October 28, 2019

PaidViewpoint — Online Paid Surveys Legit or Scam?

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At this time and day, the internet is a significant part of what we do in a day. What if that time you spend online, you get paid? It’s very much, and you don’t need much to start earning. Companies are continually conducting surveys online where you answer simple multiple-choice questions and get paid.

PaidViewPointPaidViewpoint is one of the legit survey websites. The good thing with it is, you do not have to use your real name . they make sure your privacy is maintained. Apart from that, it makes all your payments in cash. What’s even more enticing is that they do not ban anyone from the survey after you get started. They make sure the surveys they give are entertaining, so it’s not only about the survey but entertainment too.

When you take part in a survey, you get to help companies improve their product. A survey is also a way of marketing new companies and new products. Nowadays, there are a lot of scam survey sites, all promising you money. It’s crucial to ensure you sign up for only the legit ones.

The best way to determine a legit survey is by checking what you are getting after the survey. With an online survey, you only get a fair amount of points. If a survey is offering an unrealistic reward, the chances are that it’s a scam.

PaidViewpoint Review


Name: PaidViewpoint

Description: AYTM (Ask Your Target Market) operates PaidViewpoint. AYTM helps businesses and entrepreneurs to build their businesses and market their products. In return, they create employment, and thus the economy is improved. All this is made possible by those who take part in the survey.



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About PaidViewpoint

PaidViewpoint is a survey website operated by AYTM. AYTM is a company that was created by David Handel. He came up with software that could perform the survey automatically.

By using the software, the company is paid by businesses and other companies to perform surveys on their behalf. That way, these companies can improve their products and understand the market.

Companies use AYTM because their survey is performed in a short time and is more accurate compared to other surveys done manually.

With PaidViewpoint, you get to help companies improve and get paid. You also give your opinion without being victimized and even get paid.

The good thing about PaidViewpoint the survey is something you’ll enjoy doing. The questions they ask are simple and don’t require Google to answer them. What’s more? It’s something that you’ll do in the comfort of your home.

With fewer requirements and fewer rules put in place by PaidViewpoint, anyone can take part in the survey and get to earn some extra cash. You cannot be rich by taking part in the survey, but who wouldn’t mind having extra money? Go check it out; you never know it may turn out to be your next hobby.


The PaidViewpoint has its own rules and conditions. Before you sign up and enter the survey, you should make sure you agree to those terms and requirements. Apart from standards and requirements, surveys from different companies come with their rules and requirements. Make sure you agree to their terms before starting the survey.

Some of the terms are:

  1. One can only redeem the rewards after reaching a minimum of $15.
  2. You should have a PayPal account where the payment happens. Note, one person can only use one PayPal account. Your telephone number is linked to the account. This way, your telephone number will be used to verify your account.
  3. You can change your telephone number or email address linked to your account. You can also freeze your account to withdraw your cash in 3 months and change the number when unfreezing. It’s advisable to change the details when the account points are zero.
  4. If your account is canceled, the rewards too are canceled.
  5. Opening more than one member account will lead to the closure of all other accounts. Surveyors are interested in getting the opinion of one person linked to one account for accuracy.
  6. There is a limitation of the survey you take in a month. PaidViewpoint believes if you take too many surveys at once, you may not give accurate information.
  7. You need a smartphone or a laptop since the survey is online.
  8. You need access to the internet.
  9. Only people above 18 years are allowed to take part as their opinion is sober and have more experience.

Once you agree to sign up wonPaidViewpoint, you agree to abide by the rules and terms by it. If, in any case, the website closes for no reason, all the points that were not redeemed disappear, and you can no longer withdraw.

Apart from the rules PaidViewpoints have put in place, a different survey may come with specific rules and regulations. Those taking part in the survey are expected to follow the rules.

Process of signing up

  • Visit the PaidViewpoint website and click on the link that leads to signing up
  • Enter the details required. Your telephone number will be needed as it is the one used in making sure you are a real person and only have one account.
  • In case you have a problem when signing up, you can contact the PaidViewpoint on their website and ask for help.

How to earn in PaidViewpoint

When you sign up as a new member, a bonus is deposited into your account. The bonus depends on which country you are in. US citizens get paid $1.

Every survey has a fixed amount of money located to it. PaidViewpoint divides the amount among participants of the survey depending on the trust score of the participant. They also regulate the payment to make sure new members get a fair share of the money. Participants with the highest trust score get the most top points.

Trust score

Unlike other survey websites, PaidViewpoint has its unique system that helps in determining points and also helps in improving the quality of the surveys. The system can detect people using software that answers the survey questions automatically.

The system also identifies people who are honest in the survey and who take their time to read the survey question. Due to the style of people earning more when they receive more surveys, most people may not read the questions asked in the survey, and they end up answering blindly. With the system, they evaluate the answer and find out which answers are honest and award the person a higher trust score. With a high trust score, you earn more in the other surveys you participate in.

Apart from answering honestly, taking part in many more surveys will earn you more trust scores. This way, they feel like your opinion can be trusted as you are a frequent participant. To get your scores high, all you need to do is make sure you fill all your details correctly, especially your demographic position, and only change your details when it’s necessary.

Payment process

With a PaidViewpoint, they make sure all their payments are in cash form. Once you have earned your point before you redeem them, the points belong to PaidViewpoint in case you sign out. But once you have redeemed those points even after you have signed out, you can withdraw your cash.

PaidViewpoint has a limit of $15. It is the least amount you can withdraw. The payment takes 72hours, unlike other survey companies that take weeks to process their payment. Their payment is through PayPal account, so when signing up, make sure you have a PayPal account.


Once there is a survey, PaidViewpoint informs its members through emails. Once they log in, they will see the new poll. It’s not compulsory to take the survey. In a regular survey, one earns more, and there is the Traits survey that is available most times. Traits surveys help in increasing your earnings and also help in improving the trust scores. They are a collection of questions asked by PaidViewpoint so they can get to know you better. Those questions may include demographics, interests, etc.

The length of the survey

In most cases, one survey can take around 5-6 minutes. Each question in the survey has limited characters. Long, complicated, and classic questions are forbidden. Open-minded questions which require a typed answer are also limited. Questions in a survey range around ten questions per survey.


PaidViewpoint has a system where you earn by referring people and also earning 20% of what your referrals are earning. When those you refer also refer someone else, you also get to make 20% of what they make.

Those with 100 and more active referrals get added to their VIP community builders. Those referrals need to be members of PaidViewpoint for more than 30 days and must visit the website regularly. Those referrals need to be genuine people and real people. If any illegality is detected, you will not join the community.

The community comes with added advantages. You get to earn the highest points in the survey you take part in, and you also earn more points from all those people you have referred to. You can send the link given in your account to your friend so that you can attract more referrals.


  • Payment through PayPal only.
  • Surveys take 5-6 minutes


  • $15 minimum payment limit.
  • You have to answer some open-ended questions.
Payment MethodPayPal
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline, Referral

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Can I change my number or email?

Yes. The other option is freezing the account, and after freezing, you cannot make any withdrawals for 180days, but after unfreezing, you can use the new number. Your other alternative is changing your number when you have no funds in your account. This rule helps in regulating the account to make sure one person has one account.

Is there a limitation on how many surveys a person can take in a month?

Yes, there is a limitation on how many surveys a person can take part in a month. PaidViewpoint believes taking many surveys may not bring in the desired results.

How do I access my payment?

PaidViewpoint pays those who participate in cash handouts using PayPal or virtual incentives. With PayPal being in over 200 countries, it makes it possible.

How do I know when there is a Traits survey?

Traits surveys mostly happen after you open the PaidViewpoint account. You can also change the settings in your account to get notifications through your email when trait surveys are available. The other option is filling up the trait survey anytime you log in to take a regular survey.

How does PaidViewpoint determine how much you get after taking a survey?

How much one receives after a survey is determined by the trust score a person has. For new members, PaidViewpoint has an adjustment to make sure new members get equal shares. Using the trust score, they divide into different groups; the highest level of the group receives the highest payment.

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