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October 11, 2021

We use sound for so many of the important daily functions we do, big and small. Those that have never experienced hearing loss of any kind may not realize just how hard it can be to live life without the ability to hear well. A large group of people use alarm clocks to ensure they wake up on time every single morning, could you imagine simply not being able to hear an alarm clock go off any longer and risk sleeping past important deadlines?  It’s important that no matter what you stay in touch you’re your home you need to be able to hear alarms and alerts and get all the notifications you need to ensure you and your family stay safe at home. Technology is finally starting to catch up for the hearing impaired though.

It’s important for anyone to be able to detect when everyday things happen such as your baby crying, your doorbell being pressed, or your phone ringing repeatedly. Luckily for those with hearing loss, lots of new options exist to ensure you are fully aware of everything happening in your home. Alarm clocks designed especially for use by the deaf and hard of hearing employ a host of tools from vibrations to flashing lights to ensure that even the heaviest of sleepers or deaf individuals are awakened when they need to be.

Rather than using an overly loud alarm clock to wake yourself that actually risks permanently damaging the hearing of your family and what hearing you may have left, you need to get an alarm clock for the deaf which will do its job to wake you up without necessarily waking up your entire household in the process like a loud alarm would.

Best Alarm Clocks for the deaf

If you are hard of hearing or even just an extra deep sleeper, an alarm clock for deaf people could be a life-changing piece of deaf technology for you. There’s an entire ecosystem out there today in place today to help the hard of hearing wake up and receive all the alerts and notifications that they need. Everyone should feel confident that they’re going to be woken up on time. Finding the perfect alarm clock for your needs may take some time, but here are some of the things you really need to be looking for.

  • Extremely loud volume capacity (at least 100 dB)
  • Attached bed shaker to ensure vibrations wake you
  • Large enough display screen for you to see it
  • Bright alternating flashing lights

For a deaf or hearing-impaired individual, your alarm clock is much more than a fancy bedtime timepiece. It can be your key to staying connected to your home and important things in your everyday life.

An alarm clock for the deaf is going to produce very low-pitched sounds which are easier for the hearing impaired to pick up on than high-pitched, almost all hearing loss is of the high-frequency variety. If the strong vibrations from the attached bed shaker don’t wake you up then the intense flashing lights certainly will. These just present fantastic alternatives to the traditional audio-only alarm clock, with benefits for the hearing impaired and deaf that just can’t be ignored.

No more relying on a family member or friend to get you awake every day.

Receive audio alerts louder and at lower frequency

Even for those that only have hearing loss and don’t suffer from total deafness, making your alerts louder is an option for you. The best thing you could do for your own sake is getting an alarm clock that produces loud sound (not TOO loud though, 2 minutes of exposure to sounds at 1120 dB can cause permanent hearing loss.) at a very low frequency since most hearing loss affects high-frequency sounds more.

Visual or Flashing Light Alerts are Fantastic

Visual alerts are the perfect option for any deaf individual, with the right flashing light alarm clock receiver you can ensure you get alerts for everything going on in your home like a telephone call, doorbell ring, crying baby, so many things. The right flashing light alarm setup will even wake you from your sleep easily, these alarms are a fantastic substitute. Visual alerts can also be more toned down. With a portable alarm clock receiver, you can look to certain colored LEDs to tell what is going on in your home.

Receiving Alerts via Vibration is Powerful

An alarm clock that can alert you with vibration or tactile alerts is great for deaf people, deep sleepers, the elderly, anyone at all who has trouble hearing or sensing alarms and getting up. The ideal solution is to get a bed shaker device, these can be portable bed shakers or a bed shaker that attaches directly to your alarm clock for the deaf. A lot of people will get two-bed shakers, one to place under the pillow and another under the mattress. When you receive any alerts your bed shaker along with your flashing lights on your deaf alarm clock will go off and that should be able to notify just about anyone.

It’s not fair that you miss notifications and alerts that you need just because you are deaf, an alarm clock for the deaf can change your life and make you comfortable going to sleep again. Rest well at night knowing your deaf alarm clock is going to be there to always keep you in touch and safe. Most have battery banks that allow them to operate for a period even if the power were to go out and that small-time can make all the difference for some people.

The tools and technology available to deaf people have increased immensely in recent times. Making these seemingly simple things that much simpler for a deaf person with a simple alarm clock for the deaf can make all the difference in your life. Don’t let your hearing loss control you any longer. Feel comfortable in your own home again. Never miss another alert with a truly quality alarm clock.

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