Famous Casino Cheats That Don’t Work Now

November 23, 2022

Most gamers have dreamt about using casino hacks and cheats to bring down the house. Some of these hacks used to work, but they don’t any longer.

It is not recommended to try these today as modern slot machines have evolved and are designed to deal with them. If you try these hacks and get caught, you will likely be banned from the casino – check out clovercasino.com.

Nonetheless, they did work sometime back, and if you find a classic slot machine at a bar, you can try some of them. Here are some casino cheats that worked on old-school games and are no longer on modern-day casino games.

The Card Switch

You need a rusted holdout device to hide a card up the sleeves for this hack. And with the perfect timing, you deposit it on the table and move and hide cards away from the playing table. Many players have used this hack to their advantage, leading them to win massive amounts. Research shows that this cheating technique costs the gambling industry millions of dollars. If caught, you will be locked behind bars for theft and fraud and be charged some money.

The Yo-Yo Hack

In this hack, you tie a thin string around a coin. You then deposit the stringed coin to the slot machine and, once registered, quickly yank out the string to pull out the supposedly registered coin.

This is a trick that is used to work on classic slot machines. With all the upgraded machines around, you will not have the guts to try this trick, as you will likely lose something you could win. Moreover, there is no online slot machine that you could try on as they are cheat-proof.

Preferential Shuffling

Hand-held games that include the shuffling of cards are taken advantage of by cheaters. Preferential shuffling refers to shuffling the deck when the count goes up, giving the gamer an advantage. On the other hand, when the count goes down, one continues to deal.

The Coin Double Effect

With today’s money-scanning technology, the double coin effect is impossible. Some players will be confident enough to enter a game and win impeccably. However, in the past, slot machines would accept anything to coin weight, thus mistakenly accepting fake coins. This is an old-school trick used by gamblers. Today, advanced technology and scanners are programmed to check and verify anything the machine registers.

The Dice Slide

The dice slide is the most noticeable scheme on this list. It involves playing with the dice without tossing them in the air. Instead, the player slides the dice with the face fixed, whereby only one side of the dice is being used. With a bit of distraction and illusion, the Dice Slide technique can be as subtle as it can be. You could win a great deal, and the casino makes a significant loss if successful.

Modern casinos have become more advanced than they were before. They know the fraud and have put tighter measures to safeguard themselves from falling victim to tricks and scams. So, most of these tricks no longer work, and trying them puts you at risk of being jailed.

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