December 2, 2020

Effective Eye Exercises For Better Vision

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People with eyesight issues have a hard time concentrating unless they have their glasses on. So if you are someone with vision issues, check out for frames that will enhance your facial features so you do not look old-fashion or a typical nerd.

People with vision issues are always on the lookout for ways that can help them improve their vision. Eye exercises are one of them. Although there is not much evidence that eye exercises can fix your vision, but they surely can help reduce eye strain. Also, certain eye conditions might get better with certain eye exercises, and they do promote eye health if done correctly.

These exercises can be pretty helpful for those who are sitting in front of screens for about half of their days. Almost all jobs nowadays include prolonged use of computers so we have some exercises that can help you promote blood regulation in eyes and reduce eye strain.

Keep on reading to find about these effective eye exercises.

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Figure 8

Digital eye strain can be reduced with the help of Figure 8 exercise.

  • Around 8 feet away from where you are sitting or standing, focus on an area
  • Now start moving your eyes in the shape of figure 8.
  • You have to trace ‘8’ for thirty seconds in one direction.
  • After thirty seconds, switch directions.

Pencil Pushups

People who are constantly fighting with convergence insufficiency can do this exercise regularly for better results. Most doctors, as a part of vision therapy, recommend this exercise.

  • Start with holding a pencil at your arm’s length and between your eyes.
  • Concentrate on the pencil and try keeping the same image of the pencil while you slowly move it to your nose.
  • Move the pencil to your nose until you cant clearly see the pencil.
  • Now you have to position the pencil at a point close to your nos where you can see it clearly.
  • Repeat this process twenty times.

Brock string

For improving eye coordination, brock string seems to be an effective eye exercise.

This exercise requires a long string along with some colorful beads. You can do this exercise while you’re sitting or standing. Whatever suits you.

  • Begin with securing one end of the string to something that cannot move.
  • Hold the second end of your string right below your nose.
  • Now place one colored bead on the string.
  • Keep your eyes wide open and look straight at where the bead is.
  • If your eyes are working just fine, you will see two strings and the bead. You will notice the shape of ‘X.’
  • If one of your eyes is closed, you will see only one string. It means that your eye is suppressing. However, if you see two strings along with two beads, your eyes are not meeting the bead’s placement point.

The 20-20-20 Rule

Looking at a computer screen all day long can surely affect your vision. No one can tell which exercise can fix such vision issues. However, exercising can improve blood circulation in your eyes, and you might be able to achieve better vision.

This rule, known as 20-20-20, is known to minimize digital eye strain. It is easy and straightforward.

All you need to do is focus your eyes on something that is 20 feet away after every 20 seconds of looking at your computer screen.

This is the easiest exercise you can while at work and at home. There is not much hard work involved. Twenty seconds for your eyes’ health won’t hurt, right?

Eye exercise can surely make a difference, provided that they’re done correctly. You can’t restore your perfect vision but you sure can improve it. If living with eyeglasses is the only option, check glasses frames for face shape and pick out the perfect frame for yourself.

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