Exploring the Herrenchiemsee Castle

December 14, 2020

Lined with stunning landscapes, marked by exquisite natural sights, a hub of multi-cultural festivities, and home to more than forty official UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Germany is a place full of dreams, celebrations, and a lot of history. People from all across the world have this country, the seventh-largest in Europe, enlisted in the must-visit list. Preserved architecture from medieval times to ruins from WWII, this country is a treasure for historians from all around the world.

Amidst the plethora of beautiful historical sites, there is one that is gaining popularity among tourists. The Herrenchiemsee Castle, hidden within the dense woods, is one of this country’s top attractions. Located on the largest island in the Chiemsee Lake, Herreninsel, this palace has a lot to offer to the visitors. The palace is a complex of breath-taking royal buildings that are known to steal the hearts of all those who visit this place.

Herrenchiemsee Castle Tour on this gorgeous island and its memory dwells in the visitors’ minds forever. Exploring the Herrenchiemsee Castle is something not to miss.

The Story

The historical buildings have a grandeur of their own, but the legends that circulate make these buildings worth visiting. Herrenchiemsee Castle’s story dates back to the year 765. It was constructed during the rule of Duke Tassilo III of Bavaria. The first building of this palace was a Benedictine Abbey.

In 969, this place was converted into a monastery, but when the catholic rule ended in the 1800s, the non-religious owners set out on a spree to demolish them. It was after King Ludwig II’s orders that a stop was put to this destruction. King Ludwig II ordered his men to reconstruct the castle and give it a new look – which we now know as the Herrenchiemsee Castle.

Discovering the Hidden Gems in the Herrenchiemsee Castle Tour

Many people, who have visited this beautiful location, refer to it as one of Germany’s grandest palaces. From the outside, the palace looks just like all other palaces in the world. The visitors are not very impressed when they first see the Herrenchiemsee Castle after walking through the woods for ten to fifteen minutes. It does give a palatial look, but there is nothing that sets this palace apart from others until one steps foot inside it.

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The structure of this palace does not give the slightest idea to a visitor to what they are going to find inside. As soon as one steps foot into this palace, they are convinced that the shell of this beautiful palace does not do the tiny bit of justice of the treasure that it stores within its boundaries.

People who have visited the Palace of Versailles realize will realize that the Herrenchiemsee Castle is, indeed, a replica. King Ludwig II was fond of King Louis XIV of France and also visited his palace. He was impressed by the palace and decided to replicate it.

The State Staircase is a highlight of the entire palace. From the stairs to the ceilings, the entire area is proof that the creator of this gorgeous castle was an admirer of Louis XIV’s palace. The paintings on the ceilings, filled with intricate designs, feature the French king. This part of the castle is impressive and definitely an unforgettable sight. All the staterooms feature exquisite designs and are the epitome of elegance. Each of these rooms is grand and filled with gorgeous chandeliers, impressive paintings, and pure luxury.

No matter how much time people spend praising the aesthetics of the State Rooms, people cannot have enough of it. Moving into the palace gardens, they are another part that is worth all the praise. Even the gardens, in every way, have been created in love of the Versailles Palace. The explorers will find a number of fountains when they go out on a stroll in these gardens. Out of these, there is one fountain that looks exactly like the Bassin de Latone statue of the Versailles Palace. Legendary warriors, dragons, and mystical beasts are all part of the architecture.

The explorers will also get a chance to pay their respect to King Louis XIV at the Ludwig Museum. The best Herrenchiemsee Castle tours cover every aspect of this castle, from its story, inspiration, and construction. Located 60kms south of Munich, people can visit this castle by taking Autobahn A8 and heading to Prien am Chiemsee through Bernau. From there, the visitors can take a boat and head on to a journey filled with a lot of history and architectural beauty!

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