so that you can save through the coupon discounts and free gifts.

Lastly, participating in this survey will place you as a priority for the restaurant when sharing the great news about offers and discounts at the company.

Donatoscares.com Eligibility Criteria & Rules

Well, before you take part in any survey, you must have gone through rules and the requirements for participating. This is an essential step since it helps kick out jockers and results in quality feedback. If you are not eligible to take the survey, then it means you haven’t met the required criteria for that, and therefore, you must not participate.

This company also has its criteria and rules. We have shared the requirements below so that you can find out if you meet them and participate.

  • You need a purchase receipt from the company with an invitation to the survey
  •  The purchase receipt should be recent so that you can share fresh information after your visit.
  • You also need to have the gadgets that will assist you in accessing the survey through browsing. This includes smartphones and computers.
  • You need a stable internet connection for improved speeds and saving time
  • You must be an American resident since the Pizza restaurant is located in America
  • You must be 18 years and above for you to take the survey
  • If you are related to the company either as staff, a family member of suppliers, then you are not eligible.
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish is vital since they will help when doing the survey.
  • You must be able to recall most of the details during your previous visit. The information is vital when attempting the survey questions.
  • Set aside some minutes for the survey
  • At the end of the survey, please provide your contact information that includes your phone number, email id, and mailing id. They will be useful when communicating the winner and making follow-ups.

Donatoscares.com Restrictions

  • You are not supposed to tamper with the survey site and the information as it is a criminal offense.
  • The feedback that isn’t authentic will lead to disqualification
  • Do not take the survey on behalf of the actual visitor
  • Once you win the reward, any other cost for example taxes are not levied to the company
  • The reward should not be transferred, exchanged or shared
  • If the state disqualifies the survey, then it is null and void
  • Failure to follow the above rules and the criteria lead to disqualification
  • Use the survey receipt once

Donatoscares.com Questions

You must be lucky when taking this survey since the questions come from your experiences. You will not overthink trying to find answers or quality responses. Instead, it all lies in your ability to recall your previous visits experiences. That’s why the company requires you to take the survey either immediately or a few days after the visit. It should not extend to a week since the receipt will have expired.

The following areas are always the sections that questions focus on:

  • Your general rating for the overall experiences at the restaurants
  • The quality of pizza served
  • The pricing and how satisfied you are with the rates
  • The speed at which your order comes once you make the request
  • The attitude and behavior or staff towards you
  • Ease of paying for the services
  • Your suggestions and recommendations to the management


Donatoscares.com Rewards

Each company has the rewards to compensate for your time and effort after you participate in the survey. For this Donatocares.com survey, the company comes with amazing rewards for you. Some rewards are instant while others come in monthly. This is after you provide honest feedback that helps the chance to expand.

We have plenty of gift cards for you in the monthly sweepstakes. Once you participate in the survey, you enter the monthly sweepstakes that give you an equal chance to win $500/$25 gift card.

You will also win a coupon that will be useful to redeem a pizza during your upcoming visit. Note that the coupon expires within a month.

Additionally, the company gives you priority when sharing information, such as discounts and offers. You get to know them earlier than other buyers. This is why the contacts you share matter a lot.

How to participate in Donatoscares.com?

At this point, we assume that you have gone through the requirements and confirm that you are eligible for the survey. The laptop, receipt, and high-speed internet are also ready. Well, take a few minutes and answer the survey questions. Here is the simple procedure to see you win lots of prizes in minutes.

Step 1: Click on this Donatocares.com survey to access the survey site

Step 2: Once it is open, choose your preferred language between English and Spanish

Step 3: On your receipt, check the required codes and make sure you have the digits correctly entered in the boxes provided on the survey site.

Step 4: Click start to access the survey questions

Step 5: As said easier, the questions focus on your ability to recall your buying experiences during your recent visit.

Step 6: Answer the questions honestly for authentic feedback

Step 7: Give your suggestions and recommendations to the company

Step 8: Confirm that the details you shared are clear

Step 9: Provide your contact details so that you can receive information concerning the winners and if the company requires clarification.

Step 10: Click submit and wait for the outcomes after the sweepstakes

Step 11: You have a chance to win rewards and coupon codes for redeeming at the restaurant during your upcoming visit.


  • Easy questions that save time
  • Questions come from experiences hence interesting
  • The company is legit since it has physical locations
  • The online survey means you will take it from anywhere comfortably
  • You have an equal chance of winning the sweepstakes rewards
  • Guaranteed support in case you face challenges while undertaking the survey


  • The receipt expires after a few days
  • The code also expires within 30 days
  • The participation is only for the American citizens
  • Reward not transferable or exchangeable

DonatosCares.com Center

Prize$500 & $25 Gift Card
Winner(s)$500 - 1/month
$25 - 1/week
Validation Code3 days
Prize Expiry14 days
Purchase No
EnterOnline, Mail
LanguageEnglish, Español

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Apart from DonatosCares.com, are there alternative ways?

The company provided the DonatosCares.com option since the responses are numerous. Therefore analyzing them through the online survey makes the whole process easy and accurate. Additionally, the online survey is key since the company gets overwhelming feedback from many people using the internet in the comfort of their seats. Therefore, other entries are not available other than the online survey courtesy of its ease of use.

Why is my feedback valuable on DonatosCares.com?

As one of the customers at this Pizza restaurant, the company is interested in your feedback so that they can improve your welfare at the restaurant. If that is not enough, the company is working on an expansion mission, and through your feedback, the company will attract more customers and hence the expansion. Your feedback is also key since it helps you win rewards.

How do you ensure my information remains confidential on DonatosCares.com?

There’s a mechanism in place. Based on the policy, the company doesn’t intend to use your contacts for advertising. Instead, the contacts will work when the company requires clarifications while making follow-ups on your input. Again, the contacts are for announcing the winners. Always provide the correct contacts so that you can win and get the notification. In case the company intends to share your contacts with third parties, especially suppliers, then you will consent to it first. The company values your privacy, and that is why the policy is critical.

How do I solve login issues on DonatosCares.com?

Login issues might come from Donatoscares.com or your side. First, confirm that there are no internet issues. Also, find out if the receipt has expired. You might also be keen to check your receipt numbers if they are correct when logging in. Additionally, the browser and failure to accept cookies could be a problem. If you have resolved all these issues and still experiencing challenges, then use the contacts shared below to reach the customer care desk.

How can I raise concerns with Donatos?

Donatos provides various ways through which you can get assistance from the company. We have shared some of the most accessible channels for you to get support from the company. Choose the one that you feel will meet your requirements faster.

  • Main Telephone (614) 416-7700
  • Main Fax (614) 416-7705
  • Primary Address: 935 Taylor Station Road, Columbus, OH 43230, USA



If you take your quality pizza from this restaurant, then it’s time to consider participating in the survey. Luckily, the survey is an online one and takes less than ten minutes to complete. The questions are also simple and based on your experiences. The only requirement is the receipt and the code for entry, and after that, you are scheduled for winning.

Now that you are ready with the receipt, why not log in at DonatoCares.com and win the rewards. If you have concerns you would want us to help, then leave a reply below. Alternatively, you can contact the company with the contacts we’ve shared above.

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