Common Features of Slingo Slots

November 23, 2022

For many decades, bingo has been played by many players across the world. However, there is a new variant that has become popular among gamers – join and play now.

The new variant is a blend of bingo and slot games known as Slingo. If you love both bingo and slots, this variant will keep you entertained for a long time. In this article, we will explain this variant and its common features.

What is a Slingo Slot?

Slingo is a mix of 75-ball bingo and a five-reel slot machine. The game features random numbers on its 5×5 grid taken from the bingo card. It also has a reel taken from the slots. The two are combined to make a game of Slingo.

Slingo can be played in several games, including 90-ball and 75-ball. The levels vary from game to game, as do the genre and the types of prizes to be won. Some Slingo slots have a progressive jackpot, and others have a fixed jackpot.

After winning five Slingos, you may get a bonus. You can receive more bonuses as the game progresses and win more Slingos. This is possible with the aid of some Slingo symbols that can give you a surprise along the way.

Slingo Symbols

Slingo has a variety of symbols that help you bag some lucrative wins. Let’s discuss them below.

  • Jokers: Jokers are wild symbols that you can use to match any number in the column. If more jokers appear during a spin, you can win bonus points.
  • Super Joker: The Super Joker allows you to check any disclosed number if it appears. Before matching any numbers or jokers, you must first place the Super Joker. Until you choose the Super Joker, all other wheels will be grey.
  • Coins: the golden coin increases your points. Coins reward instant cash prizes and trigger free spins.
  • Free Spins: in the free spins feature, you get free spins on your slot game.
  • The Devil: watch out for the Devil, as you will likely lose half your points when it appears. Before it does that, a cherub may land and hunt him down. It will also allow you to double up your current score.
  • Cherubs: the cherub cancels out the Devil and shoots him with an arrow doubling your score. 

Some Slingo games offer a bonus round where you can transform your win into a bigger payout. The bonus levels depend on how many lines you finish with at the end of the main game. For example, you could play bonus rounds like Road to Rome, Prizes on Parade, or Reelus Maximus in the Slingo Centurion.

Although Slingo is a hybrid of two games, the aim of the game is relatively simple—to collect as many points as possible as quickly as possible. You can accomplish fascinating gameplay in different ways, as predicted by the relationship between the bingo card and the slots reel. However, before you can start playing, you should learn about the different approaches, the possibilities of winning, and how to increase your chances.

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