Silver vs. Gold: Which Is Best for Children’s Bracelets?

June 23, 2022

Bracelets for children are popular for multiple reasons. Some parents prefer buying a bracelet for gender identification. At the same time, others prefer kids’ bracelets for medical conditions. At the same time, some parents use these as a keepsake for their kids. 

Whatever the reason is, children’s bracelets are always amazing jewelry pieces to get. 

Silver vs. Gold: which one is better?

When it comes to choosing the best jewelry for your child, there are multiple things you should understand. Here we will let you know which bracelet would be best for your children. 

So, here we go:

Which metal is better for a child’s bracelet?

Solid gold and sterling silver both are great for children’s bracelets. It is mainly because both of these precious metals are hypoallergenic. Therefore, these can minimize the risk of an allergic reaction. 

Most importantly, precious gold metal with 14k or more gold content can also work great for bracelets for kids. 

Other factors to consider:


Sterling silver is a more affordable metal for kid’s bracelets. If you want to buy a budget-friendly bracelet for your children, you can go for silver. However, if you want to get precious metal, then obviously, gold is preferable. 

Purpose of jewelry 

It is not uncommon to see children wearing different types of bracelets. Parents usually choose a metal for the bracelet of their children as per their preferences. 

Some want their kids to wear bracelets for religious faiths. While others want to keep them secure from evils and ailments. Both gold and silver bracelets symbolize different things. Therefore, the preferred metal for your children’s bracelets will also depend upon why you want to get it.

For example, silver bracelets with bells are preferable to ward off evils. Also, this helps the parents to track their baby’s movement easily. At the same time, gold bracelets are preferable for savings. 

It means which bracelet is best for your children completely depends upon the purpose of why you want it for your baby. 

Design of bracelet

Whether you want to buy a silver bracelet or a gold bracelet for your children, you must prefer an appropriate bracelet design for your child. Avoid adding things such as dangly charms to the bracelet. These are easy to catch and will pose safety hazards for your child. 

Choose the right size

Whether buying a gold bracelet or sterling silver, choosing the right size is important. Always ensure that the bracelet of your kid is lightweight. Your baby has tiny wrists. Therefore, you should never opt for a heavier bracelet that can hurt your newborn. 

You should get a bracelet that can fit your baby’s wrist perfectly. 


Gold vs. silver is always the biggest question mark when shopping for children’s jewelry. Both of these precious metals are used for children’s bracelets commonly. These generally create a stunning bracelet for children but with completely different aesthetics. However, in silver vs. gold, the best metal for a child’s bracelet entirely depends upon your choices. 

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