How to find safe betting sites?

For a beginner, betting sites may seem to be the same. After all, the betting odds are almost identical everywhere, many sites offer bonuses and different betting options. But the issue of safety is extremely important. And the beginner is recommended to start with proven sites like, which have proven themselves in the market from the best side. About such offices, it is easy to find numerous reviews on the Internet and make your own conclusions. Creating your own personal rating of the best betting sites will help with 10 useful tips.

Tip 1. The presence of a license

It must be official on the site. An important nuance: the license is issued clearly according to the location of the site. That is, if the bookmaker platform is registered in the UK, then the license must be issued by the relevant local regulatory authority, and not the commission in faraway Barbados. All betting sites in the UK should operate according to this principle.

Tip 2. List of sporting events

A professional betting site may offer the client to bet on at least 30 upcoming events. These may be even highly specialized disciplines. The wider the choice – the more guarantees of professionalism and, accordingly, the more opportunities for players. A list of such sites is better to look for the parameter non gamstop sports betting.

Tip 3. Extent of coverage

You can recognize a professional office by the depth of the prescribed bets. The best bookmakers make a prescription for 500 or more variants. This is an important point, which allows gamblers of different categories to cooperate with this particular site. The depth of coverage is fundamentally important if the player works only on “totals” or on “handicaps”.

Tip 4. Good Bonuses

A reliable office will always differ from its competitors by its loyalty to gamblers. Especially if it is new betting sites. They often offer lucrative promotions to popularize their platform and attract as many customers as possible. This is a sign that the betting site is working for the future and aims for long-term cooperation. That’s why so many new betting sites give users sign-up bonuses or seed money for betting.

Tip 5. Live Bets

One of the clear signs of a professional bookmaker’s office is the presence of live streaming of matches. The site itself should be stable and allow you to bet live while the match is going on. No technical failures or hiccups are allowed. After all, sometimes the chances for a successful bet are decided by seconds.

It is also important that the office quotes are constantly updated directly during the live broadcast. Many gamblers prefer this type of betting. It is a special atmosphere, when you know the result of the match in the near future, rather than betting on the long term. Be sure to choose betting sites with live broadcasts to try this special format of gambling.

Tip 6. For the convenience of users

A good betting site will definitely take care of the convenience of using the platform. For example, a great and convenient solution is the ability to make your bet during live matches in just one click. Seconds decide everything here – and the menu should be as simple as possible to work with the platform.

A high-quality and well-designed interface is also a guarantee of a secure site. After all, developing a reliable platform is expensive, which means that the betting site is built to last and work efficiently.

Tip 7. Reliable technical support

Dealing with money, you always want to get quick and valuable advice. Especially if the gambler is a beginner. Players with experience advise contacting tech support immediately when choosing bet sites. This check is really very indicative. On sites that do not inspire confidence, the window for an appeal or feedback form may be absent altogether. Or your appeal will simply go unanswered. But if you find yourself on the platform of a reliable bookmaker’s office, then any question you have will always be answered quickly by the managers.

Tip 8. Payment Options

A betting site should allow you to withdraw your winnings quickly and be guaranteed. When studying the platform, immediately pay attention to what withdrawal methods are offered. Professional and stable betting sites give you several payout options at once. Make sure that the list includes the method that best suits you.

Tip 9. Real reviews

And this is a job which it is advisable to do every time you find a new office for yourself. About betting sites, you can find a huge number of reviews on specialized forums or in thematic communities of gamblers in social networks. Don’t be lazy – it is important to monitor the information about the site even before you face the problem of withdrawing money. In addition to reviews about the office, you can always find a lot of good advice in such discussions, which may come in handy when betting.

Tip 10. The mobile version

An important sign of a reliable site. The mobile version is paramount in today’s world, as it allows players to place their bets at any convenient time – whether they are on the road or standing in line at the store. Notice if the categories and functionality on the main site are the same as those offered in the mobile app? This is important not only in terms of convenience but also in terms of the integrity of the platform.