How To Use Video Marketing to Drive Traffic and Boost Engagement With Your Blog Posts?

October 5, 2021

Undoubtedly, video content has dominated social media in the form of vlogs, short videos, etc. Studies have shown that the attention span of humans has fallen below 12 to 8 seconds, making it much harder to create engaging content online to captivate audiences.

Video content is quick, concise, and easy to comprehend. This is far more effective in conveying information to your audience than your average blog post. Short videos have become a powerful tool to increase engagement.

Videos grab attention

People usually prefer to watch rather than read. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million, isn’t it?

Video or imagery usually grabs people’s attention more quickly and helps retain information for more days. Our unconscious mind probably never forgets visual imagery, which a conscious mind might have already forgotten. That is also a reason why brands have incorporated video content into their marketing strategies.

According to statistics conducted by venngage, visual content marketing strategy has an upsurge, especially in the pandemic. ComScore, an online engagement measure website, proclaimed in 2015 that 100 million people watched a video on the internet every day, and the statistics have surged over the years.

How to use videos to drive traffic to your blog posts?

Videos are used to increase engagement with blog posts. There are many ways to utilize video content to accelerate blog post engagement.

  1. Embed youtube videos to your blog posts. If you already have a pre-existing youtube video, reuse it in your current blog post.
  2. Video content should be authentic and relevant to your blog posts. The content should enhance your article. For that, the type of content you should be considering are;
  • About us video
  • Information or tutorial videos
  • Summaries
  • Microblogging; a quick way to spread your message
  • Customer testimonials
  1. Videos should be short and captivating. In keeping videos short, you might not be able to include all the stuff you want to portray. But, you can cover the important aspect that complements your posts.
  2. Make sure the video content works well on all devices. Your video content might provide a different experience when viewed on different devices. This can affect your audience’s response, so make sure to optimize this aspect of your content.
  3. Metrics can be an important measure of your video content’s overall popularity. Managing the metrics and optimizing your content accordingly can boost your audience reach.

Types of video content that you should look for:

Now, depending on your situation and audience, you might want to look into certain kinds of video content formats that suit your needs. While seeking greater audience engagement, the following content formats might help:

Create vlogs parallel to your content

Vlogs give personal touch which in turn increases viewership. Often short paced videos captivate Gen Z and millennials alike and hence are quite effective. Moreover, it is easy to create content for short videos.

Occasionally add interviews and Q&A videos

Audience Q&A videos are a must for any content creator. It increases audience engagement due to personalized interaction. Interviews bring legitimacy to your content while boosting engagement levels.

Product reviews can attract a wider audience

Unbiased and informative product reviews bring in a wider audience. It also increases positive engagement. There is a huge market for product reviews.

Live streaming sessions

It allows you to share information in person and on a deeper level. Live streaming is becoming common in this digital era.

Why are videos a marketing arsenal?

  1. Everyone can’t read and understand in one go. That is where visuals come to their rescue. Videos can reach people who like to learn or probably can learn only through visual stimulation.
  2. Another important aspect is today’s audience; Gen Z and millennials, who are more connected to the internet, prefer to procure information from video content because that is what they have grown up with, i.e. YouTube and online videos.
  3. Video propels viewers into action quickly and sticks their attention like glue.
  4. Since video content can pick up the smallest of details, it is highly effective.

Online tools for your videos

Once you are sure about the content of the video, you need to invest in good online tools for your digital content marketing. However, for a quality video, one needs to have the expert knowledge to make the video look enticing. Although there are many free/paid tools for video editing, without any technical skill it can be quite daunting. There are many online video editors such as InVideo, who can help you make professional videos in very little time. Not only does this online video editor make stunning videos in 5 minutes but these are also fully customizable.

The future of content marketing is video marketing

Unveiling a product and showcasing its features to people through videos are efficient ways of marketing. It lets your product highlight and increases conversions by converting prospect audiences into clients. Since videos quickly connect with your audience, it needs to be relevant and informative while catering to customers needs.

According to digital marketing expert James McQuivey, a minute of video content is equal to 1.8 million words. This shows the power of video content while alluring customer engagement.

The demand for video marketing has increased manifolds due to the benefits it has brought with it. Such as;

  • Helping build trust.
  • Driving traffic to your site.
  • Video editing is affordable.

Focus on video marketing to increase engagement

Visuals or videos of any topic discussed always boost your blogs, whether it is a short or long video. The content of the video should depict a story that engages your customers from a marketing point of view. It should also align well with your marketing funnel.

A well-crafted video is highly effective and draws attention towards itself, resulting in increased engagement. Study shows a video can vouch for more than 80% of all web traffic. A video is a useful tool to mobilize social media and drive traffic to content that might otherwise be missed.


In 2021, you need to have a holistic marketing approach. It need not have to be a high-priced video budget to captivate your audience to your blog posts. You need to create engaging and educational videos that’ll keep your audience glued to your content. Video editors allow you to create alluring content that helps you stand out among your competitors. So step up your video editing and production capabilities with InVideo.



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