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May 12, 2020

Have you bought or sold anything at 2nd & Charles? If not, then you are missing on treasured products. The company is there to help you sell and buy products in different categories. Now, if you have a musical instrument, books, and even electronics, then this is the platform. Aside from that, the company is ready to reward you for your feedback.


Name: Tell2NC

Description: The 2nd & Charles Company is one of America’s finest. It has an online survey where your feedback counts. You will voluntarily share your recent shopping experiences and win. The platform is simple to use and won’t be demanding, like the ones you have used before. It has all the guidelines you require for use. The store prides itself on rekindling the old memories by purchasing products in their original format. It started back in 2010 with headquarters in Hoover, Alabama. Currently, the company has opened an additional 14 stores in the USA to serve more people. Now, your honest feedback is critical to company development.

Tell2NC Summary

Note that the recent expansion meant more products, additional employees, extra outlets, and changes in services. This is what the company is interested in to find out how everything is working for you. Therefore, the survey relies on your ability to recall the treatment you got from the recent last visit to the store.

Why take part in this survey?

This is a question that comes to mind every time I want to participate in a survey. Note that different stores have their objectives when launching the surveys. Therefore, it’s key to know why you are taking part in the survey and if there is a breakthrough afterward. Similarly, the Tell2nc survey has plenty to offer you.

First, you are participating as a loyal customer to the store. The management is interested in your feedback to know how they are treating you and afterward continue with the best practices, improve on the current challenges, and stop the bad practices. So, that is how valuable your feedback is. Also, that’s why the company has an emphasis on getting honest feedback from you.

Additionally, you stand a chance to win lots of rewards and eventually enter into a sweepstake where you will walk away with the grand prize from the management. This is an effort to reward you for the time, honest feedback, and efforts you put in when working on the platform.

The survey is an online survey and hence easy to take during your free time in your preferred place. This survey will not eat into your precious time as it takes less than ten minutes to share your feedback and become a winner.

The questions rely on your experiences during your recent visit to the store.

The company is legit, and this is proof through the previous competitions where buyers have participated and won a variety of rewards. Additionally, the over 14 branches in the USA is a physical confirmation that you are dealing with a reliable company. Additionally, they have contacts and media sites where you can contact them in case you have concerns.

Lastly, there are guidelines on your eligibility and rules to guide the entire process. This differentiates the company from the scammers who want to get information from you and vanish.

Eligibility and rules

How do you know when you are eligible to participate in this survey? Well, we have shared some of the essential requirements below. You can read through and understand them. They will come in handy during the survey process.

● You must be 18 years and above to participate in the survey

● Be a resident of the 50 United States of America

● Have basic knowledge in English or Spanish

● You should not be an employee, representative, family member, or associate to the company as you will be disqualified.

● Have a recent purchase receipt with an invitation for the survey from the 2nd & Charles

● You need a gadget that accesses the internet for taking the survey e.g., phone, tablet or laptop

● A strong internet connection is vital as it enables you to participate fast hence saving time

● Be able to recall the recent visit experiences since the questions in the survey are based on them.

● Willingness to share the required information such as contact details so that the company can notify you of the grand prize winner.

The Survey Restrictions

● Before you take the survey, be informed that there are areas that are restricted and can lead to automatic disqualification.

● You are forbidden from exchanging or transferring the reward

● You are not allowed to take the survey on behalf of the actual visitor and vice versa

● The information on the survey site should not be tampered with as it is punishable by law

● If the federal laws restrict the survey, then it won’t happen in the restricted areas

● You must have only one entry per month for easy selection of the winner and reliable feedback

● Sharing false information leads to disqualification

● Failure to abide by the rules above leads to disqualification

Questions to expect

Here, we have shared some of the areas you will find questions. These are not the exact questions, but from the previous surveys, we noticed that most of the survey centers on these areas.

● How was the general hygiene of the environment around?

● What was the attitude and behaviors of the staff towards you?

● Were you satisfied with the overall prices and quality of the products?

● Once you made the order, how long did it take to get it?

● Was the payment method swift or not?

● Would you recommend friends to the store? If yes, Why and if No, then you can give a brief explanation.

● What are your recommendations and advice to the company management for improvement


● Once you have taken part in the survey, you will get a discount of $5 on your purchase

● The other rewards come in cash prizes as per the sponsor’s decision

● Additionally, you benefit from real-time information on the available deals since the company has your contact details.

Step by step guide on how to participate in the survey

At this point, you have information about the eligibility criteria, rules, and the general rewards you expect. Below are steps on how to take part in the survey.

● Visit the website 2nd & Charles Customer Service Survey to access the survey

● A welcome note inviting you for the survey is available on the platform

● Take a quick preview through the platform to get familiar with what is required

● Now have your receipt ready for use. Make sure its recent receipt

● Choose your preferred language between English and Spanish then click continue to enter the receipt information.

● Enter the four-digit transaction number, store number, date/time of visit, and total amount from your receipt and ensure they are accurate to avoid login issues.

● Press next to access the survey questions

● Respond to each question regarding the experiences you had during the previous visit

● Once you are down with the questions, share your recommendations for improvement

● After that, provide your contact details, including your phone number, email address, mailing address, and physical contact details. They will be used to share the winning information.

● Cross-check that every detail is correct then submit the survey

● You will be entered to the sweepstakes for a chance to win cash prizes

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • The survey has simple questions
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to complete
  • You can do it from anywhere during your free time
  • You have equal chances of having the grand prize
  • There is support from the customer care


  • If you are outside America and the eligible regions, then you cannot participate
  • You must purchase and have a code for entry
  • You can’t exchange or transfer the reward
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Tell2NC Center

Winner(s)Every Participant
Validation Code5 days
Prize Expiry7 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Espanol

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Why participate once every month?

The survey receives thousands of entries for buyers, and this requires time to read through the feedback and respond accordingly. Once you have submitted your feedback, it will get the required attention so that every section is taken into consideration. Having many entries can lower the quality of the responses required.

How long should I wait after winning the final prize?

Once you receive the notification that you have won the prize, you will need to wait for one week, and your prize will be in your possession. One week is a period for processing the reward for you.

Are there alternative methods for taking part other than the online survey?

No, there are no alternative ways.

How are the winners contacted?

Once a winner is in place, the company often shares the good news with the winner via the contacts provided. The winner will later pick their prize at the reward centers and even meet the team.

Do you share the contacts with third parties?

No, it's the company's obligation to keep the privacy of its users. Therefore, the contacts remain the property of the participant. In case the third party wants to use the contacts either for marketing, then your consent is critical. Overall, the contacts come in place when receiving and sending crucial information regarding the participation in the survey. The privacy rules are fundamental.

How do I work on login issues for a smooth response?

Login issues are rare but there. First, find out if the problem comes from your side by checking the internet connection, browser types, and rules available, especially the region. If your issue continues, then you can contact customer care for support.

How do I contact the support team for assistance?

The company provides several channels through which you can reach the customer care and share your concerns. They have social media platforms, mailing addresses, and direct phone lines. You can choose the one you prefer most to get the service you need.

2nd & Charles Customer Service Number: +44 (0) 15 3948 8100

2nd & Charles Customer Service Website

2nd & Charles Customer email



Finally, we end his review, knowing that you have adequate information to participate in the 2nd & Charles Customer Service Survey. This is one of the most uncomplicated surveys available. The requirements are not demanding hence easy to participate. The main requirement is to purchase and have the purchase receipt with you for participating.

We have also responded to your frequently asked questions, and hopefully, you will be participating worry-free. Now, visit the site and start winning. If you want to share something with us, then leave a reply in the comment box.

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