Slot Strategies You Should Know About

April 6, 2021

With the growth of the gambling industry, the internet has become the place to search for anything associated with online gambling. There are many games that are being played online and many resources are available to learn about the game as well as the best strategies and methods that can help you increase your chances of winning.

Just like every other game, slot machines also have certain playing techniques that can help you minimize the chances of losing. With numerous slot strategies flying over the internet, you may be quick to believe any strategy that promises to help manipulate the machine into paying out. The reality is that none of such strategies exists. In other words, there is absolutely nothing that can make you win consistently on slot machines. So before thinking too much about strategies, it’s important that you choose a good online slot to start out with.

However, learning about the best slot strategies can help you increase your winning chances and, by effect, help you save money in the long run.  As much as slot machines aren’t the highest-paying games when it comes to casinos, they also have some good sides that might be of great interest to you. For instance, the visual effect gives you great entertainment.

A successful slot strategy starts even before you set out to play slots. Here are 3 of such strategies:

Anti-Martingale Technique

The anti-martingale technique, also known as the “reverse martingale,” is one of the most commonly used strategies in wagering a bet in casino games. The betting strategy involves reducing wagers following a loss and simply increasing them after a win. This is to help reduce the risk of cold streaks and take advantage of hot streaks. However, since each spin of the reels is not connected to the next, the “streaks” seem to be a sham.

Punters who adopt this betting strategy believe that your bankroll gets boosted when you win while the damage process is minimized even if you lose. The loss you get to record here won’t be as high as that of the martingale technique. You get rewarded under this system when you make larger bets that could favor you. It is important that you set enough playing time for yourself before adopting this betting strategy. This is helpful in returning your bankroll to a more positive state if you have fallen behind.

Another thing to consider in this betting technique is the brevity of every streak. You may have to withdraw and protect your profits whenever you secure any win and avoid the temptation of using them to place more bets.

Double-up Technique


The double-up technique, also known as the martingale technique, involves giving you the opportunity to double your bet after each loss. The strategy became widely used when John Henry Martindale boasted of the vast sums of money many of his high-roller players had won at his casino. The fact that the strategy is straightforward makes it a go-to approach, especially by punters who wager bets for recreational purposes. It doesn’t involve memorization of any algorithms or equations, players also have to remember the following:

  • Doubling their next bet following a loss;
  • Continuing doubling their next bet after a loss until the achievement of a win; and
  • Going over the cycle again

For instance, if you place an initial bet of $20 on red on the Roulette wheel and the ball lands on a black number, you should wager $40 on your next bet. If you lose the bet, you should wager $80 on the next bet. The loop continues until you are able to secure a win. This is a favorite strategy among Roulette and Blackjack players. One of the pros of the strategy is that you may be able to recover your losses if you keep on doubling your bet after every loss. The strategy works best for short-term plays. One of the major downsides is the need to have a large betting bankroll. It may also be affected by caps on the maximum bet you can have at a particular table. Some live dealer slots can be a great way to implement the strategies.

The Zig-Zag Method

There may be some touting about the possibility of beating the slot odds with the zig-zag method. The strategy involves identifying a machine that tends to pay off, and this is strictly by observation. You simply observe machines that display certain reel patterns. If three reels show the same winning symbol, then the machine may be ready to pay off.

For instance, if the display shows three three-bar symbols on a three-reel machine, there might be a winner. However, if there are only two three-bar symbols on the pay line with the third displaying, a classic zig-zag pattern gets formed. In this case, the proponents of the method believe that the symbols are close to lining up, and you should therefore play the machine until it matches.

The patterns to look out for in the zig-zag system are the V and diagonal patterns. The V pattern is a non-winning matching symbol that forms a “V” shape on the reels. The implication is that the symbols of reels one and three are on the winning line while the symbol on reel two is below. The diamond pattern, on the other hand, is formed when you have a matching symbol on pay lines one and three with an extra pair of the same symbols below and above the pay line on reel two to form a rough diamond shape. The latter is considered the best pattern

The strategy is simple and takes little time or preparation. Besides, you don’t require knowledge about all the slot machines in the casino. Though the strategy does not guarantee you an immediate win, it is supposed to boost your chances of winning big in the near future.


The reality remains that there is no foolproof betting system as the chances of winning consistently with a strategy are low. Therefore, to get the full benefit of online betting, you need to understand the available betting systems and try out a few of them to find a suitable one. This might take a long time but it’s worth the long process.

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