July 15, 2020

What Could I Do With My Finished Basement?

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Choosing to finish the basement was only the beginning. Now you get to decide what purpose space will serve. There are quite a few different ways to make the basement into something that makes life around the house a little better. Here are some examples of what others have done with their Oakville basements.

Sleeping Quarters for Weekend Guests

You love to have company, but making a place for them to sleep does mean changing things around. One of the kids has to bunk in with a brother or sister, or the guest ends up sleeping on the couch. There’s no reason for either scenario to happen if you have a newly finished basement.

With a little inspiration and decorating, the basement can be transformed into the perfect guest suite. Soft area rugs, comfortable bedding, and lamps to provide plenty of light will ensure the space feels cozy and inviting. Your guests will sleep better and the family members get to keep their rooms.

A Game Room for the Kids

Constantly telling the kids to pick up their games and put them away creates a lot of stress. Since you have some extra space now, why not declare the basement to be the family’s official game room? You can set up tables and chairs for them to play some types of games. In another part of the basement, you have monitors and equipment set up to play video games.

The genius of this idea is that the kids can always leave their games in the space when they decide to do something else. The rest of the house remains tidy and no one has to see the basement unless you allow them to go downstairs.

Your Own Movie Theater

Recreate the theater experience by using the basement as space for a widescreen and plenty of comfortable seats. Add in speakers that emulate that sensation of being surrounded by sound, much like a traditional movie theater. Complete the effect by keeping popcorn, sodas, and snacks on hand. Whenever you feel like a change of pace or want to watch a movie as a family, you’ll know where to go.

A Craft Room

Being the creative soul that you are, it’s no surprise that there are two or three craft projects going on at one time. The thing is that you get tired of having to bundle everything up and put it away in order to use the dining room table. If you had your own craft room, that sort of thing would not happen.

Why not convert the basement into a craft room? Once the initial Mississauga basement renovation is done, add shelving and cabinetry to hold all of your craft supplies. Round things out by investing in a sturdy table that provides plenty of room to spread out your project. When you’re finished for the day, go upstairs and close the basement door. The project and your supplies will be waiting when you have more free time.

These are only some of the things that can be done with a finished basement. Call today and have a contractor provide a quote for the finishing. While the work is underway, you can decide how to make the best use of the additional space.

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