Know About NADRA Online and Apply for It

July 4, 2020

National Database and Registration Authority is a self-governing established agency by the government on March 10, 2000. It is responsible for preparing a computerized system that operates independently and stores the information of 150 million citizens of Pakistan. This will allow over 96 million citizens registered in Pakistan to use the related services that come with this card. The CNIC, a computerized national identity card, given to Pakistani citizens is issued by NADRA.

What Are the Benefits of Getting NADRA Card?

This card is not necessary but it guarantees its users the following benefits:

  • Setting up businesses
  • Making online transactions
  • Disbursement of pension
  • Getting a SIM card
  • Availing services of electricity, water, and gas
  • Getting admitted to colleges for undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • Electing their leader
  • Getting a driver’s license issued
  • Purchasing train or flight tickets
  • Issuing a passport

These are the most important benefits of getting a NADRA Card online.

What are the Basic Requirements to Apply for NADRA Card Online?

According to the NADRA online website, Pakistani citizens can apply for a NADRA NIC at any of the NADRA Registration Centers (NRCs). On the other hand, for SNIC, it is applied through NADRA’s Pakidentity website (Pakistan n.d.a).

The NADRA Online website states that the following documents are required to apply for the initial registration of SNIC.

• Original (NIC / SNIC) / National ID Card [NICOP] / Parent’s smart national ID card for overseas Pakistanis. Besides that, one original document such as child registration certificate/matrix certificate/mark sheet/passport

• Proof of CNIC form by relatives or relatives.

Some Most Important Features of Smart National Identity Card

NADRA, which was previously introduced as a computerized national ID card, came up with the idea of replacing all existing ID cards with newer versions of the smart national ID card (SNIC). It is now known as Pakistan’s first national electronic ID card. It includes a data chip and a great package of 36 security features. SNIC can be used for both online and offline identification and other services. Authorities are aiming to immediately replace all existing CNICs with SNICs.

Know About Its Security Feature

SNIC has 36 security features on the card, making it one of the most secure cards in the world. It is printed in multiple layers, each layer has security features. The chip is encrypted by NADRA efficient software developers, so it stores information and follows a set protocol. When the card is placed in the card reader by the holder, both the card and the card reader verify their authenticity. In addition, the cardholder’s fingerprint is required in case both verifications are successful. Therefore, your ID and information are protected by the NADRA card.

What is the Validity of CNIC?

These cards are generally valid for up to 10 years. If your NADRA card expires, please renew it within minutes on the given website or visit each office. Therefore, apply for NADRA Online and get its all the features.

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