How to Attract New Local Clients to Your Law Firm

September 24, 2021

The local market accounts for a majority of the new and returning customers coming to your law firm. If you are not reaching them properly, they probably don’t know about your services and are likely to take their business to your competitors.

Luckily, there are tactics you can implement to attract new local clients to your law firm. Let’s look at some of them below.

Hold Local Events

Contrary to most small business owners’ beliefs, customers trust and want to support local businesses more than the big corporations. But for them to buy your products or use your services, they have to know about you first.

You can put your law firm out there by attending local events which you either set up or collaborate with other local businesses. Another way is to sponsor local events such as competitions, creating the right kind of awareness for your practice.

Interview a Local Expert

If you have active social media for your practice (which every law firm should), interviewing a local expert can bring activity to your page.

First, identify a pressing topic and a local expert who’s knowledgeable in such matters. Determine if you’ll be posting a pre-recorded interview or a live stream video and start spreading the word to your local audience several days or weeks before. Remember to use local keyword hashtags that will attract the category of clients you want.

Claim Your Directory Listings

Directory listings are websites containing information about different businesses including name, location, contact address, website URL, products, services provided, and so on. When people search for legal services near their location, your law firm will be among the top results.

As long as you choose trustworthy platforms, you’ll be getting all the benefits that come with directory listings for law firms.

Your information will be readily available to potential leads, along with an opportunity to build a good reputation through customer reviews.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can help bring in new local business to your law firm in several ways.

Most platforms now have a targeting feature. Here, you can create smaller segments from your audience by grouping them into categories like age, gender, location, and other demographics. Creating a post or ad that targets potential clients from your local area will increase awareness that can convert to new business.

Just by creating your law firm’s social media profile and being consistent with valuable content, local clients on similar platforms will know about your practice. Remember to use related keywords in your copy and hashtags as well.

Optimize Your Website

Local SEO (search engine optimization) ensures your law firm website is visible among the top entries on search engine page results (SERPs). When potential clients are using search phrases like “personal injury lawyers near me”, your firm is likely to appear among the first results.

For the best local SEO results, include names of areas you serve in your copy. Your site should also have a fast loading time, a great user experience, and a responsive design.

Hire a Law Firm Marketing Company

It’s understandable this process can feel overwhelming to the layman. Coming up with strategies and implementing them might take away a significant amount of time from your day; time that could be spent attending to clients.

With a law firm marketing company, you are likely to get all of the above under one roof. Their knowledge in marketing and SEO with practices like yours makes this the most ideal option to attracting new local clients.

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