How to make money with online surveys

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Earning money with surveys is one of many ways to earn a little extra income. To this end, market research institutes conduct surveys on behalf of companies. The survey results of suitable target groups serve to improve products and services. There are of course other ways to make money online, such as Betting Sites, becoming an influencer, or starting a blog; This article though focuses on online surveys.

Earning money online with survey polls is very easy, but the payment can differ from site to site. At first, you will receive a lot of online surveys and create profiles of yourself. You will very likely only fit a few audiences. The result is that only suitable surveys land in your e-mail inbox. If you belong to several target groups, you can easily earn good pocket money.

How can you make money from surveys?

How you can make money with online surveys is extremely simple. Sign up for all the survey institutes you can find. Wait to get verified and fill out your profile sheet. Do not lie on your profile, fill everything honestly. You will usually get an answer on the same day. Filling out the surveys takes an average of 10 to 15 minutes. The number of opinion polls is 5 to 60 per month (according to the provider). You usually receive your earnings in the form of vouchers, rewards, or cash.

What can you earn with online surveys?

Earning about 350 dollars per month is possible without problems. You may be able to earn about 20 dollars per survey. Earnings per provider per month on average 30 euros.

Here comes the truth! From my own experience with paid online surveys. I do not know how you could earn hundreds of euros a month with surveys! There are simply too few surveys. In addition, the cancellation rate was quite high. You may have to fill out a survey for 10 minutes, and then get the next message “Sorry, you do not fit our survey profile”.

Facts on the table: If you are good at it, 100 euros per month can be possible. For pocket money, that is ok. The real hourly wage is more than modest. But the job is super easy.

Tips on paid surveys

  • Use a separate email address! There has to order. Your e-mail address only for surveys makes it easier for you to keep track of things. In addition, you save yourself spam when forwarding addresses.
  • Never pay to sign up! There are black sheep and dubious providers in every area. Registration is always free of charge for reputable sites.
  • Register with all providers! Logically, this way you get more invitations to surveys. Your monthly earnings are higher the more providers you have on your list.
  • Answer surveys honestly! This also applies to your profile sheet. Built-in control questions can disqualify you from further surveys.
  • Cash-out when a limit is reached! Once you have reached the minimum value, you should cash out immediately. On some pages, points expire after a certain period of time.

What do you need to make money with surveys?

Internet and a device with which you can go online. It does not matter whether it is a smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop. However, it is optimal if you have both a smartphone and a PC / laptop available, as there are individual surveys that can only be answered via the smartphone or only via a PC / laptop, for example. If you have both, you can take part in all surveys.

What is the minimum age for online surveys?

That depends on the survey institute. For some, participation is possible from the age of 14 or 16. With around half of the providers, you can only participate from the age of 18.

How long do paid online surveys take?

On average, an online survey takes between 10 and 20 minutes. Few surveys can take an hour or more. The payment is then correspondingly higher.

How often am I invited to the polls?

Your profile influences which target groups you belong to. Because of this, some people receive more or fewer surveys than others. Register with as many institutes as possible to maximize the possible number of participants. According to your location and target group, you may get invitations daily, weekly, and sometimes only a few invites per month.

How Much Money Can You Make From Surveys?

In my opinion, 50 to 150 dollars per month is realistic for active participants. Exceptions of course confirm the rule here. Exaggerated figures of 600 dollars and more per month are unrealistic. This information is provided to attract participants and collect commissions.

Conclusion and personal opinion

Anyone can make money with surveys. Earn money easily and quickly from home. The earnings are bad and well below the minimum wage. If you are satisfied with some pocket money, that is completely ok. If you want to make real money online, there are much better methods. In my opinion, polling is good for high school students and housewives with limited time.