August 9, 2019

Univox Review — Paid Surveys Legit or Scam? [2019]

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Having a side-hustle as an extra stream of income is the smart way to live today. As lives have gotten tough, have some extra cash does not sound bad. With the internet, numerous ways to earn extra have sprung up. One of the most common ways to earn some extra cash is by entering online surveys and enjoying great rewards.

Univox Paid Surveys SiteThere are innumerable survey-based platforms today that have taken over the internet but can these all be trusted? Of course not. You may find survey-based platforms online but there are chances that you may get trapped in a scam. If you are looking for the most reliable survey-based platform on the internet, the Univox Community survey is what you need!

Univox Review

Univox Paid Surveys Site

Name: Univox

Description: If you like the idea of earning money through online surveys, you may want to head to Don’t know what it is?

Founded in the year 2011, Univox Community has helped thousands of people make money through online surveys and many other options. Even though it is a survey site, you may find a variety of earning methods and choose the one that suits your requirements perfectly.

If you think that entering surveys at Univox Community will make you rich, you must get rid of the thought. Like all other survey sites, the money is not enough to make anyone rich, but it serves as a perfect side-hustle.



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Ways to Earn Through Univox Community Survey

To understand this survey site, you must go through all the possible ways that you can earn through. Of course, the most prominent one is filling surveys but it offers many other easy-to-complete tasks to earn some satisfying rewards.

Paid Surveys

The surveys, the major stream of earning money at Univox, lets you voice your opinions and rewards you for taking the time out. The number of surveys that you get on a daily basis varies from country to country. The frequency at which you will get to join surveys is comparatively lower but each survey pays a decent reward. If you live in a country where Univox offers a handsome number of surveys, you may get a chance to earn a great amount.

To enter a survey, each of the members of the Univox community will have to go through a screening process. That means that you will not be able to qualify every survey. Even if you do not qualify for a specific survey, just going through the screening process will help you earn some points.

The Contests

The second best option to earn points at Univox Community is the contests it offers to the members. A good thing about it as that these contests are added regularly. Every new contest is announced on Univox’s social media platforms. Keep an eye on the social media platforms and participate in the contests without spending any points. If you do not follow the social media very often, you can view the contents displayed on the website’s forum. For some people, the forum might prove to be a little confusing. Every contest offers different rewards. As compared to surveys, these contests do not pay so much.

There is a special type of contest on the website that is uploaded under the name “surprise me”. The winners of this contest are chosen based on their activity on the website, upon the number of surveys they have successfully completed. It is a great opportunity for those who are very actively participating in the surveys that the Univox Community offers.

Inviting Friends

One of the easiest ways you can earn bonus points through the Univox Community is by inviting friends. You can invite your friends, and for every friend that joins and completes one survey at least, you will get $1. After the first one, every survey your friends complete will help you earn 10 cents. Many surveys on Univox offers such a referral program, which is a great way to earn some money.

The Wall of Fame

A unique feature that is only available at Univox Community is its Wall of Fame. It is a type of leaderboard that displays the names of the most active member for the day and the most active member for the month. Every survey you complete, every contest you join, or any activity you become part of at Univox will result in you earning engagement score.

Your engagement score is the factor that will determine your rank on the Wall of Fame. The more your engagement score, the higher will be your rank.

For the most active member for the day, there is only one member who receives 25-200 reward points. There are 20 winners for the active member of the month, and the winners may earn up to 600 reward points.

Understanding the Membership Levels

There are four levels of membership in the Univox Community. The initial level is basic user, followed by the verified user, premium user, and to the final and the highest level which is the Ambassador user. The levels increases based on your activity on the website. By staying website at Univox, you can start off from the initial stage of the basic user and reach the ambassador user. The more active you are on the website, the higher will be your user level.

At a higher user level, you will enjoy some amazing perks. If you reach a higher level, you will get more invites for surveys, and even your chances at winning the contests will considerably increase. Moreover, at higher a higher level your payout threshold will drop.

The Eligibility Criteria

Before you sign-up at the website and register as the member of the Univox Community it is best that you go through the eligibility criteria and see if you can become a part of the community.

  • In order to join the Univox Community, a user must be at least 18 years old
  • All the surveys are available online, to enter the surveys the member must have a strong internet connection
  • It is available in 17 countries to make sure you visit the website to know if it is available in your country

Become a Part of the Univox Community

Eligible to become a member of the Univox community? Excited to sign-up and start earning? Follow these super-simple steps and start earning some extra money!

Step 1: Navigating to the Website

The first step to becoming a part of the Univox Community you need to navigate to where you will be able to register as a member.

Step 2: Fill in the Details

The next step is to click the “join” option which is present at the top part of the landing page. As soon as you click the option, it will take you to a new page. The page will contain all the fields that you need to fill to complete your registration process. Followed by some basic information, you will be asked to provide some detailed answer.

A question that might take you of the guard is about the DMA. Don’t know what DMA is? DMA is an abbreviation that stands for Designated Marketing Area. The United States of America is broken down in marketing districts and Univox wants to know the district you belong to. You can easily find it on the internet.

Step 3: Verifying the E-mail

The next step that you need to complete to become a member of the Univox community is to verify your e-mail address. A verification e-mail will be sent to you, by clicking on the link e-mailed to you, your e-mail address will be verified.

Step 4: Start Filling the Surveys

As soon as you verify your e-mail address, surveys will begin to show up at the home screen. You can click on the one that seems interesting.

Do you know that Univox rewards the users with 500 points if they complete their registration profile? Well, now, you know!


Univox Community offers three modes of payment including Tango Card, PayPal, Virtual Via, and Amazon Gift Cards.

The minimum amount of reward points that allow payout is 2500 points as the basic member. The payout threshold is highest at this level. At the ambassador level, the payout threshold reduces to 1000 reward points.

Before you start a survey, you will have to go through a screening process. Regardless of whether you qualify for the survey or not, you will be awarded 500 points. The best part is that at the time of registration, completing your profile will help you in earning 500 reward points. It is the highest as compared to any other survey site.

By choosing the “redeem points” option, you put forward a request for payout. In order to do this, you may apply for approval of your account which may take up to 15 days.

In case a member is not active for a long time, the reward points may expire. Therefore, it is best to request a payout as soon as you can collect the minimum redeemable reward points.


  • Becoming a member of Univox community is 100% free
  • Just by joining and completing your profile, you will be rewarded with 500 points
  • The website offers a loyalty program for its active members
  • Just being a part of the screening process will result in your earning 500 reward points, regardless of what the final results are
  • The disqualification rate is not very high


  • The rewards each survey at Univox Community offers is low
  • The payout threshold for a basic user is very high
  • Sometimes there is no option for a cash payout

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Who am I supposed to contact if I have any queries related to the survey?

The support team of the Univox Community is very active. They are quick responders on the chat and for a detailed query, you may e-mail the team at

What are the possible reasons for my disqualification from the survey?

There are many reasons due to which you may be disqualified and screened out at the initial stage. The reasons are;

  • The quota is full
  • The answers in the screening process do not match the requirements of the survey
  • Some surveys do not allow entry from multiple panels

What is the importance of user levels?

The higher your user level is, the lower will be the payout threshold. Moreover, at a higher level, you will get an increased number of survey invites.

Does the PayPal option work for the member from the United States of America?

Univox Community Survey offers the option for PayPal but there are certain terms and conditions that need to be followed. For the members from the United States of America who wish to use the PayPal option, must be premium level or ambassador level users.

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