Is Your Fire Protection Equipment and Supplies Up to Date?

July 15, 2020

One of the responsibilities of operating a business is to make sure your employees are protected in the event of a fire. That’s why you invested so much money in fire protection equipment and supplies in the past. Could it be time to make some updates? The only way to know for sure is to take a good look at what you own today. Here are some tips that will help.

Checking the Inspection Dates

You’re diligent when it comes to having a professional check your fire extinguishers and other equipment on a regular basis. Even so, you’re not always sure when the last inspection took place or what was included. Now is a good time to check the dates and also look over any documents that were prepared as a result. It could be that there’s something that needs your attention now rather than waiting until the next inspection takes place.

The General Condition Matters Too

Even if everything was fine when the last inspection took place, what’s happened since then? There’s the possibility that one or more pieces of equipment have sustained a little damage in the interim. That means it would be a good idea to conduct your own interim inspection.

If you do find signs of any damage, don’t assume it won’t hamper the performance. Call in a professional and find out if a repair is in order or if a replacement would be best.

When Was the Equipment Purchased?

Even items that are rarely used can stop functioning over time. When you evaluate the state of your fire protection equipment, do consider how long it’s been around. While it may still work, the equipment may not be as efficient as options that are on the market today. In terms of making sure your employees are safe, upgrading may be the best move.

For example, choosing to buy fire extinguishers to replace the old ones could mean having something on hand that’s easier to operate, more efficient in terms of keeping a fire at bay, and may even last longer before running out. All those factors could combine to prevent an injury or something worse if a fire should break out.

Is It Time to Add Something New?

The issue with your fire protection equipment and supplies is not what’s present. It has to do with what needs to be added. Maybe what you have was sufficient in times past, but it’s time to expand things a bit. This would be the case if you’ve changed the layout of the business to accommodate more employees. That could mean you need more extinguishers, additional fire sprinklers, and even more exit signs or emergency lights.

Take a good look at what you need today. If the supplies and equipment that’s on hand is no longer enough, it’s time to call a professional and invest in more.

Take the matter of fire safety seriously. If you’re not sure what needs to change or be updated, have a professional come in and conduct a full assessment. You’ll either find out that everything is fine for now or know exactly what needs to be done to keep your employees safe.

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