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January 24, 2020

The BiscuitVille restaurant serves thousands of customers in its several locations around the USA. Therefore, your feedback is key to the growth of the restaurant. Once you visit the store and order anything from the menu, you get a chance to participate in TellBvl where you win free biscuit. The outcome of the survey will see you enjoy terrific services on your next visit.

TellBvl offers you a way to express your feedback after you have had an experience in one of their fast-food restaurants. If you are in America, especially in North Carolina and Virginia, then you are familiar with this restaurant. Well, I will take you through the TellBvl process so that you can have an easy time participating after your visits.


Name: TellBvl

Description: TellBvl is the official customer satisfaction survey started by Biscuitville. Customers who answers some questions about their recent visit on TellBvl get free biscuit for participation.

TellBvl Summary

TellBvl is about the services and products you get at any of the 57 locations of Biscuiteville, fast food in the USA. Since it has operated for several years and currently expanding, the management is interested in the overall experience you got during your last visit. This information is key to the expansion of the company and the improvement of services you get every time you visit the outlet.

From the time this survey was introduced, customers have been able to voice issues concerning their visit to the restaurant, and this has seen them have the best services from the restaurants. That is why the management is interested in continuing to serve you better once you share your feedback. The kind of feedback required for the survey is an honest overview of the experience you had. This will give an accurate picture of the company. Therefore, for you to take part in the survey, you need to remember details about your previous visit, at least.

Once you participate in TellBvl, you get a reward for your time. This shows how legit the company is to its customers and the best reason to participate. Well, the gift coupon you will get is redeemable for an equal prize on the menu at the Biscuitville restaurant near you.

On the company’s side, your feedback is vital when it comes to decision making. The company is in the process of expanding to have hundreds and thousands of branches. Therefore, relying on your honest opinion moves the company closer to its dream. Your feedback is analyzed, and the proposed changes implemented immediately.

When you look at the relationship between the customer and the company, it is a win-win situation since everybody benefits at the end of the day.

When you are ready to participate in TellBvl, there are a few requirements discussed below that you will need. Make sure you read carefully so that the whole process of participating becomes fun and satisfactory.

TellBvl Eligibility criteria

Every company has its rules and regulations you must abide by for an easy participation process. For TellBvl, there is a criterion that you will need to meet for you to participate in the survey. Besides, there are rules and regulations as well. Below, we have shared some of the requirements so that you can participate and appreciate the time.

  • You must be a legal resident of USA, specifically North Carolina, and Virginia. This is the location for the Biscuitville branches.
  • The required age is 18 years and above
  • You need a purchase receipt with a code for entry into the online survey
  • You should not be associated with the company either as a family member, employee, staff, or suppliers.
  • You need reliable internet access for taking the survey in a short time
  • A device such as a phone, laptop for accessing the survey site is key
  • Be willing to share your contacts for communication purposes
  • At least remember the details and experiences of the previous visit
  • Have some knowledge in Spanish or English since they are the main languages used when taking the survey
  • Set aside at least 10 minutes or less for the survey


TellBvl Survey Restrictions

The following are some of the things the survey restricts.

  • Do not attempt the survey on behalf of the person who visited the restaurant. The company values honesty.
  • The survey questions are not to be shared with anybody
  • You must not tamper with the survey site
  • The gifts are not exchangeable or transferable
  • The company contacts you in case you are a winner; any attempt to influence your winning will lead to disqualification.
  • If the state laws void the survey, then it stops being valid
  • Close associates to the company are not allowed to participate
  • Take the survey within three days of purchase
  • The coupon is valid for 30 days only
  • Take up to five surveys in a month


Questions to expect in TellBvl

The questions are easy and focus on the restaurant only. Some of the sections you will be providing feedback include;

  • Your overall experience at the restaurant with the satisfaction rating
  • The food served and the quality
  • The attitude of the staff towards you
  • The cleanliness of the environment
  • The general feeling about the prices
  • Your suggestions and recommendations


How to participate in TellBvl

At this point, you must have read and understood the criteria, rules, and regulations above. Your laptop and speedy internet should be ready. Well, follow the steps below and share your feedback.

Step 1: In your browser, search for Tellbiscuiteville Guest Satisfaction Survey or click on link.

Step 2: You will get to the survey platform with an ‘enjoy free biscuit on us’ section displaying

Step 3: Choose your preferred language between English and Spanish

Step 4: Check on your receipt and make sure it’s a recent one. It should have the 14 digit code and the time.

Step 5: Enter the 14 digit code in the section provided on the survey platform

Step 6: At the lower side, enter the time indicated on the receipt

Step 7: Click start and proceed to the survey questions

Step 8: Before you start the questions, make sure you can recollect the activities and events during your last visit.

Step 9: Attempt the questions in the survey honestly

Step 10: When complete, input your contact details that include your name, email ID, home address, location, among other contact details required.

Step 11: Submit the survey and wait for your coupon code for your free biscuits.

TellBvl Rewards

Different companies give different rewards for their surveys. We have those that reward you cash, vouchers, and others will provide you with offers. Besides, some companies will prefer giving you gift coupons so that you can redeem anything equivalent to the reward from the menu. Once you complete the survey, you get the following rewards.

  • Free biscuits
  • Validation code to redeem during your next visit
  • Invites for other offers available
  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • Its website is easy to navigate
  • The reward is a must once you complete the survey
  • The survey site is legit since the company is physical
  • The customer care desk is reliable in case of concerns
  • You get a chance to improve the services with your input
  • It is free to log in and participate
  • You can take the survey from anywhere since it’s an online survey
  • The survey doesn’t take the whole day; less than ten minutes
  • The questions are easy and fun
  • You have the opportunity to give suggestions and recommendations


  • The receipt is only valid for three days
  • Your coupon will expire in 30 days
  • Only those in the USA are eligible
  • No cash rewards
  • You need to purchase something in the restaurant
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TellBvl Center

Winner(s)Every Participant
Validation Code5 days
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Español

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How secure are my contact details with TellBvl?

Well, the company has a detailed policy about your contacts and how they are used. In the policy, your contacts remain a property between you and the company. The value of privacy and confidentiality is key. Therefore, your contacts will be useful for communication about TellBvl winnings, offers, and even clarifications on the survey questions. There are also requirements in the policy about disclosure of your personal information, which is followed keenly by the company. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your contact details leaking out.

Who benefits from my feedback on TellBvl?

Your honest feedback benefits both the company and you. When you complete your questions and submit the feedback, the company rewards you for your effort and time. You get free biscuits or a gift coupon to redeem at the restaurant on your next visit. Remember, the coupon expires after 30 days.

The company also benefits from your feedback in that they have a strong basis for making decisions in the company. This means that your next visit will meet a great impression of the company because of your feedback. That’s why there is an emphasis on sharing your honest views.

How many times can I take part in TellBvl within a month?

You have at least five chances to share your feedback. This limited-time allows the company to compile your feedback on time, make the required changes, and share the outcome. It’s also an opportunity for other participants to voice their concerns. Always check the validity of the receipt before you participate. It should be less than three days old.

How can I deal with issues on TellBvl not working?

Problems will occur if you have not accomplished the following

  • If your internet is weak and takes a long time to load a page or gets lost every time you want to take the survey.
  • If you have not accepted cookies, sometimes the survey would need the basic details of your computer to include the IP address, the browser being used, etc. It’s key to accept cookies.
  • If your gadget has a virus, then it might cause a challenge to your participation.

Ensure you have resolved the above sections before you attempt to reach the customer care desk. We have shared the contact details in the next section to help you raise the concerns.

Do we have contacts for voicing concerns about TellBvl?

Yes, we have the official details where you can raise your concerns and get them addressed faster. The contacts are as follows.

  • Biscuitville Phone Number:336-553-3700
  • Biscuitville Email Address:
  • Biscuitville Corporate Address: Restaurant Support Center,1414 Yanceyville St., Suite 300, Greensboro, NC 27405



If you have visited the Biscuiteville Restaurant, then you understand their quality better. You can use your receipt to add value to the services and products you always get at the restaurant. Sharing your feedback with all the experiences you had is an asset to the company. Even though you get rewarded in the end, your contribution remains essential to the company.

Participating in TellBvl is easy. We have shared the step by step guide so that you can have an easy time winning your free coupon. If you have your receipt with you, then search for TellBvl in your browser or click on Remember to leave a comment in the comment section if you are having challenges with the survey.

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