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May 12, 2020

Have you participated in the previous sweepstakes where you had to wait for weeks to get your prizes? Here is some good news for you. Imagine participating in a sweepstake and winning instantly?

In this review, we have prepared plenty of information for you. Once you purchase any can or a pack of Juicy Juice, then you stand a massive chance to win the most sought after rewards instantly. We will also address the procedure in which you can participate well and get the best out of the competition.

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Juicy Juice
Juicyjuicegame Review

Name: Juicyjuicegame

Description: The Juicyjuice company has been there since 1977, and the best quality of their juice brands have always seen kids remain happy. The company boasts in producing the sweetest and excellent quality juice that beats competitors by far. They use natural fruits and have surpassed the safety tastes hence great products for you and kids. The company is inspired by the childhood memories that captured excitement when juice was presented. So they want you to show love to the kids as well. Juicy Juice has a game for all the customers who purchase their products. The game aims to reward the effort and time you take to promote the products. It is here to help you share the joy with kids. You have plenty of rewards from the company that will help you cut costs, especially when taking kids out.

Juicyjuicegame Review

The participation will see you win tickets for the Toy Story Four so that the kids can enjoy the movie at zero cost.

Why participate in the Juicy Juice Game?

We have had a lot of promotions from a variety of companies, but what Juicy Juice gives us is a game to salute. It is one of the few simple games that everyone can participate in. Well, while you take part in this game, remember that you can win millions of prices for yourself and your kids.

Also, the promotion is easy and has simple rules, unlike other surveys that require you to ascend to tens of rules and requirements.

This Juicy Juice Game is an instant win game. You don’t have to wait for months of drawing and meet a lot of requirements before you get the final prize. You get a congratulatory message and then after that, you can now claim the reward by filling in a specific form on their site.

You can participate in the comfort of your home. Once you make the purchase, carry it home, and when relaxed, take your phone and enter the code. It is simple and won’t take the entire day. A few minutes and you are done.

The company behind the promotion is a legit company and has a record of rewarding the buyers in every promotion. At no point will you doubt the authenticity of the promotion. Just dive in and increase your chances of winning.

You are also ready for immense support from the customer care team who are there to guide you through the process if you are facing difficulties. Besides, they have provided their contacts, so it is easy to call in and get directions on your problems.

The promotion also allows you to get the juice products at affordable costs. This is a massive saving if you are on a budget like me. Therefore, you need the juice more than ever.

Eligibility criteria and rules

If you are ready to take part in this game, then you need to read and understand the rules of the game. This eliminates the chances of getting disqualified.

  • You must be 18 years and above to take part in the survey as this is a legal age for the game.
  • You need the code for participating and an entry for you to win
  • You need a phone to submit your entry
  • A strong, internet connection is also vital, and hence the need to check the strength before you start.
  • Have at least ten minutes to read through the procedure and take part in the survey
  • You must be a legal resident of the 50 United States of America and the District of Columbia.
  • Either purchase or not depending on the mode of entry
  • Provide your contact details including phone number, full names, city, state and email address.
  • Have basic knowledge English


  • You must enter the promotion with a single entry per day and more that one will lead to disqualification.
  • The prizes you win are nonexchangeable and nontransferable
  • You are not to tamper with the website information as it is punishable by law
  • If the state prohibits the survey, then it will be canceled
  • Failure to meet the rules above automatically disqualifies you


Just like other sweepstakes, you are entitled to an equal chance of winning the reward. This promotion is a bit unique since there are plenty of rewards for many participants. Therefore, you are sure by the end of the promotion; you will have won something. Note that there are over 12 million prizes to be won. Below, find some of the rewards available for you.

We have 20,000 first prizes that reward a movie ticket to kids to watch the Toy Story 4 or any other movie in the participating theatres. The ticket is valued at $8 approximate retail value.

2000 second prizes which comprise of juice vouchers. You can redeem them and get your reward at the participating outlet. They are valued at $3.99.

2000 third prices. These are valued at $10 each and comprise the Mattel Toy Story 4 Toy, where you will take the kids to watch a movie.

The fourth prizes are the majoring that sum up to 12,011,000. They feature a downloadable activity pack created by Juicy Juice and have a value of $ 0.01.

How to take part in the promotion and win instantly

There are two methods that you can use to acquire the code and submit your entries for you to win the reward.

Method 1

Make a purchase

This requires you to purchase the juice products. You will get the promotion code. The participating products are 64 oz. Juicy Juice or 8 Pack of 6.75 oz. Juicy Juice juice boxes. You will get a printed code inside the bottle wrap for the 64oz one while the 8 pack has a printed code inside the wrap cover.

Method 2 via mail

This method requires you to make a mail code request. You will handwrite your details, including full names, phone contacts, physical address, and email on a piece of paper, then mail to Juicy Juice “Enjoy Juicy Juice and Instant Prizes” Instant Win Game Code Request, Dept. M3721, P.O. Box 4006, Grand Rapids, MN 55730-4006. Your request will be processed in 5 working days, and after that, you can participate in the game.

Now, it’s time to participate since you have the code with you. Visit www.juicyjuicegame.com to access the registration form. Fill in the personal details then enter the code. After that, submit it to get your rewards instantly. Remember, one entry per person per day is the rule.

Once you have submitted the code, you will receive a winning message. Follow the instructions to claim your reward.



  • Instant win
  • Over 12 million prizes to be won
  • It is easy to participate
  • Code can be obtained in a variety of ways
  • You can participate in the comfort of your home


  • Eligible for the American citizens and those in District of Columbia only
  • Rewards not exchangeable or transferable
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How many times can I participate?

You have one entry per day regardless of the method you are using for the entries. So, know that if the entries exceeded will lead to disqualification.

Is the mail code request better than the purchase code?

Both have advantages. The purchase code is instant, while the mailing one will need some days to arrive even though it’s free.

How do I know that I have won the reward?

If you are a winner, then it is instant. Immediately you submit the code, you get a congratulations message that you need to follow up and claim your reward. The contacts you shared come in handy as there is a verification process to ensure that you are the real participant in the game.

How safe are my contact details?

The company is a famous juice producer, and this promotion has been there for years now. The existing great relationship between the company and the participants is based on mutual trust. The company keeps the contacts private and only uses them for sharing valuable information such as the winning information. Besides, you get updates on what is available on discounted prices and the current promotions.

I keep getting a message robot not allowed to play. What does this mean?

If you are having issues logging in and submitting the entries, then there is a problem either with the system or your account. They may be technical errors due to a high volume of participants trying to win tickets for their kids. You can try again at different times to log in and check if it’s working. If the problem persists, then reach out to the customer care center.



Now, taking your kids to the movie is just a juice away. Why wait when your friends are participating? Purchase your juice today and submit the code and win. If you want additional guidance, then feel free to use the contacts we shared to reach the company directly, or you can leave a reply so that we can guide you better.

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