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December 9, 2020

Playing the same slots can get a little boring after a while. But trying new slots can seem a little daunting, a new online casino free bonus slot might now have the same return or be as enjoyable as slots that you have been playing for years. If you feel this way then deciding on a new slot to try can be tough, luckily we have compiled a shortlist of titles that players should try. Below are slot casino titles that we recommend that you try. 

Texas Tea

The design of this slot may not provide the most awe-inspiring visuals but its enjoyable gameplay and high rate of payouts make Texas Tea an exciting slot for players! IGT has created a slot that has enjoyable gameplay that will keep players coming back for more, it is a low variance slot so it will payout rather regular small wins. It has an RTP which is 96.20%. There are five reels and nine paylines. The slot has lots of bonuses that players can trigger, there is a big oil bonus which is triggered when players manage to get more than three oil derrick symbols. Players can then choose between a few locations to pump oil from, each awarding a different amount of money. There is also the oil dividend bonus which is triggered when players get three or more scatter symbols, this multiplies the initial stake massively. 

Tornado Farm Escape

Experience a change in the air as the winds howl because of the oncoming tornado in Tornado Farm Escape, players will have to navigate the storm in order to win! Developed by NetEnt, this slot benefits from its rather unique theme. The slot is set in a southern American farm, where these weather conditions are more likely to happen. The bonus features are an enjoyable aspect of the slot, triggering the farm escape feature will result in a tornado sweeping across the screen and collecting any selected and TV wild symbols! 

Goldilocks and the Wild Bears

Quickspin is a developer that is not often mentioned among the titans of slot developers, but Goldilocks and the Wild Bears video slot has proved that they can create a game that is just as entertaining and enjoyable as bigger titles. The slot uses its fairytale theme well, creating a fun-loving and relaxed tone. The design of the eponymous Goldilocks and wild bears reflects this tone, with the bears appearing welcoming and friendly while Goldilocks has a constant wide grin across her face. There is a charm about the graphics and design that help establish the fairytale tone of the slot. There is a possibility for wins with the slot too, with an above-average RTP of 97.84%. Players should try to trigger the free spins feature to make the most out of the low house edge! 


There are many casino titles that players can try, some players may find enjoyment playing titles from smaller developers whilst others may find playing popular developers less known titles more appealing to try.

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