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January 25, 2020

If you live in the USA, you have an open opportunity to eat, share feedback, and win lots of rewards from the chain of restaurants by First Watch. Since its establishment, the restaurant has expanded to over 200 locations in the USA. You can take part in First Watch Feedback and share your feedback with the company after purchasing your delicious food from the restaurant. Once you get the reward, you can easily walk in one of the restaurants to redeem your prize.

First Watch Feedback provides you with simple questions based on your experience at the restaurant. Therefore, you will be required to have a recap of the activities you had at the restaurant. The management is interested in this information so that they match your expectations when visiting one of the chains. Follow through this survey as we guide you through the First Watch feedback steps.

First Watch Feedback

Name: First Watch Feedback

Description: First Watch Feedback wants to find out the customer’s experience after they visit any of the 200 locations in the USA. The First Watch restaurant is famous for its easy food that serves thousands of customers. It would like honest feedback to further improve the customer experience.

First Watch Feedback Summary

The survey seeks to find out the customer’s experience after visiting any of the over 200 locations in the USA. The First Watch restaurant famous for its easy foods serves thousands of customers. It also has thousands of employees in different locations.

Once you visit one of the restaurants for your morning or midday bite, you will get a receipt after purchase. This receipt is your entry ticket to the online survey. It has a unique code that you will need to produce once you are ready for the survey. Therefore, after eating, ensure you keep the receipt safe for your survey that will win you rewards.

Since First Watch Feedback takes a few minutes, you can still participate as you eat at the restaurant. Note that the receipt will expire if you take a longer time with it. Besides, taking an extended time to participate in the survey robs you the ability to recall the fresh experiences you had at the restaurant.

The rewards for every survey you take keeps on changing and hence the need to check what you have won once you present the coupon code at the restaurant. The management is rewarding you for the efforts you take while sharing the feedback.

Note that there is an eligibility criterion for you to meet before you get a chance to participate in First Watch Feedback. The company also has rules to guide the entire survey process. Always remember to read the rules and understand them so that you don’t experience challenges while responding to the questions.

Luckily, we will be discussing all the eligibility criteria, rules, and regulations in the next section. This will make the process of taking the survey easy and stress-free since you will have familiarised yourself with the rules and regulations available.

The reason behind having all these regulations is to make the entire process authentic. The company is also protecting its brand and distancing itself from other scam sites. Besides, the quality of responses works well by controlling the number of people participating.

First Watch Feedback Eligibility Criteria

Before you take part in First Watch Feedback that matters a lot, there is a criterion you need to meet. First Watch has its eligibility criteria as well as the rules that keep you taking the survey without doubts. We have compiled some of the rules and requirements below so that you can take the survey correctly. How will you know that you are eligible?

  • You must have a purchase receipt form one of the restaurants with a survey code
  • You must be 18 years and above since its the legal age for participating
  • Only the legal residents of the USA can participate
  • Company employees, staff, family members and associates are not eligible
  • A computer, mobile phone or any gadget that accesses the internet is key
  • Stable internet connection while taking the survey is also important
  • English knowledge is critical since the survey comes in English
  • The survey doesn’t allow you to contact another person to do it on your behalf
  • The ability to recollect some of the details on your previous visit is needed. This is the information you will share in the survey.
  • Willingness to share your contact details for communication
  • Transferring the reward, changing it or sharing is not permitted
  • Honesty is key and giving false information will disqualify you


First Watch Feedback Restrictions

Some of the things the survey is against include the following

  • Doing the survey on behalf of the actual visitor
  • Tampering with the survey site is not allowed
  • Using long overdue receipts is not allowed
  • The survey is null, and void if the state laws prohibit


Questions to expect in First Watch Feedback

As said earlier, the questions revolve around your best and bad experiences at the restaurant. Therefore, the more honest you are, the better the outcome of the survey. The company rewards you after this survey and hence the need to give authentic feedback. Some of the questions you will come across will depend on how much you remember about your visit. Below are the areas tackled in the questions

Rating your overall satisfaction at the restaurant

  • About the food served to you
  • The prices of the food you bought
  • The speed at which you got served
  • The general attitude of the staff towards you
  • The cleanliness of the environment around you
  • Your comments and suggestions for the company


How to take part in First Watch Feedback?

Once you have read and understood the criteria, rules, and regulations, then you are almost ready for this survey. Make sure your receipt is also ready, and the laptop. Well, it’s time to jump straight into the survey. Follow these steps to the latter, and once you complete the survey, note the code for redeeming on your next visit.

Step 1: Access your browser and go to the First Watch Feedback to access the survey page.

Step 2: Once on the page, you will have a section that requires you to enter the 15 digit code located on your receipt.

Step 3: Key in the code and dial the start button after the code. This action directs you to the survey questions.

As said earlier, make sure you can remember the details of your previous visit so that the survey can be authentic

Step 4: Answer the questions honestly

Step 5: Provide your suggestions where required

Step 6: Once you complete the questions, share your contact details or communication

Step 7: Submit the survey and note down the code you receive on your email ID once you complete the survey.

Step 8: During your upcoming visit, produce this code to the restaurant and redeem it for the gift

First Watch Feedback Rewards

Once you complete the survey, you receive the coupon code. Note down the code so that you can redeem it for the

available rewards. As said earlier, the rewards will always keep on changing and hence the need to inquire about your reward once you visit the restaurant.

You will redeem one coupon per visit. Also, every restaurant has its menu and hence the need to find out what’s available for the coupon code. Therefore, the code allows you to redeem free food. This means that you save on your purchase.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • The platform is easy to navigate
  • The reward is a guarantee once you complete the survey
  • The survey site is legit since the restaurant is physical
  • You have reliable customer care to respond to your concerns
  • There are various ways for you to voice your concerns, i.e., social media or call
  • The questions are always on the services and products you get at the restaurant
  • The outcome is a win-win situation for you and the company
  • The survey is short and takes less time



  • The receipt expires after three days
  • You can have the coupon upto thirty days only
  • You must purchase some food to get the receipt
  • You cannot exchange or transfer the price
  •  No cash rewards available
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First Watch Feedback Center

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Who will benefit from my First Watch Feedback?

Once you provide honest feedback, it’s useful for both you and the company. On your side, you will get amazing services after that when you revisit the restaurant. Besides, you get a coupon for free food. On the company side, the management relies on your honest feedback to make significant changes in the way the company operates. You will, therefore, receive better services every time you visit the restaurant. This means that the company will always rely on your feedback for growth.

How safe are my contact details with First Watch Feedback?

When it comes to contact details, First Watch has a privacy policy that keeps your information secure from other uses. For example, third parties will not access your personal information. These contacts, as agreed, are used only for communication. You will receive follow up communication if there is some clarification required on the feedback you shared. You will get updates on the progress concerning your rewards. Besides, you will get notified about offers. According to the policy, your contacts will only get disclosed if the state needs the information.

I’m having problems with First Watch Feedback, how can I handle them?

Well, when taking the survey on First Watch Feedback, always ensure your gadget is working. You can start by doing a test to ensure everything is working. Sometimes you will experience issues because you didn’t accept cookies. Also, the problems come if you are using a bad browser. Finally, your internet connection might be weak or unreliable. Always check all these things before contacting the customer care desk. If you have resolved everything on your side successfully and the problem continues, then get to the customer care desk. We have shared some contact details through which you can get help faster.

How can I resolve my concerns with the customer care desk?

There is a way that this company provides so that you can reach the customer care desk.

What makes First Watch Feedback legit?

This is a legit survey because of several reasons.

  • The restaurant has many branches
  • There are reviews online to show the legitness
  • The restaurant has rules and regulations for the survey
  • The reward is instant and redeemable at the restaurant
  • Contacts and physical locations make communication easier with restaurant management.
  • Your contact details are used only for communication purposes.

How do I know that I have won the reward?

The company requests your contact details at the end of the First Watch Feedback. Therefore, ensure you give accurate information. The contacts will be useful when contacting you about the winning and other offers. For instance, the coupon code will be emailed to you for redeeming during your next visit. If you provide the correct details, then the entire process is smooth, and getting to know about your rewards becomes easy.



If you have visited the First Watch restaurant, then you can relate to the experience you have had previously. The company allows you to win free food by sharing your last experience. The experience is beneficial for both the company and yourself. Therefore, it should be as honest as possible.

The next time you purchase anything from the First Watch restaurant, remember to keep the receipt for First Watch Feedback. The receipt has a code that will give you entry to the survey platform. Remember to recall most of your experiences so that you can share in the survey.

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