Pinecone Research Review — How To Sign Up, Take Surveys and Earn

October 25, 2019

Whenever you think about making extra cash, then think of Pinecone Research. Well, we have lots of survey websites giving out tasks all over the world. But first, you need to consider the ease of use for a selected site. You must know whether it’s as a scam or a legit website. Above all, you need to understand the requirements for your survey site of choice.

Pinecone ResearchIn this writeup, we shall focus on the Pinecone Research platform, which comes with many advantages for you to get more redeemable points. This will supplement your daily earnings. More so, you will encounter surveys that boost your knowledge on a variety of products worldwide.

One of the most compelling things is that you get to know about products before they hit the market. This means that you will be among the influencers who understand the products on the market.

In this review, we will cover more about the legitness of Pinecone Research, how to join, mode of payments, pros, and cones, and lastly, the frequently asked questions. With this in mind, you will have the information you have been searching for, sharing your opinion for re, wards.

Begin your journey with Pinecone Research, and get amazing rewards for your efforts.

Pinecone Research
Pinecone Research

Name: Pincone

Description: Pinecone Research is a survey platform owned by Nielsen Company that works with panelists to represent the option of product consumers worldwide. It’s one of the legit sites online as it takes a process to join. The survey site is one of the oldest opinion sites with a proven track of success as more products surveyed are going well on the market. You will find it as the most popular survey site, with many people frequenting it because it is legit.

What is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research offers rewards in point form. For every survey, you will get redeemable points and use them to get gifts or cash. This is one of the strict sites. They value the opinions very much and hence take time to review applications. This ensures you are the right panelist to represent the rest. Surprisingly, you don’t choose Pinecone Research; they choose you based on your demographic location. Once you have been selected, you will start the surveys and share your honest opinion for improved services.

Main Survey Products

Many survey sites will get you to give opinions on, and later on, send you the “you do not qualify” response. This is usually a waste of time, putting in mind that you have taken minutes to attempt the survey. For Pinecone Research, you will find it unique as the surveys are straightforward, and once you are selected, it means you have already qualified.

When you have the authority to take part in these surveys, in most cases, you will fill data online with questions coming from the specific products on the market. Besides, you will receive physical products to test and give your opinion. This stage of testing real products takes time, and you need to show your honesty in delivering online surveys. After this trust is gained, you will now start receiving actual products.

Once you complete testing the real products, you keep them, and this is another advantage for you. Therefore, the more you work hard, and with a consistency of truthfulness, then the considerations for real products will be yours.

Eligibility for being one of the Pinecone Research Panelists

You may have come across many survey platforms. Each platform has unique criteria for you to be a member. Some have strict rules and regulations, while others have a straightforward way of joining and taking part in the surveys. With Pinecone Research, there are a few criteria you need to meet before you become a panelist.

Ensure your demographic location is in Canada, Germany, the USA, and the United Kingdom. These are the regions that will increase your chances of taking part in the surveys. As the Pinecone Research expands, then other netizens will have the opportunity to register and start taking surveys.

Honesty is essential when taking the survey. Remember that Pinecone Research doesn’t just accept anybody. They pick you because they believe you will give an honest opinion of the products you are testing. The more you remain truthful, the more surveys you will take regularly.

Your preferred language should be English or French. With this specification, it will be easy for the required information to be interpreted well. Therefore you need to be fluent in either of the specified languages.

You need an active internet connection that can take you through 15 minutes uninterrupted. Well, the survey takes between 15-20 minutes and hence requires a reliable internet connection.

How do you earn with Pinecone Research?

Just like other sites, once you complete the survey, you are entitled to a reward. For this Pinecone Research, you will find it unique and more rewarding. Previously, you had a direct deposit into your account, but currently, the rewards come in terms of points. The survey you take earns you points that can convert to cash or merchandise.

For every survey, you will earn $3 credited to your account as easily redeemable points. Apart from receiving the $3 per survey, you will get access to other earning opportunities. Product testing will earn you $6 per product while you still keep the product for your use. Additionally, you will take part in the bi-weekly and bi-quarterly sweepstakes of $500 and $4500, respectively.

Modes of Payment

Different platforms have various ways of payment. We have some that take a long time to process payments. We also have those that take a few days to process your rewards. Well, Pinecone Research is one of the platforms that never delay your rewards. Once you have worked, then there is no need to delay your reward. This is what keeps the Pinecone Research platform active and real to its purpose.

Every survey you take comes in terms of points. As said earlier, each survey takes around 15 minutes. When you redeem the points, you can get them in terms of cash. Once it’s in cash format, you will benefit from the PayPal payments, which take around three to four days. You will also convert the cash in check format, which matures in 10- 14 business days. You can also cash out for gift cards specifically for Amazon.

The above modes of payments are familiar to everybody and hence make the whole Pinecone Research platform legit. We have people making money and benefiting from the surveys by taking some time while relaxing and taking up a survey. We won’t promise you that the surveys will make you rich. However, you will find it sufficient for servicing some of your daily projects, such as buying food and clothes. You can still use the cash for setting your small bills.

How to sign up for the Pinecone Research Platform

Well, before you start the survey, you need to sign up so that the Pinecone Research surveys can be yours. The signing up process is easy. First of all, click on the Pinecone Research link. It will redirect you to the official site where you can make inquiries about registration.

When it comes to registration, the process is straightforward. We will be discussing some of the requirements below. Keep in mind that getting to be one of the panelists isn’t easy; you have to earn trust. This is done by referrals mostly from those who are already panelists. You can still get the opportunities on banner ads online on unsolicited websites. This means that the actual registration isn’t done on the site. Once you have the link of registration, then ensure you have the following requirements.

Some of the requirements will be your location, which is primary in the registration. Your language should either be English or Germany. Also, you will require an active email address where all the surveys will be sent for attempting. Lastly, you need to provide your education level and occupation for your household members.

Once you have all these details, key into the specific boxes when registering and submit. You will have a confirmation message in your inbox. After registering, you will start receiving the surveys based on your profile and the specific demographic data. Remember that the platform is competitive, and your application might take days to be approved. The surveys base on specific age groups, genders, locations. Therefore, when you are selected, make sure your information is accurate as you will be representing individuals in that category.

If you want to get the best surveys, make sure the information you entered is correct and up to the required standards. The more accurate the information is, the higher the chances of getting more surveys. This will see you earn daily, which brings you closer to your financial goals.

Keep checking to find out the adverts based on regional registration. Note that the registrations are not often available, but when the need arises, they are sent through links. Therefore, always be aware of scammers on Facebook and other fraudsters online.



  • This is one of the legit survey platforms online. It offers the best payment platforms, such as PayPal and cash rewards. This means that the points you earn are easily converted to get you what you want.
  • Still, on the payments, you will realize that the surveys are well paying as you get $3 for an online opinion while product testing earns you $6 plus the product itself.
  • Multiple reward options are always available, and your earned points can be converted into movie vouchers, shopping vouchers, gift cards, and Amazon vouchers. You can also donate your points to the American Red Cross as a charity donation.
  • Once you have the invitation link, you will register for free and begin your surveys immediately. When you get a referral, it means that someone trusts you and hence the need to deliver an honest opinion.
  • You only get surveys that you qualify for. This means that you won’t get the frustrations that come with surveys that take your precious time only to be disqualified.
  • Another advantage comes in the simplicity of the surveys. People of all ages can easily do it. You won’t struggle with complicated terms as used in other survey platforms.


  • For those who used to participate in these surveys received cash in their PayPal accounts. However, the trend changed where you accumulate points that can be changed into cash or merchandise. That’s a long process.
  • The demographic location for the eligible members is also a hindrance. Countries allowed to participate are Canada, the UK, the USA, and Germany only. This locks out other people who are willing to take part as panelists.
  • The Pinecone research only allows a single account for a householder. This won’t make you rich. If you try registering another account, the system detects and blocks you from future opportunities.
  • Joining as a new member is not easy. When you compare with other survey sites, this one is restrictive.
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NamePinecone Research
PayoutCash, Check, Gift Card
Payment MethodPayPal, Check, MasterCard, Gift Card
Points Expiry12 months
Sign UpAd or Referral
LanguageEnglish, German

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Is Pinecone research legit or scam?

This is a legit platform. The platform is run by Nielsen Company, which deals with products and consumer services. They have had significant input in delivering people’s opinions and hence helping improve products.

Does age limit one from signing up?

In most cases, age bracket is critical as the provided surveys are age-grade types hence the need to have specific ages. For Pinecone research, we haven’t come across age restriction. You only need to enter accurate information.

Is it easy to register and participate as a panelist?

Well, this Pinecone research is one strict platform. They value feedback so much that their mode of joining the survey is a bit tough. You only need to have a referral or keep an eye on the adds.


If you are looking forward to promising side hustle, then this is your site. Pinecone research pays more than other platforms, and that’s why it’s popular. However, becoming part of the panelists is still hard. You only need to be always online to check on various upcoming survey promotions. Once you apply and you are contacted, then you will be among the lucky few.

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