MyMichaelsVisit Is The Official Michaels Customer Survey To Win $500 or 25% Off

January 21, 2023

The Michaels Companies are one of the largest arts and crafts retailers in North America. Founded in 1973 by Michael J. Dupey, the company started as a single arts and crafts store called the ‘Michaels Store,’ which later became the symbolic brand of the organization. Other subsidiaries and brands include PatCatan’s (Focuses on home decor), Darice (Premium wholesale distributor), DSI, and Artistree (Custom Frames).

MyMichaelsVisit - Michaels Customer Satisfaction SurveyMichaels Companies have multiple e-commerce websites. Each one of them is dedicated to one of its stores. These websites include,,,, and The Michaels Companies have a very active social media profile. They also have mobile applications so that customers can easily shop whenever they want from any place across the United States, Canada, China, and Hong Kong.

Michaels Stores are globally headquartered in Irvin, Texas. They have 50,000 employees working as team members for its 1200+ operational stores with seven major distribution centers across the United States of America, Canada, China, and Hong Kong.

The company has a creativity-driven approach when dealing with its customers. It aims at making people happy by providing them with simple and innovative arts and crafts solutions and offering its employees an opportunity to learn and grow. The Michaels Companies and Stores also believe in giving back to society and thus have partnered with charity organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club of the United States of America and Boys & Girls Club of Canada to nurture critical young kids.

With so much already on its plate, Michaels Stores has a lot to offer its customers and keep their loyalty intact; the company offers many discounts, coupons, gift cards, and a customer survey leading to various prizes. This customer survey feedback program is called ‘MyMichaelsVisit.’


Name: MyMichaelsVisit

Description: The MyMichaelsVisit is all about customers providing their feedback through an online questionnaire to Michaels Stores about their outlets' performances in terms of customer support, the cooperation of the staff on the ground, and the quality of products offered. The company then uses this data to foster better customer interactions in the future and improvise its product lines.

The only mode of taking MyMichaelsVisit is online through the website: survey can be filled in multiple times within seven days of the last purchase at any of the Michaels Stores.

How to Enter the Michaels Stores MyMichaelsVisit?

To enter the Michaels Stores online survey, you first need to purchase at any of the Michaels Stores outlets and save the receipt. This receipt consists of a 22-digit survey code required to enter the customer feedback program and is valid for seven days after the purchase.

Once you get home, switch on your preferred device and log on to the survey website: Upon landing on the website, you will be asked to enter a 22-digit survey invitation code into the provided boxes. You will be selected from any of the three languages to take the survey: English, French, and Spanish. After you have entered the code and selected the language of your choice, press the red-colored ‘Start’ button.

Now that you have entered the survey, honestly answer all the questions related to products, services, customer support, and your experience with the staff. Upon completing the survey, press the ‘Submit’ button and receive a coupon code. Please write it down on your receipt and take it with you the next time you visit a Michaels Store.

You can use this coupon code to avail of different discounts and prizes at your next purchase at any of the Michaels Stores. For details, you must check in with the Team members and educate yourself about the latest offers. A 25% discount coupon or a $500 gift card is being offered as a reward for taking the online customer survey.

You may enter the unlimited survey times; however, remember, one complete survey equals one entry/prize. It would be best if you made multiple purchases to get multiple receipts accompanying the survey codes to win multiple times.


Prizes may vary according to the offers being made. Currently, the offers printed on the receipts show prizes of a $500 worth monthly gift card or a 25% discount coupon.

Rules & Eligibility Criteria

  1. Participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Participants must be the United States of America, the District of Columbia, and Canadian residents.
  3. The participants can use one receipt for one entry only. This means that to fill in multiple surveys. The customers would require multiple purchases. The receipts following these purchases will contain the respective survey entry 22-digit codes. By entering these codes, the entrants can take the surveys multiple times.
  4. You can only attempt the surveys in 3 languages: English, French, and Spanish.
  5. A Purchase is required every time to enter the survey.
  6. The purchase receipt is valid for seven days only.
  7. The discount coupon is valid for 30 days only.
  8. Void where prohibited.
  9. You must write down the code provided to you on the receipt and present it at the time of your next purchase to avail of the discount offer.
  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • Good jewelry collection.
  • Good arts & crafts collection.
  • Lots of deals every week.


  • Average customer service.
  • Hard to get help in-store.
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MyMichaelsVisit Survey Center

Grand Prize$500 or 25% Coupon
Validation Code7 days
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase Yes
LocationUSA, Canada
LanguageEnglish, Espanol, French


What is MyMichaelsStoresVisit?

MyMichaelsStoreVisit is a customer satisfaction survey and feedback program undertaken by The Michaels Stores to improve the quality of customer service and products. The feedback provided by respondents in this survey helps the management at the Michaels Store to assess their current performance and take measures to make it better further.

Who can take the MyMichaelsVisit survey?

Anyone 18 years or older who has made a recent purchase at any of the Michaels Stores outlets located within the geographical boundaries of the United States of America, District of Columbia, and Canada can take this survey.

When may I take the MyMichaelsVisit survey?

The validity period for your purchase receipt is seven days. This means you must take this survey within 7days of your purchase.

How May I take the MyMichaelsVisit survey?

There is only one method to take this survey: online through the survey website mentioned earlier at two spots.

Can I Still take the MyMichaelsVisit survey if I am not proficient in English, Spanish, or French?

Unfortunately, this survey is currently unavailable in any language other than the ones mentioned.

6. May I enter Multiple times in the MyMichaelsVisit survey with one receipt?

No, you need multiple survey codes printed on multiple receipts to enter multiple times.

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