PrizeRebel Review: Is It Legit and Worth Your Time?

October 25, 2019

When you think about earning money quickly, then surveys should be the first things on your mind. If you seek some assistance from Google on how to make money fast, then trust me, surveys would still top the list. The big question, however, is; Do these sites offer legit services? Or are they online scammers?

PrizeRebelSometimes it’s frustrating to give your details to a survey platform only to be redirected to many links purporting to offer you more tasks. All these are usually signs of scam alerts. There is a need to be keen when it comes to signing up for a survey platform. A survey platform should be legit and ready to reward you for your time. With this mutual interaction in place, you will find it easy to give honest feedback whenever a task pops up.

With this in place, we take a look at the PrizeRebel platform. We will have an in-depth review to understand the nitty-gritty details about PrizeRebel and how you can make more out of this platform. Just like other platforms, you will need to sign-up and provide your information to help in the process of allocating surveys.

We have dedicated our time to always reviewing the legit sites as they add value not only to you but to the people you represent when giving your opinion based on products and services on the market. The more you provide accurate and truthful information, the more you help improve the consumer’s world, and this helps the product manufacturers to improve their services.

To help you get a clear picture of the PrizeRebel platform, we shall focus on its legit nature, how to earn from the site, the ways you can log into the website, and the advantages of the site, among other things. First, let’s find out what this popularised PrizeRebel is.

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Name: PrizeRebel

Description: PrizeRebel is one of the big survey sites that give rewards and opportunities to earn by doing online tasks. The site is legit as it has had over ten years, with its inception dating back to 2007. It is located in the United States. PrizeRebel has over 8 million members. Recently, data showed that PrizeRebel had paid out over $18 million to the members.

What is PrizeRebel?

As much as PrizeRebel is in the US, it still has members in 183 countries worldwide. This continues to prove its legitimate nature and hence, a trusted company for surveys and online tasks. We have a lot of testimonials showing how people have continued to share their opinion, watch videos, and participate in other online activities with PrizeRebel.

The above data shows that the PrizeRebel has been in the survey game for a long time and still going strong. Therefore, joining such a platform won’t be a risk as the results speak for themselves.

With PrizeRebel, you will earn points that will later convert to what you want. We will go through offers that allow you to earn points on PrizeRebel. You will realize that each offer gives you a certain amount of points. The good thing is that you can choose what you want to work on as long as you provide an honest opinion for the best outcome.

How to sign up and use the PrizeRebel platform

Just like other survey sites, you need the login information before you start taking surveys and earning. This will require you to sign up and take the surveys. Well, the process is simple and will take approximately ten seconds. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection, click on PrizeRebel to access the site. You can choose to create a profile via Google email address or sign up using your Facebook account. All these are displayed once the site opens.

Once you have these details, agree to the terms and conditions provided once you go through them and start making money. At this point, you click on the section indicated “Start Making Money” for the Facebook sign-up, you will be required to give authorization to PrizeRebel to get your information and set up the process. This is the simplest one, as you don’t need to create a profile.

For the email section, you need to verify the account. Therefore, you will be sent a confirmation message into your email, and once you click on it, then you will be redirected to the official PrizeRebel site. From here, you will get directly to the profile page where you enter your information and the household information. Make sure all these are accurate as they will help in the surveys you get. All these take around two minutes.

The PrizeRebel Membership Levels

Well, before you start earning, you need to understand that this platform has categories of membership levels. The more you do these surveys and other tasks, the higher your rank rises. The higher you go on the rank, the more bonuses you get.

We have five levels, namely bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. You start from the silver level, and once you earn more points, you start climbing up the ladder. When you reach the gold level, your preferred reward is processed immediately. The best way to climb the ladder fast is to invite friends. With the gold level, you will also receive exclusive bonuses at the end of every month. These will see your rewards grow.

How to earn points

Once you have completed your registration process, it’s now time to start earning points. Note that these points can convert to gift cards, shopping vouchers, converted to cash for PayPal payments, and also sent to the bank directly.

Unlike other platforms that only offer surveys, PrizeRebel is advanced and will give you access to different sections where you will earn points. We will discuss each area in-depth as we help you understand the process and how to earn stress-free. These are the ways you will accumulate points.

  1. Paid surveys – This is the main activity on this site. Once you open the earn tab, you will see the section for surveys and offers. Click on your preferred survey and answer the questions. Before you attempt the survey, you will enter your profile data, which is supposed to match with what you created. This is to ensure that the quality is uncompromised, and the person taking the survey is you.
    After that, go directly to the survey and respond to the questions. Most of the questions will feature household items, and what you indicated in your initial registration process as you created your profile.
    Note that surveys can be more than one in a day. It all depends on your location and the profile match. On the survey platform, you will see different providers, and this gives you options to take the surveys based on your interest area. What’s great about this platform for surveys is that you can see the reward points before you attempt the survey.
    This site gives the highest rewards for surveys and hence ranks among the top when it comes to the survey’s popularity and attempts. You only need to be honest with your opinion, and this will help the product or service providers to bring in new products with your input in them.


  1. Paid offers – Well, when it comes to paid offers, you can be requested by the providers to buy a product or register for a website, for instance, a betting website. After that, you will get a bonus for you to use on a specified activity. When it comes to buying products that you don’t need, sometimes it sounds unrealistic. However, this could offer you excellent points to rank highly. At the same time, you will benefit from the product or the website you have registered to.
    You can get rewards by just logging in to a website or an app and perform an action on the app. You can even get a reward by commenting on facebook profiles or businesses. Well, these are things we attempt every day without pay. But when they come with points, then its a motivation to do more.


  1. Play Games and Earn – There are lots of games that you can download and play. These games have different points, and you will see them next to the game of your choice. You can choose to play games for a long time as well as those with a short time. The goal is to earn points.
    Most games require you to download and install then play. You can still follow the guidelines to ensure that your points come in fully. Moreso, you can still play a part in the game and earn some points.
    If you are a fan of games, then you will be paid for your hobby, which is a win-win situation.


  1. Perform tasks for pay – Tasks are small online jobs done for rewards. They don’t take most of your time. For this platform, we have Figure Eight Inc, which provides these tasks for attempting. You can go to the tab indicated to earn and dial tasks. It will redirect to different tasks that require you to check on websites, links, and corrections. All these ensure that the specific sites are working well.
    Note that the tasks are specifically for those who are patient. This is because they don’t give big rewards. However, as you continue doing them, the rewards keep on improving, and this allows you to get the best out of the tasks. You will graduate to the best levels with these point rewards.


  1. Watching Videos – Do you enjoy watching videos? There’s an option of watching them and get paid for it. The great thing is that you choose the kind of videos you want to watch. By watching a minimum of three videos, you get paid.
    The best thing is that you can watch as many videos as you wish. If you are using a computer, there is a way you can allow the videos to run one after the other. This section doesn’t guarantee you a lot, but it helps you add points to your earnings.


  1. Participate in challenges that come daily – When you open the platform before you start your daily roles, you will see a section for the day’s challenge. There are maximum points that you need to meet to win the challenge. The more you work hard, the higher your chances of getting the challenge done. Moreso, the higher your earnings and bonuses become.
    By taking part in this challenge, you will realize that your levels are going up very fast as you accumulate more and more points. Note that the challenge has a timeline, and therefore, you need to be within the required time to be able to get the bonuses.


Other than the given methods, there is also a raffle option where you buy a ticket and enter into a draw. If you earn a raffle, then prepare for an excellent gift. Lucky numbers are also available where you pick the number and find out the gifts. Besides, you will participate in contests that are also additional ways to earn points.

We have exhausted how you can accumulate points. Note that this PrizeRebel platform gives you a lot of ways in which you can grab as many points as possible. Therefore, it’s your time to choose what excites you.



  • Quick surveys
  • Instant Payout
  • Variety of payout options


  • Only good for small rewards
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How do I maximize my earnings?

When it comes to earning points, the PrizeRebel platform provides a wide range to choose from. We have options that go as far as taking surveys, participating in challenges, raffles, watching videos, and completing tasks. With all these options, you can get as many points as you want.

How can Improve my earnings level?

We have five different levels for you. At each level, you will get the advantages. The more you climb the levels, the better your position becomes. You will get more opportunities and discounts.

How much will it cost me to register at

This is a free site where you can register without worrying about charges or payments. It’s simple and straightforward registration process will get you closer to acquiring your points fast.


If you have the option to choose a better site for your side hustle, then PrizeRebel would be ideal. It comes with many earning options so that your points can build up quickly. It also features a straightforward sign-up way. More so, you will like the site that has a lovely design.

With the above details, you will agree that this is a legit site that offers opportunities for people worldwide. With a presence in over 180 countries means that it’s a worldwide platform. Take advantage of the free sign-up process and the less strict rules to sign up today at PrizeRebel and start earning.

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