October 28, 2019

GrabPoints Review — Online Paid Surveys Legit or Scam?

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Even with the current social media addiction globally, it may be a good thing if you are doing the right thing online. How much time do you spend online? What if I told you there was a way you could earn money online by just taking paid surveys? Exciting right?

GrabPoints – Earn Free Gift CardsGrabPoints is one way you will make money online without much struggle. You do not need any experience or any degree or diploma as long as you can read, then you are good to go. With GrabPoints, you answer multi-choice questions in a survey and get paid. At times you simply watch videos. There are several more ways to earn money with GrabPoints.

You will have earned money, helped a company improve its product, or helped it in marketing, and the best part is you did not waste time online. It’s a win-win situation for everyone and even better for you as you get paid for doing what you love.

GrabPoints Review

GrabPoints – Earn Free Gift Cards

Name: GrabPoints

Description: GrabPoints is a survey site. It was started in 2014 and has overgrown over the years. It so far has 4 million members and has paid awards worth 4million as of 2018.



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About GrabPoints

GrabPoints is a GPT (get paid to) site. It was started in 2014 and has snowballed ever since. It has 4 million members and thousands of followers on facebook and twitter. It has helped over 500 companies by performing surveys on their behalf and get paid and in turn, paying people to take part in those surveys. It aims to create a platform for users to have fun and get rewarded.

It helps companies understand the market and help in engaging the companies’ brand. It makes sure those companies working with them can reach their goals and objectives. It ensures high security to make sure the companies get high-quality information from the demographic they were interested in, and also, all the information they receive from their users is safe, and no one can misuse it.

GrabPoints is a site paid by other companies to perform surveys on their behalf. What happens is, when new companies are starting, they do not want to risk and bring new products in the market without knowing how the customers will behave. So they hire sites like GrabPoints to perform market research for them so that they can know if the consumers will accept their products or not.

GrabPoints, on the other side, pay people to perform surveys online about those companies. That way, the surveys are fast and more accurate as compared to companies doing it by themselves as they may not be able to reach all the targeted people.

GrabPoints only works with legit companies so you can be sure you are giving the information to the right people. Due to many scam survey sites on the net, you may be wondering whether GrabPoints is one of them. It is not a scam site. Once you have done your survey and acquired your points, you can redeem or withdraw them through your PayPal account.

Requirements and rules

  • A smartphone, computer or tablet
  • Access to the internet since the survey is online
  • Any participant should be 13years and above
  • One member is limited to one account
  • One member can only use one email address
  • Corporates and companies are not allowed to have an account on GrabPoints.

When using a phone, you will need to take the survey from the browser, as downloading the app on your phone might be quite challenging.

When you sign up with GrabPoints, they record your IP address. So make sure when signing up, you give the right information to avoid disqualification. Apart from the IP address, GrabPoints also takes the id of your device. It is a unique identification of your device. They use this information so they can be able to personalize the data you give.

GrabPoints does not take any personal information unless you sign in and offer the data voluntarily. They use emails or SMS to communicate in case there is any inquiry, or there is a change in any policy that may affect the participant.

In case you don’t follow the rules by GrabPoints, they have the right to terminate your membership. When your membership gets terminated, you will not be able to withdraw or redeem the points you earned. That is why all members are supposed to go through the rules and understand them and make sure they follow them as required by GrabPoints.

How to sign up

  • Visit GrabPoints site and click the link for signing up
  • You sign up using your email address, Google account or Facebook account
  • Fill in the registration form
  • Fill in your address and account details
  • After you have filled everything correctly, submit your details.

How do you earn on GrabPoints?

Once you qualify for admission to GrabPoints, there are many ways to earn. In each specific way, you get different points; some you get more and others less.

Below are some ways you can earn.

1. Survey questions

If you ever have taken part in other surveys, It’s almost similar. You answer multiple-choice questions and maybe a few explaining questions. It is an easy process where anybody can answer the questions asked.

In these surveys, you earn around $0.50 to $5. Every survey has its payment, the more the questions, the more the money. On average, a survey takes approximately 4-5 minutes.

2. Watching videos

GrabPoints has video channels from different topics. Topics like fashion, lifestyle, celebrities, movies, and many more. For you to earn, you watch the videos in GrabPoints channels. In one video, you will earn around $ 0.007. It is not much, but it’s almost free money. When you watch a couple of videos, the amount will end up being a reasonable one for doing almost nothing.

3. Taking offers

Signing up for a free subscription and free membership on other sites will earn you more points. Some sites will require personal details, but they pay much better. Others may request your credit card details, which is risky, but you can always cancel if you notice something fishy.

Be careful while taking offers; others may require payments. At times those that need payment may have a better deal where you get to earn way more than the registration fees, so it’s good to read through to see what each offer has.

4. Referrals

Some other way to get paid is by referring others to the GrabPoints site. When you refer friends to the site, you get points. You also get a certain percentage of what the friends you referred are making. If those friends refer their friend, you also get some points and a portion of what they get.

5. Downloading apps

Another way of earning on GrabPoints is by downloading apps that are given by the site. By downloading, you get points up to around 500. These points vary from one download to another. An example of apps one can download and get points are game apps and travel apps. At times you may be required to play the game to a certain level so that you can get the points.

6. Invite codes

When you enter the site using an invite code, you get bonus points, unlike when you directly sign up through their website. Apart from that, you get points from confirming your emails and answering demographic questions. It’s an easy way of getting more points. Make sure when signing up, you check out promo codes so that you can get your bonus points.

How does GrabPoints go about their payments?

Unlike other survey sites, GrabPoints has the lowest amount one can withdraw. The least a person can withdraw is $3, which is equal to 3000points. One can get their earnings through cash, which they send to your PayPal account. Apart from cash, GrabPoints also pays through gift cards, which they send through the emails.

GrabPoints processes your earnings in 24-72 hours, unlike other survey sites, which take almost four weeks to process the payments. Why should you take surveys on Grab points? The rewards are higher than other survey sites. Hence you will earn more points in a shorter period compared to the rest.

Rewards ordered and not received should be claimed in 3 months from the ordering day. After that, GrabPoints will not give you back your reward. In case your points were frozen for any reason, they will take around 15-45day before they unfreeze.


  • Joining the site is free
  • It is the highest paying site compared to other sites
  • Easy to use on any gadget
  • Easy and dependable paying process
  • Low withdraw cash limit


  • It takes a lot of time before you earn a reasonable amount of money
  • Some surveys are limited to specific demographics.
PayoutCash, Gift Cards
Payment MethodPayPal, Gift Cards
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline, Referral

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Is the site open for everyone?

The site is open for everyone from any part, but some surveys will need a particular demographic, and only people in those areas can take part in the research. People from Canada, the USA, and the UK will have more surveys due to there demographic, but the surveys are not limited. Apart from that, the survey is limited to people above 13 years since they are more mature and have more experience.

How much can I earn with GrabPoints?

How much one can earn using the site depends on the person’s effort. The more times you spend on the app, the more you earn. Also, choose the activities you take part wisely as some will earn more points than the others and take less time.

You will not get rich with GrabPoints. It is more of supplementary income to what you are getting. You cannot depend on it only to pay your bills, but it will save you a few coins.

How can one know the app is legit and not a scam like the others?

In case you doubt whether GrabPoints is legit or not, you can visit its website and check out testimonials from people who have used it, and they got paid. Apart from testimonials, the number of followers the site has achieved in 4 years is proof that people trust the app and are taking part in the surveys.

Do I need to take up a survey in the 30days period to avoid my account closing, or just logging in is enough?

Following complaints from a lot of users, the 30days ban was uplifted as of February 2019. Do not worry; you do not have to do anything to prevent your account from being closed.

What could lead to account suspension?

Your account could be suspended if you give the wrong demographic or false information during surveys. Your account can also get suspended when you do not cooperate with the GrabPoints team by providing your ID when your account is suspected to be a fraud.

No one would hate having an extra income, which doesn’t require much effort. Also, it’s good when choosing which survey to take, you choose those that have higher points. As much as you would most likely love to have high and big rewards, you should be able to tell when a survey is a scam.

Surveys are not only a form of earning income but also something that allows you to give an opinion. If you find a survey offering a significant unreasonable award, keep off, chances are the survey is a scam, and no one wants to waste there time doing surveys and end up not being paid.

When you sign up with GrabPoints, you are sure to get your payment and a reasonable payment in that case as it is the highest paying survey site. Apart from the good payments, you will be a part of the success of the company that you helped in the survey. It is because, through the surveys, you help companies understand the market field and be able to plan on what is best for it. This way, you get to give people a chance to enjoy affordable and quality services.

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