What Features to Look for in a Mobile Betting App

November 3, 2020

It was 1997 when online gambling made its first debut! Online casinos have come a long way since then. And with the advent of mobile sports betting app, the trends and proceedings of digital gambling got modified completely. The needs of the modern world are totally dependent upon smartphones and smart applications. The apps are in fact more convenient than conventional websites.

There are numerous mobile betting apps available on Playstore and iOS stores, but each app offers different features and options and is associated with different betting rules. However, there are some basic features that you must look for while choosing a mobile betting app to have a better and enhanced betting experience.

The features of mobile betting apps vary and are numerous, but the most scintillating and essential key features of a mobile betting app are stated below:

In-Play Betting

This is the basic and essential feature and every sports fan who intends to use a betting application must have access to it. This feature is also known as live betting as it allows users to place bets during live sports events. It is truly an interesting feature as it allows people to place bets on the go while having the freedom to do other things, as well as having a thrilling experience too! Using this feature, the bettors can maximize their betting opportunities.

The in-play betting feature allows the bets to be placed even during the last moments of the final match. So one can place a bet while watching the match live at the moment! Conclusively, the feature goes very well alongside live streaming.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is the most basic and essential feature for sports enthusiasts. Every sports fan has a subscription to live streaming websites to watch the matches in real-time, but there is a need for another app or website when one plans to place bets. Getting both features in one single application is what you should look for. Only a few good online betting apps offer live streaming services. The idea of bookmakers behind this is to provide the customers with free HD quality live sports stream directly over their mobile application, so that they can place bets in real-time and enjoy the live streams while cheering for their bets.

Betting Guide

For newbies, it is an intriguing feature. Having a guide is very relieving and helpful for beginners. The betting guide features all the necessary details about the entire process of placing bets. Besides, there is also detail about the teams and players playing the match on which bet is to be placed. Alongside, thorough information about every single player and the past record is also featured in a betting guide that helps you predict the results and place bets accordingly. So, if you are a fresher, you must look for this feature.

Cash Out

Cash-out is basically formulated for single bets, however, it can be used over accumulators and other multiples to give its best. Cash-out fundamentally saves you from potential damages in case of making a wrong choice. In fact, it has the capability to turn a losing bet into a profitable bet! Cashouts are being offered by every other betting app, so you can say it’s a must-have feature.

When you place a bet via an online bookmaker, a cast out is added to your bet slip. In the beginning, this amount is equal to stake but then it increases or decreases depending on the outcomes of your bets. A successful cash out is the one that lets you win the most money with the least possible risk taken.

Let’s suppose, you have placed a bet to win £100 for a team and it stays at 1-0 even after 75 minutes of the match, you are now offered £80. Now, you have to decide if you accept that £80 or go with your bet. In the latter choice, if the team loses you’ll end up with nothing. So Cash-out is basically a bet within a bet!

Digital Security

It is the most important factor to be considered while downloading an app for online betting. Mostly, people get impulsive when they develop an addiction to such apps. They start enjoying their fun and forget about online security. But the online world is not an ultimately safe place. It is not safe to share personal information online, especially details that are related to finances and bank accounts. That is why the authentication and license of an online betting forum are very important.

There are certain licensing commissions and authorities that regulate the betting forums and ensure the security of personal and financial details that the users provide. Complete encryption of the information is ensured i.e. the details you provide would never be seen or accessed by any other person and that includes their staff too! Besides, users are facilitated to create unique user names, password, face recognition technology, and fingerprint ID. The objective is to provide users with a safe user experience.

Money Deposition and Withdrawal

Your betting app account would not retain a sufficient amount for further betting always, there might be times when it would get empty. Under such circumstances, you need to deposit money but it is only possible when the app allows you to deposit money using digital means like credit cards or via e-wallets. The same goes out for money withdrawal. It is, in fact, more important as there is no use of your winnings if you can not withdraw the amount you have won in bets.

The aforementioned features are crucial and you must take them into consideration while choosing and opting for a digital betting application. Besides, you could consider other features too according to your preferences and convenience. Investing your time and energy over-complicated and shady betting apps having twisted policies is of no use!

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