Nevada Casinos After COVID 19

July 4, 2020

Nevada casinos. Before COVID 19, it was crowded, people were everywhere. You can’t even breathe without breathing into someone’s face. There was an atmosphere of fun, gambling, and noise.

But the virus has changed everything. Even in Nevada. Now, there are fewer people, the gambling areas are emptier, and the children aren’t playing in the pool anymore. Now, the word that we all have learned is social distancing. It is important for you to know and understand how Nevada hotels and gambling areas are going to be after the COVID 19 lockdown is lifted.

Nevada with the COVID 19 virus

Just like the rest of the world, Nevada has put on a standstill because of the COVID 19 virus. For weeks, there weren’t people insight. No one in the hotels, in the swimming pools, or at any other attraction site.

But like everything that is ending, so is the COVID 19 lockdown. And even if COVID 19 is going to pass, some things are going to change. Especially in public places. Putting Nevada first, because of all the hotels and resorts. Nevada will never be the same after the virus as what it was before the virus. For some a good thing, for others a bad thing.

Social distancing will be the new norm

Social distancing. A word that we are hearing now every single day. A word that didn’t exist a year ago. In Nevada, this is also going to be the new norm. No matter if you are going to be in one of the most popular and busiest casinos, or the best hotel in the city.

Social distancing will mean fewer people, more distance between people, fewer children in pools.

There will be fewer people allowed at these places

There will be a lot fewer people allowed in places. Places like restaurants, hotels, swimming areas, outdoors, etc. Crowds will not be allowed anymore and it is important for you to obey the rules. There are serious consequences for those that don’t follow the new rules and regulations of COVID 19.

This also means that hotel owners are going to get less income. Meaning that they might increase their prices. Making it harder for people to go on holiday and to visit Nevada and to enjoy a weekend away.

Larger spaces between gambling machines and between people

One of the things that have changed, is the gambling machines. These machines aren’t standing side by side anymore. There is a meter or two-meter space between each machine. This is again for social distancing. To prevent this disease from spreading from person to person.

If you think that you are going to sit close to a loved one, while playing on a gambling machine, then you are in for a nasty surprise. This will not happen very soon. Not in a huge and busy city like Nevada.

More police and security that will ensure social distancing

In the streets, in the malls and even in the hotels and attraction areas there was always police and security. To protect tourists from attacks and theft. Now, after COVID 19, there are going to be even more police and more security. But, not for your protection. For ensuring social distancing.

To make sure that no matter where you are or what you are doing, that you are following the rules and regulations of social distancing, of protecting yourself and other people from the virus.

Table and card games will be different

When it comes to the table and card games in the gambling areas, some strict rules and regulations need to be followed. This is to make sure that social distancing is being followed and that health and safety are put first. These are the things that are going to change.

  • They need to limit the number of players per table. Different tables have different limits.
  • No crowds are allowed to watch the game at the table anymore. Not even family and friends.
  • Cards and chips need to be sanitized regularly and each player needs to use sanitizer before playing.

COVID 19. The virus has changed everything, everywhere. Even in Nevada. This isn’t the place for crowds anymore. Casinos and land based gambling aren’t the keywords anymore, social distancing is. Anything you do, everywhere you go, this is what you will hear. Social distancing. But don’t worry, this isn’t just the case in Nevada. The virus has changed the whole world.

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