Mirror surfaces as interior design accents

February 4, 2021

Interiors of homes showcase a lot of amazing objects, but the most unusual of them are mirrors. Indeed, their look gives a place for a little magic, mysticism, functionality, decorative features, and many other qualities. Mirrors in the hallway or bathroom, the bedroom, and nursery – let’s see how real professionals use them in interior decor.

For now, let’s postpone the discussion on the mystical properties of mirrors and focus on their practical and useful characteristics. Designers advise not to forget about them when decorating interiors – they are a great opportunity to create the illusion of unlimited additional space.

The second remarkable and very necessary detail of mirrors is their ability to reflect the rays of the sun. This quality is useful in dark and poorly lit rooms. The mirror can be placed at such an angle that the light diffused by it will illuminate all the dark corners of the space, thus giving new life to the interior.

Moreover, with the help of a specific arrangement of mirrors, you can achieve extraordinary decorative effects. You can create the impression of an abundance of objects in the environment or achieve the effect of an endless hallway. Such design solutions always look unusual and original.

Plus, the presence of a mirror in a living room gives rise to a feeling of security, as it allows to see the parts of the room that are not accessible to direct vision. You’ll always be aware of what’s going on behind your back or, say, at the front door. At the same time, such a fragile object can instantly ennoble a room and give its interior space elegance and lightness.

Where and how to hang mirrors

Interiors, where large mirrors are simply attached to the wall, are not uncommon today. For a common room, this method is a safe and simple one.

But we don’t go the simple way. Why not just hang a mirror in the living room? The answer is trivial – interior walls are often not as reliable as solid furnishing. The solution to this problem is installing a mirror as a part of a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a table with a lamp in a beautiful shade, and other items.

But if you don’t like the simple, glossy beauty of a usual mirror, you always have the freedom to enhance it by yourself. To decorate such an interior detail, use several techniques:

  • painting;
  • mosaic;
  • film collage;
  • merging;
  • sandblasting.

On the mirror surface in a living room, one can apply floral abstractions, a natural landscape or an imitation of a stained glass window or a panel.

Moreover, if you are the owner of a luxuriously decorated bedroom with natural wood flooring and furniture, a soft leather-wrapped corner, and other gorgeous accessories, you can safely add a stained glass mirror to the interior decor, emphasizing the richness of the place. For minimalist interiors, the ideal solution will be mirror with sandblasting paints.

Fireplaces and mirrors

Fireplaces in living rooms are not uncommon today. By tradition, the owners of such an exquisite room place chairs, accessories, games, and other trifles near the fireplace. But space above is empty, and usually looks not very attractive.

Save the situation again, with the help of a mirror. Put candlesticks on the fireplace, and let the fire of the burning candles reflect in the mirror surface. This will improve the lighting, while thoughtful flames help get rid of pressing problems and make one relax and calm down. By the way, a mirror placed over the fireplace in the living room will fully reflect any statuettes, watches or other collectibles, so you can contemplate them all from your cozy armchair.

Mirror wall

This solution will help create a comfortable interior in a small living room. One of the wall surfaces can be completely or partially hidden under the mirrors. Ideally, place the mirrors on a wall opposite the window, as this will make the room lighter and fill the space with natural warmth.

Mirror tiles

The only “but” in this situation is that such a tile, most likely, will have to be ordered privately. Still, it is not so difficult to cut such material to the sizes provided, so this interior refinement will cost you inexpensively.

Mirror on the ceiling

The mirror ceiling is the best way to make a room higher. In this case, you have to act more carefully. Do not overload the ceiling space with this design, use small pieces of mirrors to make the resulting finish a real decoration of the interior.

Mirror Gallery

This option of using a mirror in the decor of a living room is similar to the technique described above for decorating a wall, only the don’t consumables look like parts, but real mirrors in their own frames. This technique is good in rooms with excessively high ceilings because the chaotic arrangement of the decorative elements helps “break” the wall into separate areas and make it a little shorter. Decorated in such a simple way, a living room immediately becomes much more comfortable.

Composition techniques

Mirrors can be part of decorative compositions. Trapped in the same type of frame, they can be presented as a block of photos hanging on the wall. The center of the composition can be made of a large mirror, already hung in the living room. It is simply surrounded by other different forms, in the same texture.

Mirror furniture

To become an ornament of the interior, mirrors do not need to be hung on the wall. Such beautiful surfaces can sparkle on furniture. The traditions of such items came to us from Venice. It was there that, for the first time, the manufacturers tried to cover the walls of cabinets and dressers with glass. It is good that their relevance has not diminished today.


Mirrors in our homes often dissolve in the interior, remain unnoticed and ordinary objects that do not cause associations and emotions. Even a wall mirror in the living room that we’ve talked about earlier will not represent aesthetic value unless you put it in a nice frame or decorate its surface. Then, it will instantly turn into a real masterpiece.

Use your imagination, consult with specialists and create a fabulous atmosphere in your home without spending a lot of money and effort. Do not forget, everything ingenious is simple! And if you’re looking for the most exquisite mirror element for your home, the solution is as simple as putting two and two together! Just access homeydesignstore.com and start your shopping journey right away!

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