Importance Of Online Examination

November 2, 2020

The pandemic that is going on all over the world has led to many changes in the working styles of different sectors. The biggest change that came into being was the shift of the people to online services. No doubt they were using the online modes earlier also but during this time of pandemic almost everything has been changed to the online mode, so is in the can of the education system as well as hiring system of new candidates in the company. We all know how much the exam plays an important role in our life. But during this situation, it was not possible to take an offline examination. Don’t worry every problem has a solution these days, so the scope of the online examination increased to a greater extent.

We all have seen with time that hoe this online system has not let any interruption in the work during this pandemic. Every school, college, and university took the help of this system to continue the studies of their students. Not only the educational system but also many corporate offices took the help of this system to send their employee’s online work. Even many hiring of the new candidates were done according to the online software system that includes the teaching concept as well as the online examination system.

There are many benefits to the online examination system. Let’s have a look at the list.

  • Saves a lot of paper: Earlier to conduct an exam, the authorities used to undergo a lengthy process of getting the question papers and answer sheets printed. Not only this led to the wastage of a lot of paper but there was wastage of the efforts as well. The pen and paper-based examinations are just used to increase the cost of conducting the exam. The use of the online system is not only good for humans but also for the environment as no more trees will cut for paper manufacturing. Many exams were successfully conducted through this online mode with the utmost ease.
  • Saves time and money: Unlike the pen and paper-based examination, the online examination software saves a lot of time and money for not the exam conducting authorities but also the candidates that are going to appear for the exam. The online exam software is a one-time investment, once it is installed in your system. You will be able to conduct a lot of exams with the help of this. There is no wastage of time in arranging the exam centers and all the things that are required for the exam. Neither the exam authorities have to travel to different places to conduct the exam nor the students. Everything will be done from their homes, just with a few clicks on their laptops. This has made this process far more easy and comfortable.
  • No requirement of invigilators: To conduct an exam earlier there was a requirement of the invigilators that used to keep eye on the students appearing for the exam. This was again an expense for conducting the exam as the exam can be conducted in various parts of the country and there you need to arrange invigilators. The online examination system comes with an in-built feature of proctoring which is far better than the real-life invigilators. This in-built feature has artificial intelligence in it that helps in understanding the behaviors of the candidate appearing for the exam. In case it finds any unusual behavior in the candidate, it will first warn him/her. But if the behavior continues, it will automatically shut the whole process. Even it can record the exam. So this will act as evidence if some candidate claims to something.
  • Quick result processing: Yes, the online examination system is capable of providing quick results. This is up to the teacher how and when he wants to declare the result. Most of the MCQ’s based exam results are given as soon as the exam ends. But in some subjective type exams, it might take little time for evaluation but not that time that the pen and paper-based exam used to take. The exam results are also declared through online modes. This is very convenient from both teacher’s and candidate’s point of view. Many companies are also taking this system installed at their place so they can also evaluate the new candidates that apply for a job there.
  • Reduced logistic cost: Earlier when the exams were conducted, the question paper was printed in some area and answer sheets in some other area. During the examination time, they were sent to the respective exam centers, and again after the exam, they were sent to the different teachers for evaluation. In this way, you can see this involved a huge logistic cost. But with time there is no as such requirement, the question paper is uploaded at the time of exam and the answer sheets are submitted through online mode. So there is no such issue of transporting things from one place to another.

So all the above points can justify that the online examination system is far better than the pen and paper-based examination system. The installation of an online examination system has helped the authorities in the reduction of the overall cost of the examination conducting process. It is seen that most of the online modes are very fast so is in the case of the online examination. Ultimately it depends upon the person or group of persons how well they use them. No doubt there may be some cons of this system as well but the pros side is far more than the cons side. Some techniques must be used to overcome all these things.

Yes, technology is affecting our lives to a greater extent. With time the improvement in the working style has made the lives much more easy and comfortable. Now the time has come when almost everything like exams, shopping, office work, etc. can be done just with few clicks on your electronic device. There is no such time boundary and no wastage of efforts.

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